November upd.1 - New Rules and Appeals!

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In November we decided to make something new in the rights section. First of all we have re-written the rules (they will be online in 12-24 hours) and second we added an appeal option for all banned users. From now on if you were wrongfully banned, you can appeal to our mods and might get the ban lifted!

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stalk_me7336 • 05 Nov 2011, 13:46
I agree i mean sometimes i commented on someone spamming, my comment has been deleted but the spammers comment is still there.. I really think that something really needs to be done about all these anomynous comments. otherwise its gonna end up like Pb or isohunt, just full of spammers. Which would be a shame because 99% of the time this is a great site
RonthePirate669.42K • 02 Nov 2011, 17:32
Nice! Maybe clarification to some "iffy" subjects.
Also, the appeals option is an excellent idea.
johnno2312.17K • 02 Nov 2011, 23:19
Cool..... everyone can get out of bed on the wrong foot sometime. A ban for a member can be 99% of the time correct but on occasion someone may post something without thinking coherently.

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panosol45.73K • 08 March 2014, 12:48 Show comment
thanks !!!
FamousTonyC773 • 04 December 2011, 08:02 Show comment
A definite step in the right direction. I also agree with the comment above regarding the blocking or purging of anonymous posts. I added a similar suggestion in the Ideabox a few days ago with regard to blocking anonymous ratings and comments on torrents.
nuclearnirav110 • 23 November 2011, 03:27 Show comment
but tread cautiously,kat!!
Extinction197 • 21 November 2011, 22:54 Show comment
I'll be sure to check out the new rules nice work you guys! wink
mackofphx10 • 21 November 2011, 08:40 Show comment
In the wide world of torrents you guys truly kickass. Unfortunately some people can behave well like people. I know rude and unhappy people that take the time to lash out are annoying and to me are just like those who yell hateful shit out their car window not caring if that person deserved it or not. I'm amazed on how brave and tough one may think they're being when they are in the safe confines of a car doing 40 MPH in the opposite direction and probably would piss their pants at the thought of having to repeat those words standing 2 feet in front of that person.
I think it great when I download a torrent from a righteous uploaded and you get exactly what was posted and/or rated as. Yet a lot of times I see a couple of thumbs down on a torrent that is anything but. My guess is its an adult who throws a tantrum like a brat child when things don't go their way or worse a person who lets ego trump thought. It's never, "Perhaps I'm missing something here and should do some homework or seek advice from a thumbs up person", it's "This download is BS, and thanks for wasting my time A-hole".
Lets imagine now we live in a perfect utopia world, yes I know its unrealistic, where a reply is not "The problem is not the torrent the problem is your a retard that doesn't know how to use a PC", but a reply to a thumbs down would be "Bad downloads do suck, for me this one is good, happy to share my process and software I use if it will help". Perfect worlds don't exist, yet when people are willing to help another without a thought of "whats in it for me" Is not going kill you.
O.K. I admit I get nauseous too when someone spews some warm and fuzzy feeling crap to me but since I already cross the line may I offer my 2 cents worth of advice to those angry rude unhappy people. Whether your reasons are; that your childhood was abusive, or every year at summer camp everyone got a medal because "where all winners" and once out in the real world for the first you had your ass handed to you and learned the hard way to be a winner you must earn it.
Or you justify your shit thinking "I'm the victim", maybe your always pissed because someone else always has something you don't.Do you wallow in your own miserable pity because "you don't know my pain" attitude or just maybe your mom got knock-up by Satan. Whatever it is face-it life is not easy and Ozzie and Harriette is just a TV show.
The key to happiness; and not the constant smile, bottle up your emotions unhealthy crap(when someone pisses me off I get angry), can be explained in one word. No its not money though it does make things less stressful. Its also not a mystical secret or divine wisdom by God. Actually its quite simple. So to avoid being that tool that no one would bother to piss on even if you where on fire,the secret to a happier life is GRATITUDE.
Now what will really make you happy is to tell me to stick gratitude where the sun never shines, my all means. I'll be grateful I live in a place that everyone is free to say whats on their minds.
I'll be more grateful that I'm not you.

Hey, I just remember chicks dig the badboys, so disregard everything I just wrote. Except the stuff about you guys kickass.
Rose.2923959 • 21 November 2011, 08:21 Show comment
oohh...great rules...
thanks so much guys..
Mikune34.89K • 17 November 2011, 17:09 Show comment
Would you please provide rules or reasons for reporting users, or if there is already existing one. Thank you
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