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I hope this make you smile (^^,)

390 views    posted 16 Aug 2014, 12:46    

We had so many ways to vent our anger/depression/sadness/sorrow.
Some will read, some will destroy something, some will yell at someone,
some will write, some will play with babies, some will hug a kitten or a puppy,
and some will crank up the music and get lost it in it.

Well, for me, I'll do all of the above, minus the destroying and the yelling.
So if you're into reading, perhaps this can make you smile.
Have a nice day :)


New Suit I Demand You - written by me

What you must be thinking now,
I know I know.
Stop the holier-than-thou,
Don't make that face to me now.

Such a lovely tux,
now with a ruined bow.
That darn fly,
chasing me like a crow.

This blind, you asked?
I did what I must.
It must be kept at bay,
Hence thy shall not be blamed.

I got it, so your point is moot.
Don't dispute, get me a chute.
Compensate me, for I am cute.
I demand you, prepare me a new suit.

P/S : This was written specifically for the above picture.
If you finished reading and you're not smiling,
well what can I say, we all have a different reason
to smile ;)

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The Wall

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condoghost12.47K • 17 March 2015, 18:18 Show comment

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I appreciate you!!! and everything you do!!
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lol.. thanks!

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Thanks for accepting the add. :)
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hi weewiwie image
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hello que dear! winkwink

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hello weewiwie just to say HI smilesmilewinkimage
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Thank you for the uploads!!!!!
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my pleasure!!

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Having poetry with-drawls Miss Wee. Need some bad.shy
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Thanks for the book:)
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