December upd.1 - Privacy and Report a Bug

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With the beginning of the winter we already have some new features for you!

First of all - new privacy features that allow you to hide your: recent searches, profile info, online status and disable friending.


Second is our new bug report system that you can use to report all the bugs that you can find, tech or translation. So if you see a bug, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "report a bug".


Then just select the area where you see the bug by clicking and dragging a box around it, enter the bug subject and description and then click submit, to send us the bug.


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markh31767 • 09 Dec 2011, 17:31
im loving KAT more and more each day.loveliness

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panosol45.96K • 08 March 2014, 12:34 Show comment
thanks!! will be useful !!
MyVidsRocK12.8K • 30 April 2013, 02:45 Show comment
I have been reporting several bugs for the last month now and none of them have been fixed. 1. accept invite button on profile DOES NOT WORK. 2. Unable to send private messages. 3. Unable to bookmark torrents. 4. Unable to update profile status. 5. Unable to block users. These bugs effect both Internet Explorer and FireFox. So where is this bug reporting improvement you boast about. I now have more problems than I have ever had. And Nobody seems to be doing anything about them.huffy
rahagir692 • 14 January 2012, 07:47 Show comment
Really love the new changesloveliness but I would really appreciate if privacy of our comments and reputation could be maintained.
Convict_1552 • 20 December 2011, 16:59 Show comment
Cool thanks for all your efforts, for privacy. Help us fight back!
pardeep33368.64K • 14 December 2011, 11:56 Show comment
johnno2312.19K • 13 December 2011, 04:26 Show comment
Now that is kat: Something free just keeps getting better.
In the past had so many paid apps and then paid for updates..........
Bayfia23.04K • 11 December 2011, 20:57 Show comment
WOW .. these are some powerful enhancements to our website! Thank you! (I was wondering why I was getting PMs from some KAT membersa asking me how to turn off their Wall. I thought I saw something on my profile page for how to do that.. didn't realize how new that feature is! smile
kalel851 • 11 December 2011, 17:07 Show comment
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