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The Wall

big_tuna190 • 21 April 2014, 07:19 Show comment
Thats my getting ready to watch Game of Thrones face ha
belladonna352501 • 21 April 2014, 14:14 Show comment
That's cute! I need to download it now!
big_tuna190 • 15 April 2014, 05:49 Show comment
Game of Thrones!! biggrin
belladonna352501 • 15 April 2014, 16:19 Show comment
I just watched it! WOW!huffy lol
big_tuna190 • 16 April 2014, 05:56 Show comment
yeah ....insane ...I'm already chomping at the bit for next sunday! Nurse Jackie and Californication's a good time for TV loveliness
belladonna352501 • 18 April 2014, 16:11 Show comment
YES IT IS!!!lol
big_tuna190 • 30 March 2014, 04:15 Show comment
Hey Bella ...whats good? Seen anything great lately? I dunno if you like "Vice" on HBO but it's pretty decent and the new season is up and running. Still waiting on Nurse Jackie and a few others to come back around ....anyway just thought I would say hi smile
belladonna352501 • 31 March 2014, 04:01 Show comment
Hey how's it going? Nope I haven't seen much of anything. I have not watched Vice. Yeah I'm anxiously awaiting Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black and a few more months the last season of True Blood. And then all the shows that start back up in the fall. I did watch Delivery Man and it was not as funny as I thought it would be. I just downloaded Dom Hemingway with Jude Law. It looks pretty good from the preview, and I saw him on Jimmy Fallon promoting this movie and the clip he brought to the show looked good. Anchorman 2 was alright. Have you seen anything good? Movie or show? (Besides Vice)
big_tuna190 • 03 April 2014, 04:25 Show comment
Hey ....umm nothing to brag about ...I did just watch Grudge Match was ok ....not going to win any awards ha. Yeah I keep forgetting about Game of Thrones - big fan. I d/l Dom Hemingway last night ...I may watch that tonight b4 bed, I agree it looks pretty good. Anchorman 2 was kind of a let down. I forgot all about Orphan Black fact I am going to d/l the first episode now before I forget again. Oh ...I did d/l ep1 of HBO's new series Doll and Em ...I really like Emily Mortimer and she was great in Newsroom which I hope is coming back for a new season ....but I wasn't too thrilled with Doll and Em ...but don't let me put you off on it. Well that's about it ...will let you know if I run across anything good. One more thing ....Walking Dead really left us in a crazy spot huh? shocked
big_tuna190 • 03 April 2014, 07:45 Show comment
Just finished watching Dom Hemingway - crazy movie - Jude Law was great in it - worth the watch. biggrin
belladonna352501 • 14 April 2014, 00:58 Show comment
I still haven't watched it. But I will loveliness
big_tuna190 • 06 March 2014, 04:22 Show comment
whoa happy birthday! biggrin
belladonna352501 • 06 March 2014, 19:45 Show comment
Thanks! I'm getting old..mad I don't wanna grow up!
big_tuna190 • 14 March 2014, 04:25 Show comment
hahah I feel ya ....I never really did grow up according to a few people I know lol plus another candle gets added to my cake this sunday ha. Oh by the way ....I just watched Delivery Man ...started off slow but very enjoyable ...check it out.
belladonna352501 • 14 March 2014, 22:21 Show comment
Well happy birthday fellow Pisces! loveliness I've downloaded Delivery Man but I still need to watch it. I also need to watch the final episode of True Detective. I will most likely watch it tonight. I had gotten the stomach flu earlier this week and I need to catch up on everything. I also need to download Anchorman 2.
big_tuna190 • 21 March 2014, 09:51 Show comment
Thanks a lot - hope you feel better. Yeah getting behind on stuff too ...just settling into a new pad ...I need to get my movie pc back online. Still working out my home network setup but I have downloaded a few movies on this box ...might watch 47 Ronin tomorrow or Anchorman 2 .....hah coffee is kicking in Im starting to ramble lol
big_tuna190 • 23 February 2014, 05:19 Show comment
Hi Bella ...hope you are enjoying True Detective as much as I am ...I hope this will be a long running series. Also a big Walking Dead fan ...going to be interesting to see if the group comes back together. Other then that haven't seen anything movie wise over the last week or 2 to brag about biggrin
belladonna352501 • 23 February 2014, 18:58 Show comment
Yeah it sucks that true detective is only 8 episodes this season. Hopefully if hbo picks it up again, they will make the season longer. I'm anxiously awaiting game of thrones, nurse jackie and orphan black. Orphan black is a bbc show (if you don't know) its pretty good also. Oh and I hate that true blood season 7 will be its last. cry
big_tuna190 • 01 March 2014, 06:38 Show comment
haha I love Game of Thrones and Nurse Jackie. I googled Orphan Black it looks interesting...I might d/l the first few eps of season 1 to check it out. I saw a trailer for a new showtime series that looks crazy ...."Penny Dreadful". Keep your eye out for it. And yeah, True Detective has me hook line and sinker so i am keeping my fingers crossed! biggrin
big_tuna190 • 08 February 2014, 05:27 Show comment
I was getting a little worried ...I love KAT. Funny it took me a few years to finally make an account ...I feel a little more a part of things here now biggrin
belladonna352501 • 09 February 2014, 16:07 Show comment
Yeah sometimes things go a little wonky on the site. But I think this is the best site to get stuff. I use other sites, but this one is my favorite. Oh, True Detective tonight and Walking Dead is back! I don't have HBO so I like that I can get those shows on here regularly.
big_tuna190 • 02 February 2014, 06:46 Show comment
I noticed we watch a lot of the same things ....what do u think of the wahlburgers so far new friend? dull
belladonna352501 • 04 February 2014, 02:16 Show comment
I love it! They make me laugh and seem like good guys in "real life" Plus I used to like Marky Mark and Donnie when I was younger. So its nice to see them in a "real" setting where they can sort of be themselves. loveliness
big_tuna190 • 04 February 2014, 05:19 Show comment
Yeah it's not bad so far. I didn't know Donnie was with jenny McCarthy ha. I checked out HBO's new series True Detective with Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mconaughey I kept hearing about. Watched the first 3 episodes and cant wait for the 4th. If you like crime drama u should check it out biggrin
belladonna352501 • 04 February 2014, 14:58 Show comment
Yeah I've been watching that too! At first I thought they were trying to make it seem like Matthew was the killer, but now I'm not so sure after seeing the previews for this upcoming episode.
big_tuna190 • 05 February 2014, 18:31 Show comment
Hahah I wondered that myself ....either way the series has my full attention. HBO and Showtime both have a good track record with me for great series. Ok gotta run off to work ...if you run across anything watch worthy pop by my wall and give a shout....cya Miss Bella biggrin
big_tuna190 • 30 January 2014, 07:01 Show comment
where I live we salt margaritas not sidewalks lolloveliness
belladonna352501 • 30 January 2014, 18:04 Show comment
big_tuna190 • 27 January 2014, 23:24 Show comment
belladonna352501 • 29 January 2014, 00:07 Show comment
A7MED99142 • 10 January 2014, 14:29 Show comment
belladonna352501 • 11 January 2014, 00:07 Show comment
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