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Bubanee160.89K KAT Staff
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I think KAT needs a Thread about nothing...

You got nothing interesting to say ~ Post it Here!

Your Just Bored and want to write something OFF TOPIC ~ Post it Here!
If you can, try and keep it clean!
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SkyMtn88.22K Super Moderator
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Had to dump Chrome; it wouldn`t stay open! Getting used to Opera now. Nice browser..!
oH ... eat your veggies with bacon.
pfft. Jism 3 surely. titter


I take it you are recommending it based on the acting...wink

of course titter
one of the most addictive video on youtube
Cariad11.58K Super User
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Sure do mate, one of the few I could get a good laugh with. He could take the piss outta me and vice versa but it was all just good fun. He was also very knowledgeable on the p2p community and other things. He's a big miss here, although there are some who probably dont agree. We need more like him! I miss his PM's and wacky threads.
How come I miss all this stuff? dizzyIs it an inner circle for uploaders? I'm not being Katty (pardon the pun)
I remember when my friend Chris (Unionjack_Laughing Fox) felt pressured to leave. It wasn't until a few positive comments about being missed showed up that I persuaded him via email to return. It made him very happy. Then we lost him cry
I don't want to see that happening to other KAT family members.
Please people, remember that words can wound and this wonderful site is a place for people from all walks of life all over the world, and that is something pretty special.
I didn't know asbo but I laughed at his posts and +1'd him for being exactly who he is. There's a unique kind of bravery in that, whether you agree or disagree with what they have to say.
Ok rant over.. shy

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PiratMas20.61K Former Translator
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If the best things in life are free, how come every body wants money?
TheShow14.46K Super User
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If the best things in life are free, how come every body wants money?

Cos the best things in life are free but only if you can afford them!
TheShow14.46K Super User
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My hookers always play this song when I show up

Edit: now that i watched the video you must believe me when i saw i had no idea it was young teen girls!!! Now i must change the URL

This one!!!

Preferred the first one! titter
Quiet today folk. :P

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