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FYI I will NOT be uploading Season 2 of this program.I paid for the iTunes season pass for the first one and have no funds to cover the 2nd season. There is a request section at the bottom of the page, I recommend posting a request there
15 hours
Create an account and leave the only bad rating on a torrent downloaded 20,000 times = pathetic torrent "Project Runway S13E13 Finale Part One WEB-DL x264-RKSTR mp4"
cptgratchell1 1 day
How difficult is it for someone to say thanks? Whats LOL about this?
2 days
I post shows in my own time and to my own schedule. If this isn't fast enough for you I respect your decision to find it elsewhere.Comments are for saying thanks and rating the torrent.
3 days
Thank you very much! Oh and he's not crying, he's :finger:
4 days
4 days
I suspect they were posted and then taken down by DMCA notice as I posted the first episode and it was removed that way.Check The Pirate Bay as there are lots of torrents for episode 8 and they never take down torrents
Outlander S01E08 5 days
You will need to wait quite a bit longer, its not going to air until January 2015
Top Gear UK S22 5 days
1 week
what is it with people asking for the next episode THAT HASN'T AIRED YET!:no::no:
1 week
How do i get more exactly when the next episode hasn't been on air? I would really like to know:think::no:
1 week
Shame about your inability to say please and or thank you
Talking Dead S04E01 1 week
why are you placing requests with a deleted user?
Radar across the pacific series 2 1 week
TVteam is a bot account regurgitating files from various sources.If you think they're "all that" by all means get the file from them if they ever get around to uploading it.
1 week
Thanks DeeStar I can assure you and all the other users of this site that I promise I don't stockpile or hold back on any shows I upload. As soon as they are made available to me I upload them, there is no delay or contemplating on my part on whether to upload or not. I don't cap WWHL, I depend on another capper and I have no control on when they will give me the file ( I don't bug them because I know how much I dislike being bugged).I will post part 2 of the interview as soon as I can, there are a ton of websites that have covered the interview if you are desperate to see what they said though.
1 week
this is it.all I will be posting
1 week
1 week
I have also submitted the new after show they now have after the main show this season
The only way is Essex Season 13 Episode 1 1 week
this torrent is over 2 years old! when they're dead they're dead!I won't be reseeding them.That's why you need to get in quick when they're posted.
1 week
Part 2 doesn't air till Thursday!!!!!!
1 week
Please don't leave requests here. There is a request section you can access at the bottom of this page. This section is to say thanks and leave a rating for the torrent.thanks
2 weeks
I actually uploaded the show before this one, look at my uploads!
2 weeks
torrent downloaded
Its one year old. DO you think these shows are seeded forever? You have to get in quick because once they're dead they're dead
2 weeks
I don't own an X Box to test however I upload files that are then downloaded by tens of thousands of people and you are the ONLY one that has issues playing my files. I might suggest checking your settings on your X Box and making sure its not you that has issues and not my files
2 weeks
720p in 30 mins
2 weeks
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