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The Wall

dmoney19886367 • 09 February 2015, 08:07 Show comment

fazlinovic14844 • 13 February 2015, 07:51 Show comment
You re welcome !biggrin

Josh-rko4338 • 24 January 2015, 07:02 Show comment
Hey bro I am going good thanks. It's summer here in New Zealand so today I spent the day at the beach with some friends. How are you?
fazlinovic14844 • 24 January 2015, 15:34 Show comment
Weather in Croatia sucks, it rains than snows .I am ok by the way biggrin

cmp9405098 • 01 June 2014, 09:02 Show comment
I don't like the hear word we'll see what happens at payback but If he doesn't return at payback then I don't think he'll ever be back because It's his last chance
fazlinovic14844 • 01 June 2014, 10:28 Show comment
yup i hope shield beats the crap on evolution

cmp9405098 • 02 April 2014, 01:27 Show comment
Hey man really didn't hear from for a quite long time how's It going?biggrin
fazlinovic14844 • 02 April 2014, 12:41 Show comment
Sometimes is good sometimes is shitty and how are you ,what you think of matches for wrestlemania?shocked
cmp9405098 • 02 April 2014, 14:22 Show comment
I'm mostly fine now for the matches of wrestlemaniabiggrin First they made the brock lesnar vs undertaker match I told you aboutbiggrin but unfourtunatly It's not yet a hell in a cell or no DQ matchmadhuffy But It's still awesomebiggrin now about daniel brayan and triple h I think It's gonna be electric because this is a very long standing rivalry between the two there are really deep hard feelings between thembiggrin plus It's high stakes match but you're not gonna believe it because I'll go with triple h winning this match and then winning the WWE WHC sorry but I think triple h will be better because I don't like daniel brayan anywaybiggrin now about the randy orton vs batista both suck that's the end both are really bad wrestlers ugly and don't like anyone of themmad now about cena vs wyatt I've always thought that john cena is really ridicilostitter now he is just proving it to me now of course cena has better chances of winning tha wyatt but overall this is the most ridicilos match I've ever seentitter what legacy and what era of liestitterlol WWE is all fixed and scripted but I still enjoy watching it and now for the andre the giant memorial battle royal this is awesome not really high stakes but It's still awesomebiggrin what do you think?
fazlinovic14844 • 04 April 2014, 07:36 Show comment
I think its gonna be LEGEND ..wait for it nooo NO PUNK NO WRESTLEMANIA.I cheer for ziggler to win andre the giant memorial biggrin
cmp9405098 • 04 April 2014, 10:27 Show comment
Exactly no punk no wrestlemaniabiggrin
fazlinovic14844 • 04 April 2014, 16:34 Show comment
Bro did you see that stone cold says that he predics that punk is return for wrestlemania biggrin
cmp9405098 • 04 April 2014, 19:57 Show comment
When did you see that?shocked but unfortunately I don't believe it along with all other internet lies that are really spreading dizzyfunkhuffymad
fazlinovic14844 • 05 April 2014, 15:13 Show comment
IN stone cold interview
cmp9405098 • 05 April 2014, 15:19 Show comment
IN!! you mean internet?

well keep in mind that there are still 4 places in the battle royal maybe punk is in one of them stay optimized biggrin

Last edited by cmp940, 1 year ago

fazlinovic14844 • 05 April 2014, 15:24 Show comment
yeah bro,oo men i cant wait for wrestlemania biggrin
cmp9405098 • 05 April 2014, 19:37 Show comment
You don't have to wait much It's tomorrow
fazlinovic14844 • 06 April 2014, 09:16 Show comment
cmp9405098 • 06 April 2014, 14:37 Show comment
Less than 12 hours get ready
fazlinovic14844 • 06 April 2014, 16:56 Show comment
OO HELL IAM biggrin

cmp9405098 • 14 March 2014, 08:46 Show comment
Hey bro did you really do 500 searches to get that search tycoon achievement?shockedshocked
fazlinovic14844 • 15 March 2014, 06:53 Show comment
yup mate i have this account a long time

Isideth5162 • 13 March 2014, 17:15 Show comment
hvala sta si ptihvatio ^^
fazlinovic14844 • 13 March 2014, 18:21 Show comment
ništa ništa kolega biggrin
cmp9405098 • 13 March 2014, 19:30 Show comment
and that means..........?
fazlinovic14844 • 14 March 2014, 08:28 Show comment
haha thats in croatian thanx for add

cmp9405098 • 08 March 2014, 15:34 Show comment
Hey man you know after watching this raw I have big hope that cm punk Is gonna returnbiggrin because WWE team are no fools the won't let the crowd hate them and If punk was truly never getting back to WWE they wouldn't have brought it in this rawbiggrin that means they are preparing the WWE universe for the return of cm punk and In a special way they made pual haymen talk about cm punk in his hometown and that really raises the chances of punk getting back for me It's almost 100% that he is getting backbiggrinbiggrinsmile what do you think?
fazlinovic14844 • 08 March 2014, 16:59 Show comment
i don know i expected punk and heyman came in the whole internet exploded ,vince sayed that he is sabbaticam(means taking a break) .i am happy if punk is happy if he wants to go to MMA,UFC get in some movies but i just want to wwe change they bury great wrestlers
cmp9405098 • 09 March 2014, 23:55 Show comment
yes you're right WWE is really getting worse but I don't want him to be in MMA maybe movies he'll be greatbiggrin
fazlinovic14844 • 10 March 2014, 08:59 Show comment
yes he wold be great sherlock holmes

