The.Sims.2 + All.Expansions [WORKING] - Rebuild - Khaos Industri

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The.Sims.2 + All.Expansions [WORKING] - Rebuild - Khaos Industri (Size: 13.85 GB)
  ReadMe & Serials & Install Order.txt 5.09 KB
  [01.0 & 03.0]The Sims 2 - Original & Nightlife [DELUXE]
  [02.0]The Sims 2 - University
  [04.0]The Sims 2 - Christmas Party Pack [US Version]
  [04.0]The Sims 2 - Holiday Party Pack [UK Version]
  [05.0]The Sims 2 - Open For Business
  [06.0]The Sims 2 - Family Fun Stuff
  [07.0]The Sims 2 - Glamour Life Stuff
  [08.0]The Sims 2 - Pets
  [09.0]The Sims 2 - Happy Holiday Stuff
  [10.0]The Sims 2 - Seasons
  [11.0]The Sims 2 - Celebration Stuff
  [12.0]The Sims 2 - H&M - Fashion
  [13.0]The Sims 2 - Bon Voyage
  [14.0]The Sims 2 - Teen Style Stuff
  [15.0]The Sims 2 - Free Time
  [16.0]The Sims 2 - Kitchen and Bath Interior Design
  [17.0]The Sims 2 - IKEA Home Stuff
  [18.1]The Sims 2 - Free Time Patch
  [19.0]The Sims 2 - Apartment Life
  [19.1]The Sims 2 - Apartment Life Patch
  [20.0]The Sims 2 - Mansion & Garden Stuff


This has the full set. Original and all expansions! All working CD keys!

This is just a rebuild off of two different torrents, and credit is given to both parties in the ReadMe file. If there is anything that isn't working, please leave a comment and let me know.

The entire thing has been scanned and there are no viruses and/or trojans.

Thank you for choosing Khaos Industries for your Gaming and App needs! =D
Sims2: Deluxe
Sims2: University
Sims2: Christmas Party Pack (aka Holiday Party Pack for UK version of Sims2)
Sims2: Open For Business
Sims2: Family Fun Stuff
Sims2: Glamour Life Stuff
Sims2: Pets
Sims2: Happy Holiday Stuff
Sims2: Seasons
Sims2: Celebration Stuff
Sims2: H&M Stuff
Sims2: Bon Voyage
Sims2: Teen Style Stuff
Sims2: Free Time
Sims2: Kitchen And Bath Interior Design Stuff
Sims2: IKEA Home Stuff
Sims2: Free Time patch
Sims2: Apartment Life
Sims2: Apartment Life Patch
Sims2: Mansion And Garden Stuff

All expansions!

Deluxe has Sims 2 and Nightlife all in one!

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13.85 GB
The.Sims.2 + All.Expansions [WORKING] - Rebuild - Khaos Industri


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Top Comments

popol19 • 13 Jun 2014, 12:01

But before that, Thanks uploader! It worked on my pc (win 7) June 13, 2014

1. After downloading this torrent, download PowerISO (You can also use Daemon Tools Lite) PowerISO is for mounting the .iso, .bin, .mdf, etc. files.

2. Open the ReadMe file 'ReadMe & Serials & Install Order.txt' because you will get the serial numbers there. Don't bother reading the instructions there because it will just confuse you!

3. Go to [01.0 & 03.0]The Sims 2 - Original & Nightlife [DELUXE] folder. Right click 'Sims2Deluxe1.mdf' then hover the PowerISO then click 'Mount to CD Drive (or something like that)

4. Go to My Computer, double click the CD Drive then the setup for The Sims 2 Double Deluxe will pop up. Just follow the installation process. Put the serial number that can be found on the ReadMe file. Install, wait and that's it! You've installed the base game! Click Finish.

Remember, you should NOT open the game until you've completed installing everything.

5. Now, go to [02.0]The Sims 2 - University. We will do the same thing. But this time, the file is not .mdf, it's .img and .bin. So first, right click 'The.Sims.2.University.Multilanguage.CD1.[Game.Pc].[WwW.LiMiTeDiVx.CoM].img

' then mount it. Then go to my computer and double click CD Drive and the installer for The Sims 2 University will pop up. Now do the installation, put the serial number. Then wait. It will ask you for the Disk 2, now this time, mount 'The.Sims.2.University.Multilanguage.CD2.[Game.Pc].[WwW.LiMiTeDiVx.CoM].bin

' then click OK. then the installation will be finished. Click Finish.

6. Do the same things for the next expansion packs and stuff.
Right click the file (it depends, it can be .mdf, .iso, .bin, etc.) from their corresponding folders, hover the PowerISO, then click Mount to Drive something like that.

Tip 1:

Make sure you install it all and follow the sequence, from 1.0 to 20.0.

