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Hey Guys!  go to this post
Welcome to our Family!
Welcome to the Crew. We have a lot to offer IF you have any questions...feel free to ask around.
We are more than friends here...we are FAMILY.
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Android Mini
This is the only Bump I will give this Torrent. Thanks to all for your patience! I promise you will not be disappointed!
Anyone care to help an old Veteran of KAT? This is an Amazing group that will certainly fire up your soul!
I GREATLY appreciate everyone's help!
Torrent: Cloud Cult
Zeke...I and everyone that read this Thread Thank You for continuing to bring these words of wisdom to us all. You honor me...and for that I am truly grateful. You are a Man of Honor...and you have my thanks.
In case anyone missed their's a BUMP...JUST FOR YOU!
Merry Christmas to one and all from RiverCoyote and SingingDove!
And the last of my Welcome BUMPS! Don't be shy...Share the LOVE!
By the way...thanks to all who have extended a warm welcome! I greatly appreciate it!
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