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Weird. Because my old phone was an S4 and the apps kept it clean and quick. I guess experiences defer depending on how each person uses the phone and the apps installed on it. One person may have great experiences, while another may not. Thats just how it goes. Thanks for the input and im sorry your experience isnt as good as mine with those apps
A few things 22 min.
Are you trying to troll me? If so, your not doing a very good job
A few things 55 min.
root optional with those mate
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Guys two comments were just deleted......if you have a problem with me or my blogs the comments section is not the place to air that out. thanks
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torrent downloaded
I usually wait for better sources before watching a movie, because cams are hard on my really terrible eyes, but I HAD to see this movie. Considering it was a cam, it was pretty good quality, and I was able to adjust the track synchronization to compensate for the audio being out of sync by a couple seconds or so. The movie itself was very good and entertaining. I look forward to rewatching it when a better copy becomes available. Thanks for putting in the work on this upload.
7 months
Good one man, that seriously had me laughing. Thanks for taking that last on back.....for a second there I thought that I would have to mute you......crap, how inhuman of me LMAO
KAT: Grattitude and more! 7 months
Thanks brother. From you, that means a lot, and thank you for your roll in that.:smile:
KAT: Grattitude and more! 7 months
KAT: Grattitude and more! 7 months
We will see what we can do......but next time, make an account and file a torrent request in our official thread :)
7 months
I believe that the thread area and torrent area of your blog deserve similiar, but different, words. Unimaginative, in my opinion, applies more to threads when a user creates a duplicate thread or a plane boring one, while unoriginal seems to fit more for uploading torrents. As stated above, this clearly doesn't apply when different formats, encode qualities, and other differences are available for similiar titles....but of course when there are 3, 4, or more of the exact same file, just from different uploaders. That is what I love about ZombiRG, we upload what does not exist before, at least not here. There is no better feeling then that, IMO. As far as the thread issue goes.....we have made several attempts to thwart that issue by creating new rules, posting in the forums, posting blogs, and even warning posts on the community page. Sadly, there is no way to FORCE a member to read the rules, or any of the aforementioned areas. As the system currently exists, they can remain torrent side, and never see any of that. Personally, I would like to see a feature introduced during the membership creation process that requires the user to at least skim through the rules, and agree to the terms of use before joining, as many other sites do. This, however, will be hard to swing because the site actually runs on a custom system and such a feature would have to be coded from scratch. But one could dream, right?
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thank you :)
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BTW i voted....i am a sucker for gorgeous brunettes. lol
Voting for your top model 7 months
Someone is trying to get lucky....... LOL
Voting for your top model 7 months
Indeed. Besides there are plenty of threads, made by me and others, that aren't tutorials either. I think the thread will do quite well. As far as the length goes, I actually edited it down. I analyze people more than the average guy, so my true list of pet peeves is very very long. If I wanted to include them all, the size of my post could have easily been 5 to 10 times longer than your blog LOL....and don't get me started on other types of pet peeves like ones about technology and things. Hehe.....anyways yeah, I say we make a thread
Pet Peeves 7 months
Great post Holly. I share some of those, and here are a few of mine..... 1. People I call information regurgitater: Someone who watches discovery channel, or the science network, and goes around repeating all the factoids to make themselves sound smart. My brother is infamous for this. Another thing he does is listen to me talk computer lingo to a customer, and try to repeat my words out of context thinking he sounds intelligent. 2. People who don't know the difference between to and too: Its I love you to, not I love you too.....jeez people. 3. People who write using slang while writing an essay or important document: I was reading an article online, and it said, clear as day, "Who would say that? Not nobody I know.".....I nearly broke my keyboard 4. People who honk and flick you off on the road, even though your doing the actual speed limit. Like today I was taking my mother to the hospital because she broke her foot, and I was doing 35 in a 35, in a spot that usually has a lot of cop activity. Some old guy driving a prias decides to go around me and flick me off while he does it.......I am not usually a violent person but this makes me mad beyond words. 5. Conversation hijackers: We all know someone like this. What I mean by conversation hijacker, is when you are having a deep, stimulating conversation with one or more people, then someone cuts in and starts talking about something nobody cares about. Here is an example. My sister, my mother, and I were having a deep conversation about societal conformity, and my brother decides this would be a good time to interrupt and start talking about the latest flavor of Lay's chips.....then freaks out when everyone looks at him with the "WTF dude get a life" face. 6. Overly sensitive people: Again, we all know someone like this. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Usually, in a NORMAL conversation, when you bring up a product you like and start talking about it, it invites other people to chime in who have used the same product. Well, my brother does this in regards to a burger he ate at a particular restaurant that he loved. I tried the same burger and found it a little greasy for my taste....well as soon as I said that, despite the fact that I said it calmly and in response to his subject matter, he gets offended as if I just insulted him. So let me get this straight....you want to start a conversation that revolves around your opinion of something, yet get angry when someone has a differing opinion? And your opinion is the only one that matters? Ugh....that annoys me so much it makes me wanna drink bleach. 