CBS developing pair of '70s shows

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It's those '70s shows for CBS and Showtime, as the two networks are tapping the swinging era for a pair of new projects.
CBS is heading for the hills of the City by the Bay with a remake of The Streets of San Francisco following the popular trend that has seen retro properties such as Knight Rider, Transformers, Beverly Hills '90210', and The Bionic Woman refitted for the small and big screen.
The original drama, which ran from 1972 to 1977, followed a pair of San Francisco cops, played by Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, as they investigated incidents in the city. The reboot will stay true to the original, according to the show's writers.
CBS's pay-cable net, Showtime, is also going in the wayback machine with Studio, a drama focused on Studio 54, the infamous, drug-fueled disco club that was the place to be (and have sex) in New York City in the late 1970s.
According to reports, Studio will focus on real-life club proprietor Steve Rubell's launching of Studio 54 and all the hedonistic naughty bits that went on behind closed doors.
The love-fest did not spread everywhere, though. Late last week, it was revealed that HBO was not renewing Tell Me You Love Me, its short-lived drama about several couples and their troubled relationships.
Elsewhere, ABC has picked up the US rights to the Canadian comedy 18 to Life. The show is about a pair of 18-year-old neighbors who get married on a dare.

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BudsandSuds48.99K • 02 August 2012, 22:47 Show comment
Is there no more original ideas??? What the F+*k is with all these re-makes!!!! And they wonder why we torrent things instead of going to pay money for these stupid movies or TV shows.
RoughJustice28.72K • 02 August 2012, 19:10 Show comment
Gold help us if there are plans to recycle The Six Million Dollar Man and Adam 12 as well!
Wolftatt25683 • 02 August 2012, 07:22 Show comment
CBS must have hired the creative minds from the WWE. dizzy
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