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So very true. But there is a difference in the degree of the fault(s). Reagan had his faults. Clinton, Eisenhower, Truman, they all had theirs. But none of them put this country into a state of almost total communism. And yes, thank God it's his last term. Maybe we can still salvage ourselves.
Barack Obama - The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream) 16 hours
I used to install those when I worked for Illinois Bell Telephone. That was hi-tech back then.
A few things 20 hours
Paid agent?? r00t infiltrating our ranks?? OMG! Plain stupidity! Hahahaha!! I've known you for how long, r00t, maybe three years now? You're as much an infiltrator as I am a Staff member here! And as for Linux, yep, he's (IMO) the best Linux man on KAT. I would trust him 125% with my machine. Who's the jerk (s) calling you that, r00t? Probably some noob that don't know anyone or anything here. Oh, and BTW: congratz on getting Forum Mod back (again......and again!) :lol:
A few things 20 hours
Andrew Jackson was a war hero against the British, during the War of 1812. Barack Obama is less than nothing. He is a Communist leading this country into the worst state it's ever been in. Every bill he's pushed through has broken the laws of the land, and violated our Constitution. The only reason he has not been impeached is, he has too many powerful people on his payroll. Oh, and it would be prejudice to impeach a black president. We only have two more years, America. Two more years of putting up with his blatent abuse of Executive powers. There's very little difference between running and ruining the country. There's more.....too much more to put here. But that's my rant. I don't get this upset over many things. But I love my country, and I hate watching it get ruined by a person that KNOWS he's ruining it.
Barack Obama - The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream) 1 day
Yeah, I agree with ZQ and Red. Once you get a sig, keep it up for awhile! Man, that would irk the shit outta me if I spent a day or so making a work of art, then some jerkoffer uses it for a week and gets his buddy to make another one. Oh, and of course, the buddy's sig looks like CRAP! And yes! Do NOT hurry the artists. Like the greats, they need time to get "inspired". Then to put their brainchild into pixels. Mads, I see your post of how long you've had Smitty's sig up. I would have had mine way longer, but I kept getting demoted and had to change sigs!! :lol:
Patience is a virtue (A rant of sorts) 2 days
Hey! You forgot the main badass Pirate here.......ME! :cry: :sad: Other than that, you've outdone yourself, Smitty. How many 10-spots did it cost you to keep them dancing?? And ZQ never cleaned up that good for me.........
Girls,Girls,Girls...KickAss Women.... 3 days
I say no. And the reason is, this could cause chaos on the site. Users will be muting for fun, when this is actually a form of punishment. If anything, the reasons given could be handled just as well by a Forum Mod on up.
Idea: Ability to self mute 5 days
Hey.......I'm gonna challenge him for that! :yes:
My Story 6 days
My Story 6 days
Answer: bitches about being blue :lol:
My Story 1 week
Glad you got your VUL back, VIruz. You put out some great apps!
My Story 1 week
Well, Zeke......NO ONE understands you and your plight like me. As far as a KAT-icoaster ride, we're about equal. And yes: we all make mistakes. Some are forgivable, some are not as much. (Seems like here, there are way more unforgivable ones) You were my protege', even though we never acted as such. You would have eventually surpassed me winning Mod of the Year twice in a row. No one ever will do that again. No disrespect, other Mods; Zeke was/is special. He is the most decent, rule-abiding, honest person I know. And in my book, he is the best friend I have here and other places. Vive le Bleu, Zeke. We shall endure!!
My Story 1 week
Mine were earned. Most of them were four years ago, when we had a monster faker blitz happening. Horrorhound and I were getting over 1,000 points per day! That's how many fakers we were zapping. Then of course, normal mod work, like removing bad torrents, bad posts, bad comments, bad users.......that all helped add up to my rep now. Oh, and Keka_Umans: I'll give you some of my points to get that computer.
Shh! You'll Ruin My Reputation! 1 week
How many years do you intend to live??:sealed: :sealed:
Shh! You'll Ruin My Reputation! 1 week
1 week
Meanwhile in Arizona:
The place I call home Part 2 2 weeks
This one-hit-wonder I dedicate to the BeerRG: (The Fireballs, 1968)
Some One Hit Wonders of the 70s and 80s (a list) 2 weeks
Couldn't resist:
An alternative view. Get rid of up votes. 2 weeks
Yours is an interesting thought, steveosafc. Something that wasn't mentioned before, to my knowledge. However, when I'm on a different site, and someone makes a really good comments or post, I automatically look for a way to thank them for that post. And then there's no way. :sad: Other than putting another thank-you post there. Very disappointing. So I have to say, the point system is great. If only we'd learn to use it properly, it would be a KAT asset.
An alternative view. Get rid of up votes. 2 weeks
You're relatively safe, unless some other country wants unlimited Hobbit and LOTR scenery.
Defending the Realm 2 weeks
Hee hee! Thought of you:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg
ASSASSIN22.58K 2 weeks
There's a PM waiting for you, but not here. PM function is not working today.
ASSASSIN22.58K 2 weeks
Do not download any torrents from this jerk. All his uploads are fakes, with viruses in the .scr files.
jone6591-14 3 weeks
torrent downloaded
Nice app! Installs without using the crack. It found a few cookies and a malware that everything else missed. (I used the 32-bit)
3 weeks
With the first few sentences, I thought you were waiting for money from the tooth fairy. But then reality sank in. The internet is FILLED with douchebags! FULL ones! DISGUSTING ones! RANK ones! They will steal you name, money, kids, wife, (Well, maybe not that). And all you are complaining about is a paltry neg rating? Vik, I'm teasing with most of that last paragraph. A neg makes you feel like you just didn't do things right. That you're a crappy uploader, poster, blogger, etc. But put it in perspective. Against everything else that can happen to you on line, it ain't so bad. And you know the dirtbags that did it, so why worry? Just keep the faith, baby. WE know who you are. YOU know who you are. That's all that's important!
Negative Torrent Votes Make My Butt Hurt 3 weeks
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