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Happy 2015 Torrent Day!!! New Cheevo - Here's How!!!!!

1079 views    posted 29 Mar 2015, 17:26    
Lots of you folks love the cheevo's.

You gotta go inside Bubanee's blog to figure out how to get it. (edit: read PXGamer's blog to get another cheevo!)

Oh shit a two line blog!! Thank God for line breaks!!

Now for some randomness. Anime/Manga scenes...doesn;t get any freakier than that

Ever feel like this guy when asking a girl out on a date?? That is certainly me. Not when asking the hot girls out, but if I think she is warm and friendly I fall apart. Makes it tough.

Finding out a perfectly good torrent was downvoted. Perhaps an overreaction but it feels super good.

Kids are doing drugs younger and younger these days.

As mentioned, freaky anime stuff. Some things just can;t be known.

When you do drugs it's only harming yourself. Typically other self-destructive behavior is present. this drugged out potato. Carrots don't do drugs. This is why they are healthy.

Carrots won't even co-sign your bullshit. Tough love to get you back on track

Back to anime....can you find an image more silly than this??

Ever notice 5finger is first on the blog scene no matter what time of day or night? lol

Your government would never do anything to harm you. Just want you to know that.

Now off to read some half truths about government abuse. Well, have not read the article but it's not a mainstream site so probably not much accountability/integrity present. Let's find out.

Blog Tip!! A new blog can take an hour or so before it shows on the blog list. It depends which servers you are hitting and how fast the updates are propagating. Perhaps you have noticed a new blog pop up but the timestamp is old and many people have already commented...


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Water Diviner hash: 69EBF7B92A6B1C6F058A16C09BD7EA1AFABE4BCE

copy the hash then go to Bub...nd paste hash is search box:

It will be at KAT soon enough but this is first blood!!

And here is Oliver Stoned: 83A9E0859EDF614E68C22F20B0B57BEEE6720E02

Oliver Stoned is for teens and stoners. If you;re not one of those it will probably seem lame.

Never Lose Focus; 42149719B9DBA143FBE1B8290B20413A666403BB

It has Will Smith so hoping it's good!!

Oh yes this is a shitty lame ass blog but I am so excited to see Interstellar finally released in bluray encodes!!!

Thanks so much for the screeners but I was one who will not "ruin" a good movie with low quality A/V. It really destroys the artistic value and how one can get lost in the story.

I have NEVER been mesmerized by a CAM. It will just never happen. Don't abuse movies....say no to CAMs lol. I know, there are some folks who must have sneak peeks and that's just fine. I just think it's a sickness, like delayed gratification disorder.

A study was done on people who watch CAMs and this is what their brains look like. Once they were given meds they could wait for bluray releases.

Anyway here's a nice quote from a surprising source. Well, if one thinks about his first career it is understandable. He went through great lengths to get a world title. Then he became and actor, then governor of California. Amazing accomplishments. What are you plans?

Here's a 50 Shages gif. That movie will probably never play on my screen but gif certainly has some appeal lol

Anyway, the YIFY version of Interstellar is listed on the front page. YIFY encodes are very popular and I use them from time to time. But AV quality must be spot on for Interstellar, especially if one has a home theater system.

Go ahead and post which version you are grabbing and say why if you like. Perhaps some pirates can learn how to select the best encodes for their kit.

Looks like someone is playing with his knob lol

Oh, and Jessica Chastain deserves some props. Not for the fairy tale movie Zero Dark 30 which wreaked of propaganda (the movie was released right on the heel of the even like it was coordinated with the Feds lol). And not for The Help which won an award because Hollywood propaganda trying to shape the way we think. But....for Take Shelter. She was amazing in that role you could feel her uncertainty, frustration and confusion and many more moods throughout the movie.

Click here to download Take Shelter. you will love it.

The lead did an incredible job too but I forget his name....blaaargh

Last but not least here are two more movies that one must bookmark.. They are worth the wait.
Kingsman: Secret Service
Water Diviner

Movies You Have Missed

547 views    posted 12 Mar 2015, 00:45    
Oscars are over and we are left hunting for good movies to watch. Sometimes there's a dry spell and we think "I just need something good to watch!" We can go for movies already seen or try some new stuff that has escaped our attention.

Here are some picks that have slipped by some of us that are worth a look. If you have any other recommendations please post them. Help out a fellow pirate get trhough this trying times :)

In some cases downloading these will provide extra seeds and that is a GREAT way to give back to the community.

The first movie is about a prostitute and she's Asian. I like where this is going already. Recommending a PublicHD release even though the file size is large and my TV does not understand DTS audio, blaaargh (PC's and home theater system do though!)

In Tokyo, a young prostitute develops an unexpected connection with a widower over a period of two days. (109 mins.)

Carlos the Jackal!! That's such an awesome name. I am Carlos the Jackal!!! That's something you will never hear but would be cool to hear. We all have a little bit of Carlos the Jackal!!! in us. State sponsored terrorism now that's a winner. USA uses Congress to declare wars and authorize attacks so we are never the terrorists, right? Because we voted to fuck those wedding parties up and kill hundreds of thousands of people? Indeed. We are now assassinating people with drones. I'm a right winger and even I can see that shit is wrong. Status quo these days.

