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The Wall

ZombieQueen46.94K • 01 March 2015, 01:51 Show comment
Wow, someone should report Bubs, scrolling down to get to his wall almost broke my finger, a heads up, if you want to troll his wall pack a lunchlollollol
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 01 March 2015, 02:07 Show comment
i know that attention whore tittertitter

lok_pain640 • 01 March 2015, 01:30 Show comment
Thank you for the add, and all the great shares
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 28 February 2015, 21:00 Show comment
All the girls ( and some guy hmmm) posting they need this movie lol

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 15 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 28 February 2015, 18:04 Show comment
blogging has shit itself again....blogging is not copy/pasting quizzes, jokes or puzzles...blogging is writing something that inspires you to write. Use threads for that other stuff.

As humans we naturally imitate others. For example, if one person posts a joke blog then dozens more will paste jokes in blogs. No offense, but that is not blogging it is attention seeking and lacks creativity and imagination which is the stuff good blogs are made of.

If we want jokes, math, poems, etc we know where to find that stuff.

Respect the blog roll. Some bloggers put lots of work into their blogs just to have it pushed off the scroll with blogs a 4 year old can post.
Aki-TH3185 • 28 February 2015, 12:23 Show comment
Dear SirSeedsAlot98.88K , Have A Great Weekend smilelovelinesswave
TheLocalBay103 • 28 February 2015, 10:52 Show comment
Visit Bubs wall :)
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 28 February 2015, 15:22 Show comment
who are you? tittertitter Oh, it's the smash and grab hash master!!! Who rule barter Town!?!??! Hash Master rule Barter Town!!!


SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 27 February 2015, 20:44 Show comment
ETlive is down!!! huffyhuffyhuffy

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, yesterday

LadyMads17.92K • 26 February 2015, 21:31 Show comment
Reading this stuff about proxies...FH. Please sort out my PC. I promise a reward.sweatwink
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 27 February 2015, 04:54 Show comment
i cant even fix my own i jsut replace it lol but i'll take that reward!! lolinloveinlovetonguetongueshyshy
LadyMads17.92K • 27 February 2015, 11:10 Show comment
OK. You must just let me know in which form you would like the reward. See?

sirynone1558 • 26 February 2015, 20:52 Show comment
Question from an old lady who knows nothing about proxies! How do I test if I've set mine up correctly??
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 26 February 2015, 21:10 Show comment
with this handy site

If your torrents still work with that setting that is a good sign, but sometimes torrent proxy leaks IPs :( a VPN is the only 100% solution
Dr_Stanley27.61K • 26 February 2015, 21:26 Show comment
also this is good
got to "Torrent Address detection"
and this

Last edited by Dr_Stanley, 2 days ago

sirynone1558 • 26 February 2015, 21:45 Show comment
thank you but don't VPNs cost a bit? I'm disabled and have very little cash for extras which is one of the reasons I torrent (that plus I hate commercials!). I've gotten my service turned off twice from my ISP for downloading :( and I'm trying to come up with a good and cost effective (preferably free) solution. Thank you for your help! the pic is what I see when I do the check

Last edited by sirynone, 2 days ago

Dr_Stanley27.61K • 26 February 2015, 21:55 Show comment
please DELETE your picture in profile/images/recent and PM sent. if that is your real IP WE don't want to see it go to and type "my ip" and compare the two ... i have sent you a PM how to change your ip in torrents.
sirynone1558 • 26 February 2015, 22:05 Show comment
not sure I understand what you're saying. the ip in the pic is the one I got from the free proxy site....
sirynone1558 • 26 February 2015, 21:53 Show comment
that's what I does that mean it's ok?
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 27 February 2015, 02:37 Show comment
i think that means your proxy is working but it is not fool proof!! let me know if it keeps the ISP off your back! Listen to Dr Stanley in case he knows something we dont :)

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 2 days ago

LadyMads17.92K • 27 February 2015, 11:09 Show comment
I use Hola in chrome which changes my ip address. Well is says it does. So far so good, but in SA we dont have problems like in the USA and the rest of the world. Here our president is a thief and a rapist so we follow in his footsteps. Plunder the internet like REAL PIRATES doessweattitter
SirSeedsAlot98.88K • 27 February 2015, 16:19 Show comment
LadyMads17.92K • 27 February 2015, 18:13 Show comment

SushwaLker455 • 24 February 2015, 05:29 Show comment
Hav a great day my friend wave
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