If you're confused on what to mount/right click on the next expansion packs or stuff, check the list below:

7. For this stuff, choose only one!
(US) The Sims 2 - Christmas Party Pack.bin
(UK) Sims2HPP.iso

8. sims2ep3_1.mdf

9. ccd-s2ff.mdf

10. rzr-s2gl.bin

11. rld-s2pe.bin

12. Sims2HHS.bin

13. Sims2_EP5_1.mdf

14. rld-ts2c.bin

15. Sims 2 - H&M - Fashion.iso

16. The Sims 2 Bon Voyage.iso

17. The Sims 2 - Teen Style Stuff.bin

18. The Sims 2 Free Time.iso

19. The Sims 2 - Kitchen And Bath Interior Design.iso

20. The Sims 2 - IKEA Home Stuff.iso

21. For the FreeTime Patch, You don't need to mount this, you just need to open it '8_Free Time.exe' run the patch.

22. The Sims 2 Apartment Life.iso

23. Same for this patch, no need to mount, just open '9_Apartment Life.exe'

24. The Sims 2 - Mansion Garden Stuff.iso


Tip 2: You will encounter a message after installing some EPacks and stuff saying about insert the CD Rom again and Try again, just click Okay. Then Press Quit the click Finish.

Tip 3: If you've read the other comments saying "Don't install the patches", DON'T listen to them! You should install the patches, that's what I did and it worked perfectly.

Tip 4: DON'T Panic if after installing some Epacks or Stuff, it will say "It will check if the Sims 2 is updated blablabla. Just click okay. Sometimes, it will update the previously installed Epacks and stuff so don't worry, just go with the flow.



biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinENJOY! biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

Last edited by popol, 10 months ago

anonymous • 10 Jul 2014, 06:20
@popol "Hiya, I've installed everything in order finely. I ran into an issue when I attempted to exucute the "Free Time" update. It started to update, then it came up with an error message, telling me I may need to reinstall the EP. I did this, I even uninstalled every EP+Base game then reinstalled everything. The Error message continued to occur so I just continuted installing the rest of the EPS. Now It's all done, the crack for the last EP won't excute either. When I load the launcher it says "Please insert the CD" Even when I have the requested EPs disc mounted. Help please. :)" I'm having the exact same problem too and I did the same thing, in regards to just clicking out of the error message and continuing on. Another problem I kept having was after trying to execute the crack file, it kept telling me it couldn't enumerate, or something like that,in regards to DirectX 9. So I installed DirectX 9 and it continued to say the same thing even after I installed DirectX 9 and restarted my computer to ensure the computer recognised the installed software. Then when I try playing the game and it says for me to insert the original disk when it's already mounted. Please help. This is really starting to frustrate me considering how long it takes to install everything and then have to start back at square one.

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anonymous • 21 April 2015, 09:47 Show comment
conflict with emulation software? please help :(
ViveDiuRex7 • 11 April 2015, 19:14 Show comment

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anonymous • 03 February 2015, 07:00 Show comment
The Sims 2 University is Broken. Some Icons do not show and also the dormitory doors. Butt everything works fine
anonymous • 01 February 2015, 09:09 Show comment
Cant find 'ReadMe & Serials & Install Order.txt' :(
anonymous • 31 January 2015, 22:55 Show comment
Hi!! I started installing it but my anti virus software starting messing about so I deactived it. DO NOT deactivate yours!!! I ended up getting PUA.Gen.2 and a couple of weird small viruses. It also brought me to a weird page where I had to apparently download something again. My laptop is STUFFED. But I have used this download before on different computer and it worked 100% So what happened O.o Help me pllleeeaaassseee!
anonymous • 31 January 2015, 23:31 Show comment
It's me ^ I'm resetting my laptop now (I clicked on the massive download button above the instructions instead of the torrent cos I'm smart like dat xD) but could you please remove that ad? The file from it is called sims 2 expansions blah blah and it says it's from kickass so um yea.

monkeyr3 • 24 January 2015, 20:13 Show comment
hi im on windows 8.1 and trying to lunch the crack file and is keeps pooping up directx 9 compatible graphics adapter not found help please thanks carnt find no link to downloand on windows 8.1
anonymous • 19 January 2015, 11:05 Show comment
If you find in the end you are having launcher problems just unhook your internet from your computer start the game and hook it back up the problem is with the browser in the launcher. Oh and one more thing ENJOY AND HAVE FUN
anonymous • 19 January 2015, 09:50 Show comment
Thanks works great. Worked fist time for me all i had to do was follow popol's instructions to the letter. I used alcohol 120% programe to mount with. As for one persons coment about cd key not working the only one i found was the one for glamor life stuff but the problem was i used the letter o instead of the number 0. But all in all it works great for me
SeSe_SCREAM9 • 16 January 2015, 17:40 Show comment
i have the game sims 2 deluxe. i just want the expansions packs. is there a way to do that from this torrent without messing up my already played game? if so how do i do it?
anonymous • 13 January 2015, 19:08 Show comment
Hi, I installed everything and it went well. But when I was about going to play the game an error pops up saying: Failed to enumerate any DirectX 9 compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9 compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest manufacturer provided driver. The application will now terminate...
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