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comment left on age
I cannot as I didn't cap them.The person who did has quit uploading and deleted all the torrents.You can find the first 3 episodes on The Pirate Bay though
59 min.
I do not I'm sorry. I post them as soon as they are available.This is hands down the most difficult show there is to obtain
1 hour
Episode 02 First Lady Face-Off Wednesday, Jul 30 2014
1 hour
As I am unable to acquire a reliable quality source for this program I have discontinued it from my upload schedule.
5 hours
I hope you get a chance to read this before your profile is deleted. I've always considered you a valuable colleague and appreciated that you uploaded shows not unlike my own. I don't know the circumstances as to why you're departing but I totally understand and respect your decision as its something I have also been giving a lot of thought about.This is not an easy task and for the most part is thankless and reward-less. You will be missed and I hope you enjoy all the spare time you will undoubtedly find yourself with now. All the best Robbie aka Rockster
MegaJoey 8 hours
I guess my comment below in BOLD lettering escaped you
12 hours
This isn't my cap, its from the forums. FB page was offline but its back up now:smile:
1 day
Good luck with that. Of course you didn't leave any information regarding what type of player or device you were using.Nevertheless I have tested it on VLC and MPC and the file played faultlessly on both.I strongly doubt its the file with issues.
1 day
Its a movie, not a series
1 day
torrent "Teen Mom 2 S05E16 Check Up With Dr Drew Part 2 WEB-DL x264-RKSTR mp4"
2 days
NY2 files can only be played on VLC or Media Player Classic ( NOT Windows Media Player) they are both free downloads and anyone downloading shows for free off the internet should have them installed
2 days
Considering leaving a request here? Listen the the kitty! image All requests go
rockster 2 days
FYI there is a glitch in the file and the opening scene is repeated twice
3 days
I have uploaded every episode.You should know this.A search would have bought you this information
Queen Of Bounce 3 days
Just to let you know I won't be capping this show anymore.I simply cannot afford the $23 iTunes/MTV are charging for the season and not being in the US this was my only way of acquiring it.I will actively look for a copy each week but don't expect it to be up immediately,thanks
3 days
what are you playing it on? This file has 5,000 plus downloads, the other 30,000 plus and zero complaints about sound.Its not me,its you I'm afraid.
4 days
Next episode : 12x11 -- Family Affairs (Jul/29/2014)
4 days
typo in the filename - should be episode THREE
5 days
torrent "Wentworth s02e10 PDTV x264-Azza mp4"
5 days
Thank you Pirate%20Princess. I wonder who is seeding all these old torrents? Its certainly not me.I wouldn't have the resources. I often see thumbs up recorded on torrents a couple of years old so I guess they're still seeding.Who ever you are mystery seeders,I along with the rest of the users on the site thank you.
rockster 6 days
Please,please,please put requests in the request section.I am not the only uploader on here
6 days
this is an iTunes pre-air release.The season starts on August 3rd
1 week
Please don't request a reseed of a torrent I have posted only seconds ago.It takes time for the torrents to start seeding and I posted 10 at once.Thanks
SmOg95 1 week
I will drop him a line and relay your message to him.He's doing OK but has quite a few challenges to deal with from what he's told us.
rockster 1 week
I hope its a great weekend in Sweden too!
rockster 1 week
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