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The Wall

SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 28 April 2015, 00:22 Show comment
It’s also worth remembering that the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti—and killed about 316,000 people—had a magnitude of 7.0. Most areas of the world, especially developing nations, aren’t equipped to withstand even small tremors in the earth. It’s those places that are also likely to have fewer seismometers, making the satellite information even more helpful.

As the situation in Nepal moves forward, the aftermath might hopefully speed up plans to make geodetic data available just hours after an earthquake occurs. Satellite systems could be integral in allowing first responders to move swiftly in the face of unpredictable, unpreventable events.
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 27 April 2015, 05:20 Show comment
Here's feedback for a seller at Discogs

Shipping took a while & there was a dead bed bug on it but besides that, the record was great

Fucker is shipping bed bugstittertitter
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 25 April 2015, 17:49 Show comment
they do love those lol

Penguinpirate26.23K • 25 April 2015, 13:59 Show comment
holy cow, 2492 friends!!
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 25 April 2015, 17:49 Show comment
and i have only sent about 12 requests in my life lol

Penguinpirate26.23K • 25 April 2015, 00:53 Show comment
Hi seeds have some spam, nicely done spam though....
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 25 April 2015, 06:59 Show comment
is that your new girlfriend?
Penguinpirate26.23K • 25 April 2015, 13:56 Show comment
yeah, like I'd post a picture of my girlfriend on your grubby wall!lol
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 25 April 2015, 17:49 Show comment
that would never be a good idea lol

TrainMen22.24K • 24 April 2015, 17:15 Show comment
Dear Friend do you like Paper Money?lol
Penguinpirate26.23K • 25 April 2015, 03:42 Show comment
Bank of Zimbabwe, probably worth about $5.US
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 25 April 2015, 06:59 Show comment
i want two of them!!

CaeSarcasm20.75K • 24 April 2015, 01:17 Show comment
I bet 10 bucks that that^ picture was made in the USA. titter

Have a good weekend! cool
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 24 April 2015, 04:13 Show comment
god bless america!!! haha
CaeSarcasm20.75K • 24 April 2015, 08:09 Show comment
and nowhere else! lol (From movie Head of State with Chris Tucker) tongue

BamSec11146 • 23 April 2015, 21:20 Show comment
Howdy dear SirSeedsAlot103.23K

You confirmed that I may post the Country Music on your wall, so here's somethin' for ya...

Cheers, wink

Last edited by BamSec1, 4 days ago

SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 24 April 2015, 04:13 Show comment
yes, thank you for the pre-approved posting of your country uploads lollol I just might have to grab some of this new stuff

szamibaba86 • 23 April 2015, 07:09 Show comment
Thanks! :)
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 24 April 2015, 04:14 Show comment
very nice add image..well done

SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 21 April 2015, 05:04 Show comment
Wow this is about Mozart in a book review at Amazon. The review seems better than the book hee hee The book is interesting too..


Continuing these sensational revelations, SteveT now informs us that Mozart's intuitive style of composing music while expressing his emotional feelings is nothing more than "a continuation of the child prodigy nonsense."

I have Hermann Abert's book open in front of me, duly underlined and heavily annotated in the generous margins offered by Yale Un. Press, and I cannot find Abert ever mentioning the "child prodigy nonsense".

I went back to the famous examination of child Mozart in London at age 8 (1764) by the famous lawyer Daines Barrington, a member of the Royal Society, reported in his account of 1770, about " an exertion of most extraordinary musical talents".

Barrington first reports that he has the boy and his father sing a new duet recently written by an English friend, in which the young boy sings the counter-tenor (most certainly soprano) part, while his father sings the base part (tenor?), and the boy is reading the line with the words, while he is reading the line of the music for the part he is singing, and playing at sight on the harpsichord from the accompaniments for the two violins (two more lines of music), while following his father's line with its singing music, correcting him when the father is making a mistake. The boy is thus following five lines at the same time, singing, playing the harpsichord, and listening to his father's part, all the 5 parts being unknown to him in advance, and read SIMULTANEOUSLY, an achievement beyond normal comprehension, which fills Barrington with awe, and motivates his report to the Royal Society.

Then Barrington has the boy compose extempore a "love song", then music for an aria composed of the single word "Affetto" (feeling), then a "Song of Anger", which "lasted also about the same time with the Song of Love; and in the middle of it he had worked himself up to such a pitch, that he beat his harpsichord like a person possessed, rising sometimes in chair. The word he pitched upon for this second extemporary composition was, Perfido."
Mozart in fact wrote his first Italian aria "Va dal furor portata" K.21, a song of anger, in London, in the same year, at age 8. He also wrote his first symphony, K.16 in that same year. Mozart became later famous for his remarkable arias of anger, furor, vengeance, threat, death, what Abert calls his "demonic side", already manifest at the time of Barrington's examination. Once excited enough, the music flowed from his subconscious like a torrent. System 2 intervened only if he felt the need to shorten, modify, even suppress the music he had spontaneously written in System 1 mode.
SirSeedsAlot103.23K • 21 April 2015, 05:04 Show comment
Barrington comments: "His astonishing readiness, however, did not arise merely from great practice; he had a thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles of composition, as, upon producing a treble, he immediately wrote a base under it, which, when tried, had a very good effect."
Barrington went to the trouble of verifying the age of the boy, writing to Salzburg for a copy of his birth certificate, that he got in time.

All this playing of the duet, then composing on command on suggested themes, was not the result of "deep thinking", but of IMMEDIATE production. It is this "immediacy" that guarantees that the performance proceeded from Mozart's System 1.
This is how Leopold had the boy demonstrate that he was capable of writing full operas. In front of a large audience of musical connoisseurs, he would open at random a book of Metastasio's libretti, and have the boy compose an aria on the spot for his audience. The boy always delivered and got his commissions for his early operas, especially "Schuldigkeit", "Apollo et Hyacinthus" in Salzburg (1767), and the grandiose "Mitridate" for the 1770 Milan carnival.

Barrington relates how, once the boy was back in Salzburg (later, in 1767), he was commissioned to write his first oratorio (in fact an opera, "Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots"). The archbishop, in disbelief, "shut him up for a week, during which he was not permitted to see any one, and was left only with music-paper, and the words of an oratorio. During this short time he composed a very capital oratorio, which was most highly approved of upon being performed." The "oratorio", in fact Mozart's first opera, lasts 1 hour 28'.

So, to get back to the question of "continuation of the child prodigy nonsense" it's Daines Barrington's report against SteveT's evaluation. Most experts follow Daines Barrington's word and dismiss SteveT's evaluation out of hand.
MylittlePwny1161 • 23 April 2015, 00:30 Show comment
Interesting stuff :)

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