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Heading out to the cottage for the day!

If you need a reseed, PM me and I will get to it.
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The Wall

BootL3gK1ng3441 • 30 April 2015, 19:10 Show comment
You too, Strat.
Sr.Dr4cuLa11.02K • 25 April 2015, 17:44 Show comment
Have a nice day my friend cool
JimmyRJump3700 • 20 April 2015, 13:57 Show comment
Much obliged for the help on my quest for Paradise Losts's 'Tragic Idol' thump_up
Stratmandoo17.07K • 20 April 2015, 17:43 Show comment
Happy to help! biggrin

Deth93116.05K • 14 April 2015, 17:58 Show comment
Congrats on promotion, mate. ^^
KnightinKat39.71K • 13 April 2015, 14:17 Show comment
congrats on the promotion :)
PleX32.62K • 13 April 2015, 13:58 Show comment
Congratulations on the promotion!
[WolfPack]1441 • 12 April 2015, 21:24 Show comment
Hi, I saw you in ZombieQueen's wall. I just wanted to pass by to share my thoughts about your avatar. You made me notice that being an invisible man would be pretty pointless if we can't also make the clothes vanish... Especially in the ice cold Canada's climate. Shape shifting and telekinesis are nicer... you don't want telepathy to know what people think, trust me...

Hi fellow Canadian! Have a good day~
Hawzerstar28.29K • 13 April 2015, 05:17 Show comment
Can't help but love these kinds of comments titter

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