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Who said it was HD?
1 week
Welcome :wink:
pornmaze105.48K 1 month
Requests taken via pm, please provide as much info as possible and i will endeavor to fulfill every request asap...
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requested torrent
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I contacted a moderator on irc, and he is going to pass on our concerns about notifications of this nature to the higher ups...hopefully they will make the wise decision to address this annoying situation asap..fingers crossed anyway :wink:
Idea: 10 months
I change my mind....wishing i not like this now Ping ping fucking Ping :huffy:
Idea: 10 months
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Hi Nǿñä :loveliness:
pornmaze105.48K 1 year
Your still welcome :wink:
pornmaze105.48K 1 year
hell, i been called a lot of things but.....:lol:
Piratelyfe 1 year
Don't show your ignorance my friend, anyone can buy a Facebook style script these days
Piratelyfe 1 year
So many haterz...fucking hilarious :lol:
Piratelyfe 1 year
Some shit about how blogs shouldn't be used to advertise...blah blah
Piratelyfe 1 year
No one is forcing you to join, and what i post on my page is up to me, i am not affiliated to this site but after the recent reports of americunts spying on facebook, skype etc i thought it was cool there was a social network that takes privacy seriously and was aimed at pirates and file sharers alike
Piratelyfe 1 year
In Remembrance Day For Bear.. 1 year
Try these....:wink: udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp://
MonG5541686 1 year
When I refresh trackers, only a few trackers report stats, It would be nice if it could be improved to scrape all trackers and report all stats for each tracker which atm it fails to do properly
Idea: Improved tracker scrape 1 year
Yeah that's the problem pointed out in the full article...
Researchers Counter Massive Onslaught of Fake Torrents 2 years
Random Cat Kat Kitty Kat Image Thread 2 years
Yes, all external trackers welcome :wink: 2 years
Enable/Disable cookies in Firefox 2 years
use vlc media player to play mkv files
2 years
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