Hard to find a good print but a working title is below. Carlos the Jackal!!

Subtitles can be found by searching for "Carlos.2010.720p.BluRay.AAC-x264" You need them for the first 30 minutes of the movie unless you can understand Spanish. Feel free to post an exact link to the subs.

Have you seen this? It seems familiar and I try to watch every Willem Dafoe movie. Some thing it gets a bit too real, depressing and graphic. Here's a recent upload from late 2014 so please be sure to thank the pirate who upped it.

Per IMDB: A grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.


More prostitutes!! There seems to be a trend forming. Australia cranks out some real gems so let's give them deserved props and watch this movie for free in their honor lol

Per IMDB: Ex-con Alex plans to flee to the South with his girl after a robbery. But something terrible happens and revenge seems inevitable.

Oh nice, Criterion Collection encode!! It's a recent up so give the uploadds a thanks if you grab this and if it's good. if it's bad downrate the fucker so he can blog about it lol We got to keep up character building for the newer pirates, ha!


Nice little horror film from 2001 when the world was a different place. Lots of movies were overlooked that year due to terror events. This version was recently upped as well. be sure to thank the uploader.

Per IMDB: After Carlos, a 12-year-old whose father has died in the Spanish Civil War, arrives at an ominous boy's orphanage he discovers the school is haunted and has many dark secrets that he must uncover.


Here's a cat....

"Up yours I blog about what I waaaant!"

Stolen Password Checker - Does The Hacker Have Your Passowords?

771 views    posted 16 Feb 2015, 21:18    
This researcher posted 10 million stolen credentials inside a torrent and also set up a web site so you can see if a hacker has your credentials.

All you do is click the image and enter your username to see if there's a password match. It only show part of the password for your safety.

Let's see. Enterz cat name then click..meow....puurrrrrr prrrrr pdddddr somabishhh it knows mai passwordz!!

If you are concerned that the guy is just harvesting usernames then don't go to the site or maybe just don;t enter any email address-based user accounts.

"Bwaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa I now steal your life energyu force, stupid kitteh!!!!"

"That's why wees stay off dat grid.."

Now for some boobs...

Happy Groundhog Day (USA ONLY)

530 views    posted 02 Feb 2015, 04:38    
February 2 is not only the day after Kickass Upload Day it is also known as Groundhog Day in the United States.

So what is ground hogging? That's when a turd pokes out of your butt because you really have to poop. Hopefully it sees its shadows and goes back in, for your sake and for the sake of those around you.

A nice ground hogging reference can be found in the movie called National Lampoons Vacation, but I forget which one....the girl says it because she has to poop. That movie was released in 1983 and is a classic not to be missed. Available in high definition. There are 3 major Vacation movies that every torrent loving pirate should watch:




For trivia, you can also refer to a rogue turd as "turtle head poking out" which Mike Myers obviously ripped off as a variation of groundhogging. Fat Bastard says that in the movie The Spy Who Shagged Me.....worth another watch it has been long enough. Hmmm hard to find a right sized high def for this. Here's one that is fairly large and the quality is probably amazing:


So what exactly is Groundhog Day?

Many Americans sort of have an idea but probably struggle to get it right.

Groundhog Day is a special day we stole from the Germans for losing WWII. We got that holiday and a bunch of Nazi artists like Greta Garbo, Rutger Hauer, Beethoven, and Bruce Willis....we took Albert Einstein out of spite. That turned out to be a good thing since he invented time travel for us. It helps the USA keep the upper hand as capitalism rapes and pillages your countries.

"Sup, My Nizzles?"

Back to the facts, the largest Groundhog Day celebration is held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Can you guess the name of the groundhog? It is actually Punxsutawney Phil. The exact same critter we see in the movie Groundhog Day.

Anyway, grab a copy of the movie to celebrate tomorrow. This whole blog is simply about advertising that movie below.


So if the groundhog sees its shadow it dives back in the hole and we have 6 more months of winter or something like that. No one really cares...the important part is we stole that day....

This is not a question blog but you pavlovian pirates seem to expect questions. If you;d like to put your intelligence or spirituality on display then please tell us what you think the Groundhog Day movie was all about. It really is an amazing story in addition to being one of Bill Murray's best work.


1775 views    posted 21 Aug 2014, 00:45    

Paste this is your status:

[center][size=300]AN UNHAPPY PIRATE[/size][/center]

Cool sig by Nightmare65.23K for those who want to speak up using their sigs!!


And the half-mast pirate avatar!!



Join us in support of RonthePirate669.62K return to Mod....if it's one thing we know about it's we *all* make mistakes and we all get forgiveness (Except fakers! They can suck it!).

Sometimes it takes a long time to forgive someone, but sometimes that's all in our heads and enough time is a little time and a little time has passed.

In the old days an Admin never forgave anyone.....there was even a movie about it.


Ron The Pirate: I don't deserve this... to be stripped of Mod like this. I was building a house.
Admin: Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.
[aims gun]
Ron The Pirate: I'll see you in hell, Admin.
Admin: Yeah.

