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Various methods to download a DMCA'ed torrent

2389 views    posted 07 Mar 2015, 20:30    
Various methods to download a DMCA'ed torrent!

Have a look at this thread for more info or just do what I've done below

Thanks to ASSASSIN27.61K for a great thread!

What I did, simple and it works. Give it a try...

First, you have to install Tamper monkey on chrome( )

Then go to
And click install script. :)

Here's one of my own torrents that was DMCAed......BUT NOT ANYMORE!
You'll see download button on DMCAed torrents as normal from now on.

Also for future reference it would be a good idea for all new and seasoned uploaders to share your HASH codes with your torrents descriptions.

Thanks to PXgamer60.26K & UnDeAd.YeTii309.08K for the above method. Cheers guy's.

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The Wall

brainsqwashed1429 • 27 March 2015, 12:22 Show comment
Hope all's well with you, not seen anything new for a few days now. Hope your back soon, Cheers
EricH11684 • 27 March 2015, 03:21 Show comment
Hey can you hook me up with the new World Soccer issue? I believe it's April's...
EricH11684 • 20 March 2015, 20:03 Show comment
So your Empire March 2015 torrent says "not found" and can you get Foreign Affairs magazine?
bonkai7718.44K • 21 March 2015, 15:02 Show comment
It's definitely available, I've just tried. Maybe it's KAT being awkward, happens some timessmile

Not sure about Foreign Affairs mag. I'll have a look and get back to you...
EricH11684 • 22 March 2015, 15:54 Show comment
Thanks my friend...

EricH11684 • 17 March 2015, 22:21 Show comment
Hey, got a tough one for ya. Can you see about a US soccer magazine called "Howler"?
bonkai7718.44K • 20 March 2015, 01:44 Show comment
I've had a good look but to avail, sorry mate.

condoghost8546 • 17 March 2015, 15:01 Show comment
Y21u63eN5029 • 13 March 2015, 23:26 Show comment
Happy Red Nose Day!

condoghost8546 • 13 March 2015, 10:36 Show comment
I've got my nose on ...

Last edited by condoghost, 1 week ago

EricH11684 • 13 March 2015, 00:08 Show comment
Hey, can you see about getting a mobi or epub of the book "The Keeper" by Tim Howard?
bonkai7718.44K • 13 March 2015, 01:03 Show comment
Hi there. I just stick to pdf mags I'm afraid. You're best asking another VUL that specialise in books too be honest matesmile
EricH11684 • 14 March 2015, 02:11 Show comment
No worries. Thanks for all your efforts

LukaNieto0 • 12 March 2015, 12:57 Show comment
Hey, when will you upload the new Entertainment Weekly? It has a juicy Game of Thrones report...
BamSec11996 • 09 March 2015, 01:02 Show comment
Thank you, wrong user linkfor the + rating and vote on my UK Top 40 torrent.

If you'd like me to announce any of my future charts (UK and US Top 40 + US Country Top 25), please send me a PM and I'll be happy to pop in and let you know.

Cheers, wink
Some people strive to be as natural as possible when performing magic,
I, on the other hand, want to be super-natural...

Last edited by BamSec1, 3 weeks ago

bonkai7718.44K • 09 March 2015, 13:39 Show comment
That's good to know, thanks mate.

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