7. Samplers who turn into experts: AGAIN, we all know someone like this. Here is an example. This guy I know, who shall remain nameless, doesn't like science fiction movies....but despite this he really liked Pacific Rim. Now, the director of that movie is Guillermo Del Toro. This guy watched that movie, now suddenly thinks that educates him enough on his work to speak on it all. "Guillermo Del Toro ALWAYS makes good movies." You have only seen one! Normally there is nothing wrong with a statement like that, but it requires knowledge of the person's material. I am not going to say I love Burger King's food just because they have ONE sandwich I like. People who do that are so annoying.... I have more....but I don't want to hijack this beautiful woman's blog.....plus Holly would kick my ass if I did that....so maybe we should make a thread or something out of this so people can talk more about their pet peeves....because this is a subject that clearly a lot of people can participate in. :)
Pet Peeves 7 months
If you upgrade your rig and don't know what to do with the old one.....my birthday is coming up.....hint hint....just kidding man! Good blog
New Phase Of Gaming | Horror 8 months
I am so happy you found your love! And I, to, know the pain of watching someone you love fall apart. I have been there many times, and its one of those situations that always leave wounds....but love is the ultimate healer! :) RC, I am truly honored and happy to call you my friend. You have been there for me when others weren't, you gave me an awesome native name that suits me perfectly, and you never held back on giving wisdom and life knowledge to me when I needed it. I will always appreciate that, and I really hope that I will hear from you again someday in the near future. :) Cheers man, and congratulations on the upcoming wedding!
RiverCoyote's "Last" Blog? 8 months
Your last comment made me laugh. I see what you did there. Thanks:lol::titter:
Double Standards: Hypocricy and Venting Rant 8 months
Thanks for the comment dude. I am many things, but a hypocrite is not one of them. I would never judge all women based on a select few. I still have a respect and appreciation for women. 2 bad apples wont change that, and I understand that this probably needed to happen to teach me important life lessons. But yes, I am upset and angry, and I feel completely justified in that. After all, as you can surely attest to, its always upsetting when you treat a woman like a queen, always doing what you can to make her happy, only for her to reach into your chest and remove your beating heart as you watch in horror. And while I wont judge all women based on this, I WILL be weary next time around, and not be so quick to form a relationship
Double Standards: Hypocricy and Venting Rant 8 months
Thanks :)
Double Standards: Hypocricy and Venting Rant 8 months
Thank you, and no they did not. They found no blood abnormalities so there was no reason for them to do that and risk further complications
Life Changes 8 months
Lmao nice one Ultra
Life Changes 8 months
Its already in ISO format. Just burn it to a disk and install
9 months
I am not going to get into religious beliefs, or lack of belief. All I can say is that, regardless of rather or not I personally believe, I can only say that this story, this conversation, is simply brilliant. If more people were like this, the whole hypocrisy of teaching evolution and banning religion wouldn't exist. Instead they would teach you without trying to indoctrinate you into being anti-religious. I don't see why science and religion can't co-exist. Why does being a scientist automatically mean that you teach the opposite of religion. If you don't believe in God, don't use a flawed theory to try and force others not to believe.....just accept that people believe and leave it alone. Its no secret that evolution in some form does occur. If that wasn't true, a lot of things about life wouldn't exist, and life probably wouldn't exist. The earth itself evolves.....that doesn't mean we evolved from monkeys, or didn't. But in my opinion, FACTS should be taught, not theories with holes in them that science cant even explain. People should just accept the fact that people have the right to believe what they want to. No one likes having religion forced onto them, right? So don't force the theory of evolution on them as an explanation for the lack of a God. Just teach that organisms evolve and leave it at that. If others don't have the right to preach God to you against your will, don't attempt to destroy a child's faith. You will only leave the poor kid with more questions than answers. If your going to ban religion, then ban teachers preaching against it. Be fair.
A Story 9 months
I completely agree with a lot of things said below. I feel like people are starting to take blogs too seriously. Lets be real here folks. This site is social, but people treat it like its Facebook. And don't worry about the kids because I am going to let you in on one thing. When I first joined this site I was a minor. I was very young, and that didn't stop me from gaining access into adult forums and downloading porn......not that I do that......crap no ones buying it so I might as well be real about it right? :titter: There have been several blogs that I believe were pointless, or some that would have been better off as threads....even some that had threads already....but no one wants to post a bad blog for their first one. I know thats how I felt, because I was around when blogging was implemented. We just need to calm down about blogs and stop harassing new bloggers. Just because you think the blog is stupid, doesn't mean everyone does. Sometimes I admire the time and effort if nothing else. I was sober posting this to by the way......but not by choice. :titter:
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