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The Wall

eastendgirl12.28K • 12 September 2014, 10:54 Show comment
Happy Friday image
bLkBrG3377 • 12 September 2014, 18:13 Show comment
Thank you for the wishes.. I hope you have a great Friday and weekend as well loveliness
Anette14102.56K • 08 September 2014, 14:34 Show comment
How are you my friend?loveliness
bLkBrG3377 • 08 September 2014, 18:02 Show comment
Hi!!!!! lovelinessloveliness

I'm good sweetie, started a new job on the 1st of this month biggrin No news about Switzerland though :/

How are things in your corner of the world??? boo

Last edited by bLkBrG, 1 month ago

Anette14102.56K • 12 September 2014, 11:37 Show comment
I'm sorry for the response that is three days old.sad

I'm writing at my thesis and I'm very rarely on the site. Even when I'm here I upload non-stop.

So happy for you about the job. I will need to think about one in three months also. I'm hoping for a post-doc program first though. We will see what

bLkBrG3377 • 12 September 2014, 18:12 Show comment
That's fine sweetie.. I know you're a very busy person, both on and offline..

Being a 'grown up' sucks doesn't it?? Having to get a job and whatnot.. bleh.............mad

I'm sure you'll do great after your thesis is complete.. lovelinessbooboo
DrizztDoUrden12.9K • 03 September 2014, 23:23 Show comment
bLkBrG3377 • 04 September 2014, 18:19 Show comment
She's got great taste in music at such a young age... hehehe xD
Innocent.Baby18.26K • 02 September 2014, 21:56 Show comment
This happens to me all the time lolloltitterimage
Innocent.Baby18.26K • 30 August 2014, 05:26 Show comment
Hi.... bLkBrG3377
bLkBrG3377 • 30 August 2014, 15:15 Show comment
Hi! Thank you... Hope you have a great weekend as well wink

PS: I don't remember you (LOL), sorry. I guess you changed your nickname. If so, what did it used to be?
Innocent.Baby18.26K • 02 September 2014, 21:57 Show comment
I didn't change my name , I changed from Uploader to Verified Uploader smile

Last edited by Innocent.Baby, 1 month ago

bLkBrG3377 • 03 September 2014, 18:40 Show comment
My bad then, sorry about that..
Pirate-BB4496 • 15 August 2014, 15:26 Show comment
como é que você, tenha um bom dia lol
bLkBrG3377 • 15 August 2014, 15:46 Show comment
I'm good.. Thanks for asking.

How are you?
Pirate-BB4496 • 16 August 2014, 00:46 Show comment
im' fine

thanks to Google translate. lol

Last edited by Pirate-BB, 2 months ago

Bruce.Lee26.59K • 31 July 2014, 12:47 Show comment
Tudo bem? Já faz algum tempo que não há bla bla bla... tongue
Cumprimentos smile
bLkBrG3377 • 31 July 2014, 16:58 Show comment

Pois é!! Eu tnh a tab com o site aberta mas ando um pc "desligado " lool.

Tá td na mesma.. E ctg?
Bruce.Lee26.59K • 31 July 2014, 17:36 Show comment
Porreiro... estou á espera das férias tongue
bLkBrG3377 • 31 July 2014, 17:48 Show comment
As minhas devem tar a acabar. A ver s é desta q vou pra Suiça..

Tou um bcado farto d esperar lool
12345SEED24.24K • 23 July 2014, 20:55 Show comment
Congrats on 3k bro wink
bLkBrG3377 • 23 July 2014, 22:38 Show comment
Thank you man.. I just noticed you went on rep rampage on my wall hehehe xD.

How are you?
12345SEED24.24K • 23 July 2014, 23:15 Show comment
Feeling a bit sad because of the take down of flight MH17 above the Ukraine sad
bLkBrG3377 • 23 July 2014, 23:25 Show comment
My sincere condolences... It was truly awful, I hope the culprits get their punishment.
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