Xmen Animated All Seasons X-Men (90s)

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Xmen Animated All Seasons X-Men (90s) (Size: 10.43 GB)
  X-men TAS Season 2
  X-men TAS Season 3
  X-men TAS Season 4
  X-men TAS Season 5
  x-men_-_1x01_-_night_of_the_sentinels_-_part_1_[vpc].avi 139.29 MB
  x-men_-_1x02_-_night_of_the_sentinels_-_part_2_[vpc].avi 138.89 MB
  x-men_-_1x03_-_enter_magneto_[vpc].avi 139.16 MB
  x-men_-_1x04_-_deadly_reunions_[vpc].avi 139.31 MB
  x-men_-_1x05_-_captive_hearts_[vpc].avi 139.3 MB
  x-men_-_1x06_-_cold_vengeance_[vpc].avi 139.38 MB
  x-men_-_1x07_-_slave_island_[vpc].avi 139.63 MB
  x-men_-_1x08_-_the_unstoppable_juggernaut_[vpc].avi 139.27 MB
  x-men_-_1x09_-_the_cure_[vpc].avi 139.28 MB
  x-men_-_1x10_-_come_the_apocalypse_[vpc].avi 139.49 MB
  x-men_-_1x11_-_days_of_future_past_-_part_1_[vpc].avi 139.52 MB
  x-men_-_1x12_-_days_of_future_past_-_part_2_[vpc].avi 139.19 MB
  x-men_-_1x13_-_the_final_decision_[vpc].avi 139.32 MB


X-Men the Animated Series from the 90s.

Most are good--->great quality.

This is an re-up of an old Torrent that I Kept, that no longer has active trackers.

Enjoy! ;-)

PS-This is my first Uploaded from scratch torrent. Hope I did everything right.

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10.43 GB
Xmen Animated All Seasons X-Men (90s)


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PJohn11.91K • 06 June 2014, 22:59
torrent downloaded
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Good uplaod, thanks!
FifthGarde2988 • 07 September 2013, 11:31
torrent downloaded
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checkmatelock798 • 05 June 2013, 10:28 Show comment
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1 of the best shows wen we were growing up...
i don't wat happnd but the shows even cartoon nowadays r so fucked up n senseless not to mention boring....
anandkumar441419 • 22 January 2014, 03:57 Show comment
Ya mate the golden days of cartoons are over........now-a-days only brainless shows kept running
anonymous • 18 March 2013, 03:08 Show comment
Cartoons these days are fucked. i was watching the new looney toons, they were just doing normal everyday shit, nothing funny about it. was more like neighbours or home and away, not looney toons. i miss the old 90's cartoons, "racism" and being "politically correct" has fucked the world. thee days ya can't have anything or do anything without being an arsehole. bring back the fucking 90's WOOOOOOOO!!!! p.s thank you so much for this upload :) the x-men movies have completely ruined what this series brought to the world
anandkumar441419 • 22 January 2014, 03:58 Show comment
Completely agree with you...........
jsef828 • 02 December 2012, 05:37 Show comment
i thank you in advance this is like a time machine i can go back when I was a kid and wait a week to see jean gray's ass
anonymous • 18 March 2013, 03:09 Show comment
hahaha, i remember that shit too, i had a mad crush on cartoon Jean when i was 10 lol
TheMagneto5406 • 09 November 2012, 00:33
torrent downloaded
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awesome thanks uploader
MUTILATED5345 • 19 October 2012, 03:47
torrent downloaded
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audio: 10video: 10
Awesome Thanks :)
CaptainMal266 • 08 October 2012, 18:25
torrent downloaded
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audio: 9video: 9
Well done! Good quality. See IMDB for any questions regarding order of episodes (they are in order in this torrent).
tukmonster68 • 16 May 2012, 16:51
torrent downloaded
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Great stuff. Thank.s
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