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Just an idea I had, thought I'd see if it works or if anyone would use it.

Space on the Blogroll is precious, an over enthusiastic Blogger can knock off the Blogs created by half a dozen users in minutes, consigning what may have been the greatest blog ever written to the mists of time before daily users ever knew it existed. I love the blogs, my favourite part of the site so here's my selfish idea...
When you write your blog, take an extra 30 seconds and copy paste a link to your blog here. Avid blog readers can look at this thread when they have time and see any blogs that have vanished from the roll.
It will only work if people use it but the time some users spent on their blog entries it seems a shame to miss them!
I'll start with the latest entry on the blogroll...
90 replies before
your one and only chance to get it off your chests... titter

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Finally the boys are back from holidays and now i can move this to the right spot.. :)
0 My first blog in a sucks...
The bog roll, no, I didnt spell it wrong (BlueLady Blog)
about UK/Kiwi/Aussie singers who have since died.
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good idea mate makes it easier for all users
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New Blog, New blog, New blog......

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