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Hungarian language

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I'd really love,if there would be a hungarian language.Not because im a noob and i dont speak any other languages,but you know....just for the feeling:)

5 comments    107 views    Suggested by Garrus15225 2 years and 11 months ago    

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Idea: Hungarian language

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ehhhhtozebec31.67K • 25 Jul 2013, 13:04
good to hear

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ehhhhtozebec31.67K • 25 July 2013, 13:04 Show comment
good to hear
shobits11726 • 25 March 2013, 15:32 Show comment
don't know why some thumb down this idea shocked
even though I'm not Hungarian, I think it's good for people who don't understand english.

one thing comes to my mind, the site moderator should enforce that the comment and description of torrent stay in english, so more people would understand smile
Garrus15225 • 25 March 2013, 17:11 Show comment
THX for the support dude.I understand English,and I speak fluently,but I thought some of my hungarian friends would be happy:D
shobits11726 • 25 March 2013, 19:03 Show comment
That's the idea loveliness

DJes99 • 30 July 2012, 07:33 Show comment
yeah is a good idea
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