So what can we do?

We can plead for Ron's safe and speedy return to Mod in hopes a gracious Admin will grant forgiveness and give *yet another chance* for Ron to F things up hee hee


We love our imperfect RonthePirate669.62K ....and we love our Admins.

Paste the code below in your STATUS area in support of Ron's Return to Mod:

[center][size=300]AN UNHAPPY PIRATE[/size][/center]

If we get 200 Kickass Pirate to set their status to AN UNHAPPY PIRATE then maybe an Admin will see how much we care and will return Ron to doing the thing he loves, which is taking care of us.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!!!! And the status code pasting!!!!


On a side note, RonthePirate669.62K is about to reach 666666 which means the end is upon us and none of this Mod shit will matter anyway heh heh

Eat at Joe's!!!!

Even the Sesame Street Martians are unhappy!!

"Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Roooooon!!!"


472 views    posted 04 Apr 2014, 17:50    
Blaaaargh go to Bub's wall and his see this site before reading this blog :(

If you download music then you know Bubanee160.55K . Not only is he a legendary music pirate but he's one of the nicest guys you will ever know.

Is he really that famous?

Don't take my word at it, just look at his record. His followers are a huge audience and the envy of every music pirate who wishes to be well-known in the pirate world.

Is he really a legend?

This video by macmanda says it all as is a perfect salute to our Bubs. If Bubanee does retire this is a fitting 21 gun salute in his honor.

Is he really that nice?

Why not post a comment if you know this.....

Bubanee also has music skills of his own.

KAT Theme song anyone?

Although I am more fond of this one hee hee

Bubanee160.55K as you probably figured out he even runs his own hash site....calm down Californians not that sort of hash.

Big Papi dedicates this video by wrong user link to our Baaarrreeeeeee (did I mispell Jazzykat?)

•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*•.¸Cool Change¸.•*´¨`*•.¸•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*•.¸

Last but not least here is the song saying, "PLEASE DON'T GO!"

This is where we all grovel and pleas for Bubs not to go...let the grovelling begin!!






Errr this creates a hostile environment...

Think of the children, Bubs!!

David says stick around!

Pwease dond goes

If someone is bothering you I know a guy who fixes things...

Android And iPhone Ringtones by Big Papi

419 views    posted 01 Mar 2014, 13:27    
Be sure to grab some ringtones!!






Time to have some fun...all may play!!!

830 views    posted 24 Feb 2014, 09:19    
This is a game blog bwaaa ahhaaaaaa haaaaaa if it was a thread it would risk getting sent to the dungeon where no threads ever see the light of day, but this is a blog so blaaargh!

This is how it works.....just make fun of any username by saying what it rhymes with.

So if Scubaloo posts then reply "Scoop of Poo" you get the idea..

If I post something you can reply SirPeesAlot.

just don't be too offensive or mean!! Let the games begin!!


"Yoos better not make fun of Dat Seeds or mees gonna get you..."

"No kittens here movie it along.."

"So Catnip, tell us how you made fun of KAT Staff and were sent to the Hunger games..."

"What are you looking at get to rhymings and stuffs!!...and don't you dare ask me about that thing hanging between my legs"

Greatest Hits Collection - Sail Them Like A Pirate!!

225 views    posted 22 Jan 2014, 18:00    
Hiya peeps,

I am not famous like Bubanee but do upload some quality tunes. Most of them are rare or soundtracks and of course *lots* of Christmas music.

Since I am David and Bubanee is Goliath please check my uploads so the Big Papi torrents can get seeds.

How to seed? Download the music and leave it in your torrent client.

How long to seed? If you have unlimited network then there's no reason not to leave them in your client for years.

Why seed? If it is an amazing album and you loved it then seeding makes sure some pirate years from now can get it and love it too :)

Does only Big Papi need seeders? All uploaders depend on pirates to seed their torrents. Without seeders there are no torrents.

Can I just be a leecher? Well, not everyone has unlimited network so leeching is necessary at times. Share what you can without going broke, One day when you have unlimited network you can pay it forward.

What Kickass pirates have the best music uploads? I don't know all of them but here are a few.

eika however you spell is crazy ass name

PM me your name if you are a quality music ripper/encoder and I'll add you to the list. If you transcode then please lick my balls and don't bother contacting me. Same goes for retaggers and relisters. I do enjoy a good ball licking but please gargle with Listerine prior to said ball licking.

If I get enough names a thread will be created to list Rock Star Kickass Music Pirates.

So where was I.....

What do I do now that I have a list of good music pirates? If you have a Kickass account you can go to their profile page and follow/subscribe to them. Their uploads will be bookmarked and you can check out their stuff from time to time.

It seems I am missing something...oh yeah...


No, not that....

"My Bonnie lies over dat Bonnie lies over dat seaaaaaa"

In case things were too subtle, visit my profile, download my junk and seed....

Here is one torrent I am really excited about. It is not a Greatest Hits collection per se but it is a live concert that pretty much contains lots of greatest hits. Check it out you will love it.image
Torrent: Rolling Stones - Flashpoint Live [FLAC+MP3] (Big Papi) 1989-90 Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle World Tour
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