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11 hours
You would think this is our job the way some people speak to us duranie. Whatever happened to saying please and thanks? Anyway,720p is about an hour away.Its only now been put on iTunes.
13 hours
wow!, I wish someone else had pointed that out:sealed: In the absence of ANY OTHER COPIES perhaps its time for you to learn to adjust your player to compensate for the audio sync issue (or upload a copy yourself:rofl:)
1 day
3,000+ downloads and you're the only one with issues reported. I'd suggest its your end, not the file.
1 day
Create an account and leave the only bad rating on a torrent downloaded 20,000 times = pathetic torrent "Project Runway S13E13 Finale Part One WEB-DL x264-RKSTR mp4"
cptgratchell1 5 days
How difficult is it for someone to say thanks? Whats LOL about this?
5 days
I post shows in my own time and to my own schedule. If this isn't fast enough for you I respect your decision to find it elsewhere.Comments are for saying thanks and rating the torrent.
6 days
1 week
I suspect they were posted and then taken down by DMCA notice as I posted the first episode and it was removed that way.Check The Pirate Bay as there are lots of torrents for episode 8 and they never take down torrents
Outlander S01E08 1 week
You will need to wait quite a bit longer, its not going to air until January 2015
Top Gear UK S22 1 week
1 week
what is it with people asking for the next episode THAT HASN'T AIRED YET!:no::no:
1 week
How do i get more exactly when the next episode hasn't been on air? I would really like to know:think::no:
1 week
Shame about your inability to say please and or thank you
Talking Dead S04E01 1 week
why are you placing requests with a deleted user?
Radar across the pacific series 2 2 weeks
TVteam is a bot account regurgitating files from various sources.If you think they're "all that" by all means get the file from them if they ever get around to uploading it.
2 weeks
Thanks DeeStar I can assure you and all the other users of this site that I promise I don't stockpile or hold back on any shows I upload. As soon as they are made available to me I upload them, there is no delay or contemplating on my part on whether to upload or not. I don't cap WWHL, I depend on another capper and I have no control on when they will give me the file ( I don't bug them because I know how much I dislike being bugged).I will post part 2 of the interview as soon as I can, there are a ton of websites that have covered the interview if you are desperate to see what they said though.
2 weeks
this is it.all I will be posting
2 weeks
2 weeks
I have also submitted the new after show they now have after the main show this season
The only way is Essex Season 13 Episode 1 2 weeks
this torrent is over 2 years old! when they're dead they're dead!I won't be reseeding them.That's why you need to get in quick when they're posted.
2 weeks
Part 2 doesn't air till Thursday!!!!!!
2 weeks
Please don't leave requests here. There is a request section you can access at the bottom of this page. This section is to say thanks and leave a rating for the torrent.thanks
2 weeks
I actually uploaded the show before this one, look at my uploads!
2 weeks
torrent downloaded
Its one year old. DO you think these shows are seeded forever? You have to get in quick because once they're dead they're dead
2 weeks
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