Supernatural Season 7 Complete (S07E01 - S07E23)

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  • Episode title: Meet the New Boss
  • Episode: S07E01
  • Air date: 23 September 2011
  • IMDb link: 0460681
  • Original run: 13 September 2005 — Present
  • Summary:
    Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.
    Written by UnDeAd.YeTii309.08K
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Episode 1 : Meet The New Boss
Castiel spares Bobby and the Winchesters and goes on his way to set right the wrongs of the world. However, when the brothers try to bind Death and use him to stop the new God, they discover that their former ally is one step ahead of them.

Episode 2 : Hello. Cruel World
The Leviathan possession of Castiel has devastating consequences which leads Sam, Dean and Bobby back to Sioux Falls, Meanwhile Sam puts himself and Dean in danger as he begins to crack under intense pressure from Lucifer's mind games.

Episode 3 : The Girl Next Door
Sam abandons Dean to investigate a case from his childhood that he thought he had solved: a demon that kills criminals and eats their brains.

Episode 4 : Defending Your Life
The Egyptian god Osiris wreaks a bloody trail of deaths as he tries and executes anyone guilty of past mistakes. Sam is forced to defend his brother when Osiris targets Dean for his guilt over all the things he's believed.

Episode 5 : Shut Up, Dr. Phil
Sam and Dean deal with a witch who is using her powers to terrorize a small town. They soon discover that she is taking out her anger with her husband, who she discovered was having an affair.

Episode 6 : Slash Fiction
Two Leviathans take on the form of Sam and Dean and frame them for a series of murders. While the brothers take refuge with a surveillance expert, Bobby tries to figure out how to kill the Leviathans and clear the Winchester brothers' names.

Episode 7 : The Mentalists
An angry ghost goes after mediums in Lily Dale, the most psychic town in America, and the brothers have to figure out who the next victim will be from a population filled with nothing but psychics.

Episode 8 : Season 7, Time for a Wedding!
When Sam teams up with a familiar face, Dean is forced to team up with a laid-back hunter, Garth, and ends up working at cross purposes to his brother.

Episode 9 : How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters
Sam, Dean, and Bobby go on a hunting trip for the Jersey Devil, and get involved in a restaurant with tainted birdburgers.

Episode 10 : Death's Door
While Sam and Dean are busy on a hunt, Bobby recruits an old friend to investigate a case from his past.

Episode 11 : Adventures in Babysitting
While Dean goes after Dick Roman, Sam tries to help a girl whose father, a hunter, disappeared while investigating a truck stop.

Episode 12 : Time After Time
While trying to rescue Dean, who has been thrown back into 1944 by the God of Time and must deal with Eliot Ness, Sam deals with the unexpected return of an old friend.

Episode 13 : The Slice Girls
Dean meets an intriguing woman at a bar while investigating attacks where the victims were branded with a strange symbol after their hands and feet were cut off.

Episode 14 : Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
The brothers return to Kansas to investigate a children's pizza parlor that is connected to the death of several parents whose children all attended parties there. While Dean confronts the individual responsible, Sam has to deal with his worst fear: clowns.

Episode 15 : Repo Man
Sam and Dean return to follow up on an old case, the exorcism of a demon from a postal worker, when they discover that the demon has returned and is killing women, just like it did four years ago.

Episode 16 : Out With the Old
A ballerina is killed by a pair of cursed dancing shoes, and Dean starts to fall victim to the same curse. However, that's the least of the brothers' concerns when they discover that the store where the shoes were sold has been bought out by Leviathans.

Episode 17 : The Born-Again Identity
When Lucifer pays Sam another visit, he drives him to the brink, forcing Sam to enter a mental hospital. Fearing for his brother's life, Dean takes matters into his own hands, calling upon every hunter he knows. He receives the name of a healer from one hunter, only to find a familiar face waiting for him.

Episode 18 : Party On, Garth
Hunter Garth calls on Sam and Dean for help when he comes up against a Shojo, a Japanese creature that can only be seen and fought when the hunter is drunk.

Episode 19 : Of Grave Importance
An old hunter acquaintance calls Sam and Dean in to investigate a haunted house, but when she disappears before they arrive, they discover that a powerful ghost inhabits the house.

Episode 20 : The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
The brothers get word that Dick Roman has obtained Frank's hard drive and is using an unsuspecting hacker to decrypt it. While the Winchesters try to find her, Bobby tries to help them but finds himself giving in to his rage against the Leviathan CEO.

Episode 21 : Reading is Fundamental
Meg summons Sam and Dean when Castiel wakes up. However, the brothers have other problems on their hands when they get word of a teenager who has been struck by lightning and become a prophet, and may hold the key to defeating the Leviathans.

Episode 22 : There Will Be Blood
Dean and Sam must search for three key items in order to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans. Their quest takes them Crowley and the Alpha vampire, but the Leviathans will stop at nothing to kill the Winchesters and put their plan for global domination into effect.

Episode 23 : Survival of the Fittest
The Winchesters and their allies, including Bobby, Castiel, Meg, and the Prophet Kevin, must try and stop Dick Roman and his Leviathans in a final showdown.
While trying to rescue Dean, who has been thrown back into 1944 by the God of Time and must deal with Eliot Ness, Sam deals with the unexpected return of an old friend.

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REally good show and awesome quality!
Trishan912055 • 31 May 2012, 10:48
the best actually, i dont even watch how i met you mother :P
anonymous • 31 May 2012, 22:41
can u let me no if there is a season 8 wen u find out cheers m8
Trishan912055 • 02 Jun 2012, 02:22
i actually tried googling it, no good results mate :S
ajroberts4935 • 02 Jun 2012, 00:58
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Thank you for sharing!
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very nyc..lovd it
Trishan912055 • 05 Jun 2012, 10:11
the best there is :D
Tokimori33 • 06 Jun 2012, 04:12
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theres is going to be a season 8 now
Trishan912055 • 07 Jun 2012, 15:21
yeah i heard, just not sure when tho

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kaimick313 • 24 Aug 2012, 17:39
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Stop checking Google for updates on new seasons that is your peoples problem check they are 100%reliable for any movie TV show production release date
Trishan912055 • 31 May 2012, 10:48
the best actually, i dont even watch how i met you mother :P

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