cmp9405098 • 03 March 2014, 15:49 Show comment
Hey buddy Elimination chamber was GARBAGEhuffy It sucked In every imaginable way I mean the best two matches were the wyatts vs the shield and the elimination chamber match the rest of the PPV was GARBAGE and I'm not happy with any result the shield should have kicked the wyatts assesbiggrin and daniel brayan or sheamus should have won not that ugly boring cesspit of a wrestler randy ortonhuffyhuffy I think you agree with me THAT SUCKShuffyhuffyhuffyhuffyhuffyhuffy
fazlinovic14844 • 04 March 2014, 20:10 Show comment
yes and monday night raw sucked too shield broke up punk didnt return and they beat bryan -bastards stupid authority
cmp9405098 • 05 March 2014, 02:03 Show comment
If wwe stays that way Wrestlemania XXX May be the last show I will watch in WWEdizzydizzy I've had ENOUGH GARBAGEhuffyhuffyhuffyhuffy screw WWE THAT SUCKShuffymadhuffymadmad
fazlinovic14844 • 05 March 2014, 16:33 Show comment
independent much better
cmp9405098 • 05 March 2014, 16:44 Show comment
yes exactlybiggrin

RatedRhy6321 • 28 February 2014, 10:43 Show comment
fazlinovic14844 • 28 February 2014, 21:17 Show comment
aye mate how are you?biggrin

cmp9405098 • 22 February 2014, 08:30 Show comment
Hey bro what do you think will be better at wrestlemania xxx batista vs shaemus,jhon cena,daniel brayan or randolph orton as you like to call himbiggrin as a result of me hating cena I think the shaemus vs batista will be AWESOMEbiggrinbiggrin
fazlinovic14844 • 22 February 2014, 08:43 Show comment
cena shold lose one time so he would go for the STREAK,american dragon should take randall and win wwe whc championship and batista shoubiggrinld loose too that wold be awesome
cmp9405098 • 22 February 2014, 12:21 Show comment
You really want cena to end the streakshockedshockeddizzyfunkhuffy
BTW who's the american dragon I don't get it and about randall you're right but I really hate john cena more than anyone else in the WWE

Last edited by cmp940, 1 year and 2 months ago

fazlinovic14844 • 22 February 2014, 17:14 Show comment
NOO i think that cena loose, Taker shold finish him on Wrestlemania .American dragon is daniel bryan he shold go to wrestlemani whit randall for the titles that would be awesome

Last edited by fazlinovic14, 1 year and 2 months ago

cmp9405098 • 22 February 2014, 22:39 Show comment
for me I think sheamus vs batista will be awesomebiggrin.

and brock lesner vs undertaker no holds barred or hell in a cell will be epicbiggrinbiggrin It will be like the punk vs lesner match at summerslam remember?wink.......It was an ALL OUT WARbiggrin......should have been match of 2013,don't you think?

I think If these two matches happen.this wrestlemania will be the GREATEST wrestlemania OF ALL TIMEbiggrin,right?

BTW don't get me wrong I want the streak to live It should never be ended because It's the undertaker's legacy in WWE 22-0 .....I hope..... because WWE likes cena so muchhuffyhuffydizzy and If he faces the undertaker at wrestlemania They will make him win I'm 99,9% surecrycry
fazlinovic14844 • 23 February 2014, 07:43 Show comment
i know now hulk hogan is here and everybody are happy huffy
cmp9405098 • 23 February 2014, 07:54 Show comment
sorry but I don't get what are trying to say?dull
fazlinovic14844 • 23 February 2014, 07:59 Show comment
people tell me that often hulk hogan si back and everbody are happy i am not beucase i dont vant some 60 year old farting ass who looks like whale
cmp9405098 • 23 February 2014, 08:36 Show comment
ohh you're right the only one that I will be happy If he returns is stone cold steve austinbiggrinbiggrin I want to hear the HELL YEAH again and the THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO

BTW Bro maybe we can add some optimism and hope WWE is saving punk to after the elimination chamberbiggrin maybe he'll do like shaun mechaels did and challenge the undertaker 2 years in rowbiggrin and you know what I'm okay with punk ending the streakbiggrinbiggrin how about you?

Last edited by cmp940, 1 year and 2 months ago

fazlinovic14844 • 23 February 2014, 12:58 Show comment
it wold be awesome but punk talked last year that he dont want to end the streak so streak becomes immortal ,but stone cold should definite return and whoop hulks ass
cmp9405098 • 23 February 2014, 14:16 Show comment
you are right about that..oh man how I want to see hulk's ass get whooped It will be AWESOMEbiggrinbiggrin I don't know why they think that he is one of the greatest of all timehuffydizzy I mean he is a combination of bad look and stupidity he looks like an APE
fazlinovic14844 • 23 February 2014, 14:31 Show comment
he is like cena idiotic gimmic soo stupid wwe should be better if they put nazi gimmic haahh pitchure that bro hahah
cmp9405098 • 24 February 2014, 13:00 Show comment
would be awesome brobiggrin
fazlinovic14844 • 24 February 2014, 18:50 Show comment
yup they should made this

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