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AniDL831 1 day
woah dude calm down...!!
1 day
hey are u planning on doing high school dxd season 2 ova's and season 3 when it comes out?
AniDL831 1 day
ultimate torrent guys, seed this baby....btw whats those russian named videos in the bonus folder?
3 days
and there are ur first two reps.... :P
AronixXenzer2232 1 week
i think it's probably naruto(original)
AronixXenzer2232 2 weeks
wo uploader bhi indian hai (i mean LamBerT_vin) aur main bhi....
jaykumar1230057 2 weeks
thanx fr d add!!
m.S.r2742 2 weeks
u too!!!
ayush1399 2 weeks
u too
ayush1399 2 weeks
ur monster torrent is showing 22 seeds but stil it is downloading very slowly.....any reasons why?
kotuwa9380 3 weeks
ummm actually i added u... :P
ayush1399 4 weeks
it's so FUNN!!!! :biggrin:
AronixXenzer2232 4 weeks
nd here's ur 1629th rep pt....i could do this all day....lol
AronixXenzer2232 4 weeks
try requesting on his thread, its faster, trust me i know..... and there i gave u ur first rep point...u should thank me :lol: :biggrin:
AronixXenzer2232 4 weeks
torrent downloaded
1 month
loved ur breaking bad uploads....could u do the extras too in hevc? thanx!
max_g_force406 1 month
congo dude....i log in to kickass after a week and i see soo many new uploads!!! too bad my exams are going to start...so no anime for a month or two... :( otherwise i would've downloaded all of them....:biggrin:
AronixXenzer2232 1 month
torrent downloaded
now u r not uploading the wallpapers and surprisingly the torrents are not being taken down :tongue::evil::punch:any thoughts?
1 month
thanx m8!
1 month
if manga is ur style then u could also try one outs and liar game (both have the same mangaka) liar game has recently finished and both of these manga are amazing psychological thrillers....one outs have some chapters missing, however(hope someone translates them), but u can watch the anime for the missing chapters....
LamBerT_vin50.38K 1 month
did u watch death note and monster.....both are fucking amazing!!
LamBerT_vin50.38K 1 month
ok,now i understand, sorry fr d trouble
Wow The Index 1 month
lol dude i already got this cheevo but that hint does not make sense at all....maybe u could pm me and explain it...
Wow The Index 1 month
7 cheevos 2day...kat roks!!
Collection Agent 1 month
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