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And the pearls turned out to be fake. (At least they told people they were)
"The Dress" That Broke The Internet!!! 10 hours
Kittens and pirates! (Blue and gold.)
"The Dress" That Broke The Internet!!! 10 hours
Where did you read the description. It matches IMDB perfectly: A nice copy A-9, V-9 Note! I downloaded not signed in. That's why no download arrow.
1 day
Ah yes, boobs. The answer to all mankind's troubles. Sigh........
really not a math quiz 2 days
Hey hey hey hey!! How the Holy HELL did you get them to fart up their throats for MONEY?? I tried for YEARS! I NEVER got a penny, rupee, farthing, yen, ruble, franc.....ANYTHING from them tight-ass Admin's. What's your secret?? Do you have some good dirt on Mr Gooner? Or, did you finally find out about what Mr. Blonde did?? (OOOOPS!) Blackmail is SUCH a lovely tool. I expect my invitation to be a Playboy Bunny. Nothing less. Except Eppo in a giraffe suit. That would suffice.
Mod Secrets 3 days
You're describing retards, or KAT-tards, if they're members here. Some people actually have good reasons to block other users. I have had more than a few idiots in my four years here. And the funny thing is, with few exceptions, they always seem to get removed. Imagine that.
Blocking, and how to abuse it 5 days
That I do respect. Everyone should be able to voice an opinion. But why not mods? Aren't WE entitled to voice our feelings? From what I read, you somehow feel we shouldn't be able to express ourselves. And that there is NOT worthy of respect. We are probably the most honest people on the site. (Mods, past and present) If you have a problem we are the first to help. Yet we shouldn't be able to speak what we may feel? That is prejudice. Personified.
It's only words, and words are all I have... 6 days
Agree to this! Welcome to KAT, (LOVE the acid-trip avy!)
Hello I'm Ascetic_trip 6 days
pant, pant, pant...........I'm stalking you, pityrules We aim to please here on KAT! :lol:
It's only words, and words are all I have... 6 days
Has there actually been ONE comment that has agreed with what you said? I didn't see any. Perhaps you might be wrong to believe this way? Again, just my opinion.
It's only words, and words are all I have... 6 days
Oh, no disrespect taken. Just my opinion.
It's only words, and words are all I have... 1 week
Men have traditionally been worse than women when it comes to harassment. But I would say, in the past 20 +/- years, the ratio's have pretty well been equal. I know of many men that get sexually, physically, morally, and verbally abused. I have to say, this blog falls into the last category. I believe it is discriminatory against men in general, and should be at the least, edited.
It's only words, and words are all I have... 1 week
My Uploads 1 week
(No offense to KAT) I find it funnier than shit that crappy Pirates chased out good Pirates. At least we have sleek torrents and a shiny website, rather than those stinkin' small-ass boats. (I think they're called Dories) domain back 1 week
I saw you in that flick!
1 week
Perfectly agree, Mashui. I have an upconvert DVD player that makes DVD's look almost like B/R's. (Well, I admit I didn't pay for the DVD's either!)
Burn Hollywood Burn! 1 week
Haha! I never changed my original "" to the ".so" addy. So, being a lazy sot, I don't have to change it back.
Kickass moved again to .to 2 weeks
Only on their minds. Oooops: I read it wrong. Cannot bwain today.....I haz tha dum :funk:
Male users..please read :) 2 weeks
I know. But you still had someone you knew that had it, if I read right. And it doesn't matter anyhow. Had it, have it, never had it, we're all still in it together. And I just saw Seeds reply below me. I had those robotics operating on me when I was opened. (Didn't look like Big hero 6 though)
World Cancer Day 2015! 3 weeks
Hey there, CancerKilla, I don't know you, but we have that crap disease in common. I had bladder cancer. I'm one of the luckier ones, I got rid of it 100% four years ago. I do know there's some not as fortunate. Like my ex-wife that I stayed friends with for 20 years. She beat breast cancer seven years ago, but succumbed to pancreatic cancer about 7-8 months ago. I was with her two weeks before she left us. (My wife now was cool about it, very understanding woman). So everyone that reads this that has this scourge: we're with you. Keep the faith, baby.
World Cancer Day 2015! 3 weeks
Sigh........I read these snow posts, then look out at my thermometer. It's 74 outside, just a breeze, with temps to hit 80 on Friday. And THAT'S why I left Chicago! I ceremoniously burned the handle on my snowshovel.
Happy Groundhog Day (USA ONLY) 3 weeks
Bribery worked for me...........:tongue:
The.Wolf71.54K 3 weeks
Fucking right, BexMan :titter:
english grammar 3 weeks
LITTLE?? :shocked:
VUKIO9836 4 weeks
"I am looking through my book for a job this summer". " How nice to see you again" is not a question. It is a statement.
VUKIO9836 4 weeks
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