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Thanks, its a nice solution :loveliness::biggrin:
Math Quiz #3 3 days
I am not a fan of math but I sure do love counting money :chuckle:
Quiz ?? 3 days
haha :chuckle:
Math Quiz #3 3 days Solved :lol:
Math Quiz #3 3 days
torrent downloaded
Really Cool, Thanks Bud :clap::biggrin:
4 days
Congrats on vul and happy belated birthday to you, hope u had a good one :biggrin::wave:
VUL & 60th Birthday all on the same day 4 days
Their all nice, great job on those. :clap:
My KAT Wallpaper Collection III 4 days
Now this is a math counting blog I like to read, and by the way...I knew it was 26 before I seen the answer. There are always a trick in those questions :p Great blog :clap::biggrin:
Not A Math Quiz 4 days
Here is a math joke... Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7? A: Because 7 8 9 :chuckle:
Math Quiz #2 4 days
CaeSarcasm is cool and needed around here :)
The Sarcasm's Creed 5 days
Great blog, thanks. I always liked his songs and his wife is an amazing lady. He had a very successful career and starred in a short role of "little nicky" if anyone seen that. Cheesy movie but was funny. :chuckle::biggrin:
1. Cake-The Distance 2. Queen - We Are The Champions 3. You're the best around by Joe Esposito 4. Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly 5. Don t Stop Believing by Journey 6. Jukebox Hero by Foreigner
Eye of the Tiger 5 days
lol, I get it. that would be an evil trick to pull on someone :dizzy::lol:
jokes of the day 5 days
Beautiful once again, your blogs never fail :loveliness::clap:
The Power Of Words 5 days
haha, another great writing and very funny. :chuckle::clap:
Mod Secrets 5 days
I have no Idea, I was always horrible at math :lol:
So You Think You Can Do It? (Quiz: 2/24/2015) 5 days
Good one, I cant find it on google so I dont know. I say the 2nd is 10. And wild guess the first one 18
Maths Quiz #1 5 days
Deja Vu, I read this exact list earlier today, and its a good one. Good movies chosen I want to see and haven't yet. I have to get around to do it soon, I did see The Grand Budapest Hotel, that was good :smile:
All 2015 Oscar Winners are available on kickasstorrents 6 days
Thanks :)
6 days
Thanks :)
6 days
Thank you :)
6 days
Good luck to the staff and best wishes :smile: Its a status of what is going on at the moment, Ill pass on uploading as of now, I'm settled with a few sources for the time being before its all fully functional, safe and secure. There are so many posts here about tpb with proxies, statuses, etc., why cant people just post the blog when its officially ready to go. Hopefully constant bloggers posting these are doing more then the blogs like participating in cleanup by reporting or something other. If you want the latest Pirate Bay news then just visit Torrent Freak here and bookmark it.
TPB Staff is back! 1 week
Nothing for me there, good. :P
Stolen Password Checker - Does The Hacker Have Your Passowords? 1 week
I have purchased some deli meat and I found out it wasn't what it was even though it was from a butcher and pricey. I know how mad you must have felt because I wanted to go back and show all the customers what I had purchased and complain. You always describe your blogs with great details that you can picture it in your head, thanks for sharing :)
The Sausage Roll 1 week
Great story again, thanks for sharing :)
The Sex Maniac ........ From.......... olderthangod 1 week
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