Gorillaz - Discography (2001-2010)(320kbps)

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Gorillaz - Discography (2001-2010)(320kbps) (Size: 744.23 MB)
  Demon Days
  Plastic Beach


Gorillaz - Discography (2001-2010)(320kbps)

/D-Sides/1-01 68 State.mp3 11.02 MiB
/D-Sides/1-02 People.mp3 7.96 MiB
/D-Sides/1-03 Hongkongaton.mp3 8.17 MiB
/D-Sides/1-04 We Are Happy Landfill.mp3 8.4 MiB
/D-Sides/1-05 Hong Kong.mp3 16.62 MiB
/D-Sides/1-06 Highway (Under Construction).mp3 9.95 MiB
/D-Sides/1-07 Rockit.mp3 8.17 MiB
/D-Sides/1-08 Bill Murray.mp3 8.91 MiB
/D-Sides/1-09 The Swagga.mp3 11.38 MiB
/D-Sides/1-10 Murdoc Is God.mp3 5.61 MiB
/D-Sides/1-11 Spitting Out The Demons.mp3 11.87 MiB
/D-Sides/1-12 Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Origi.mp3 5.72 MiB
/D-Sides/1-13 Stop The Dams.mp3 12.96 MiB
/D-Sides/2-01 DARE (DFA Remix).mp3 28.06 MiB
/D-Sides/2-02 Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warrior.mp3 17 MiB
/D-Sides/2-03 Kids With Guns (Jamie T's Turns.mp3 10.05 MiB
/D-Sides/2-04 DARE (Soulwax Remix).mp3 13.11 MiB
/D-Sides/2-05 Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix).mp3 16.42 MiB
/D-Sides/2-06 El Mañana (Metronomy Remix).mp3 13.17 MiB
/D-Sides/2-07 DARE (Junior Sanchez Remix).mp3 12.48 MiB
/D-Sides/2-08 Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese Ne.mp3 8.92 MiB
/D-Sides/2-09 Kids With Guns (Quiet Village R.mp3 23.24 MiB
/Demon Days/01 Intro.mp3 2.44 MiB
/Demon Days/02 Last Living Souls.mp3 7.29 MiB
/Demon Days/03 Kids With Guns.mp3 8.64 MiB
/Demon Days/04 O Green World.mp3 10.4 MiB
/Demon Days/05 Dirty Harry.mp3 8.56 MiB
/Demon Days/06 Feel Good Inc..mp3 8.46 MiB
/Demon Days/07 El Mañana.mp3 8.8 MiB
/Demon Days/08 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead.mp3 11.21 MiB
/Demon Days/09 November Has Come.mp3 6.17 MiB
/Demon Days/10 All Alone.mp3 8.04 MiB
/Demon Days/11 White Light.mp3 4.92 MiB
/Demon Days/12 DARE.mp3 9.34 MiB
/Demon Days/13 Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's H.mp3 7.52 MiB
/Demon Days/14 Don't Get Lost In Heaven.mp3 4.62 MiB
/Demon Days/15 Demon Days.mp3 10.28 MiB
/G-Sides/01 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix).mp3 8.05 MiB
/G-Sides/02 Dracula.mp3 10.84 MiB
/G-Sides/03 Rock The House (Radio Edit).mp3 7.04 MiB
/G-Sides/04 The Sounder (Edit).mp3 10.33 MiB
/G-Sides/05 Faust.mp3 8.86 MiB
/G-Sides/06 Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher V.mp3 11.19 MiB
/G-Sides/07 Ghost Train.mp3 8.98 MiB
/G-Sides/08 Hip Albatross.mp3 6.25 MiB
/G-Sides/09 Left Hand Suzuki Method.mp3 7.38 MiB
/G-Sides/10 12D3.mp3 7.93 MiB
/Gorillaz/01 Re-Hash.mp3 8.42 MiB
/Gorillaz/02 5_4.mp3 6.21 MiB
/Gorillaz/03 Tomorrow Comes Today.mp3 7.46 MiB
/Gorillaz/04 New Genious (Brother).mp3 9.18 MiB
/Gorillaz/05 Clint Eastwood.mp3 13.13 MiB
/Gorillaz/06 Man Research (Clapper).mp3 10.44 MiB
/Gorillaz/07 Punk.mp3 3.78 MiB
/Gorillaz/08 Sound Check (Gravity).mp3 10.82 MiB
/Gorillaz/09 Double Bass.mp3 10.97 MiB
/Gorillaz/10 Rock The House.mp3 9.6 MiB
/Gorillaz/11 19-2000.mp3 8.02 MiB
/Gorillaz/12 Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo).mp3 8.38 MiB
/Gorillaz/13 Starshine.mp3 8.17 MiB
/Gorillaz/14 Slow Country.mp3 8.32 MiB
/Gorillaz/15 M1 A1.mp3 9.24 MiB
/Gorillaz/16 Clint Eastwood (Ed Case_Sweetie I.mp3 8.57 MiB
/Plastic Beach/01 Orchestral Intro.mp3 2.68 MiB
/Plastic Beach/02 Welcome To The World Of The Plast.mp3 8.26 MiB
/Plastic Beach/03 White Flag.mp3 8.56 MiB
/Plastic Beach/04 Rhinestone Eyes.mp3 7.67 MiB
/Plastic Beach/05 Stylo.mp3 10.35 MiB
/Plastic Beach/06 Superfast Jellyfish.mp3 6.7 MiB
/Plastic Beach/07 Empire Ants.mp3 10.85 MiB
/Plastic Beach/08 Glitter Freeze.mp3 9.31 MiB
/Plastic Beach/09 Some Kind Of Nature.mp3 6.9 MiB
/Plastic Beach/10 On Melancholy Hill.mp3 8.95 MiB
/Plastic Beach/11 Broken.mp3 7.55 MiB
/Plastic Beach/12 Sweepstakes.mp3 12.26 MiB
/Plastic Beach/13 Plastic Beach.mp3 8.7 MiB
/Plastic Beach/14 To Binge.mp3 9.02 MiB
/Plastic Beach/15 Cloud Of Unknowing.mp3 7.13 MiB
/Plastic Beach/16 Pirate Jet.mp3 5.85 MiB


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Gorillaz - Discography (2001-2010)(320kbps)


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Grassyhopper281 • 30 March 2013, 03:08
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Awesome collection. Thanks.
HaiFisch63 • 15 March 2011, 11:54
torrent downloaded
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Thanks, great band, the last album has a different style but it's still so good
RedArmy203204 • 05 December 2010, 21:36 Show comment
Works Great. Good download. Many Thanks
fyrous115 • 13 September 2010, 03:08
torrent downloaded
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Good collection, but it's id3 tag changing gayness! Not a single Gorillaz torrent that doesn't have this weird amount of changing you have to do to make it coherent. but overall quality is high, just annoying to fix
rarezombi252 • 23 June 2010, 02:49
torrent downloaded
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Best collection available. Needs ID3Tag editing to clean it up a bit tho.

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