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1 day
source was like that ac3 but not real one ac3 from stereo webdl and i didn't consider will make the difference since source available was stereo but still good quality a/v
2 days
add more connections in your torrent client :bandit:
piratepedia722.53K 4 days
what game? or you want to say trailer of the game? send me link by private i'm not a guru to guess :pirate:
piratepedia722.53K 6 days
out of sync: open with vlc player and hit "j" or "k" button to sync it right, sorry about this i skipped checking the quality on this one
2 weeks
torrent downloaded
dead tracker for now at least but it's not that important use other public announce urls and dht/peer exchange is on
4 weeks
olla :bandit:
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
leave link from where you downloaded if it's not my upload i can't help you
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
never used/uploaded with rar passwords...check your downloaded torrent file uploader again... :punch:
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
crackfix in included in torrent
1 month
1 month
skipped that one...
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
1 month
it's my description format for movies :yes:
1 month
thanks you too
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
staff removed due copyright notice i think
piratepedia722.53K 1 month
it's a clone not the real deal-fake bot uploaders
2 months
piratepedia722.53K 2 months
https://kickass.so/far-cry-4-proper-reloaded-t9863654.html deleted by the site not me
piratepedia722.53K 3 months
Update: "Far Cry 4 CrackFix-SKIDROW" googleforit just 395 kB for those with saving issues
3 months
when will be released/cracked by the scene reloaded/flt/etc
piratepedia722.53K 3 months
wait for the scene guys :cool:
piratepedia722.53K 3 months
you can always find it on my page posted on my torrents
piratepedia722.53K 3 months
Removed by the request of copyright owner, yesterday :think:
piratepedia722.53K 3 months
piratepedia722.53K 4 months
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