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This is why the gun laws in America need to be revoked.

1222 views    posted 27 Aug 2014, 15:12    
I dont know how many innocent people in america need to be killed before americans will wake up and smell the bullshit under their noses.

9Yr old Girl Accidentally shoots gun instructor dead

Its clear that adults cant control themselves around guns over there so why any irresponsible americans think a 9 year old child needs to know how to use a gun, let alone an uzi is beyond me.

For shame america, for shame.saddizzy

Just to clarify, I wasnt referencing all americans, only the stupid ones who believe it is their right to bear arms for "self-protection".
All you non stupid americans are just fine and dandy.
Now carry along, nothing to see here.

The gun culture is disgusting.
We dont have guns over here, the gangs do. Nobody goes around shooting innocent people and kids dont go firing guns at gun ranges. The gangs shoot the gangs, which is fine by me.
I can sleep at night knowing that if someone tries to break into my house I have a selection of golf clubs at my disposal to "protect" my house/family. I am glad that I do not have a gun, as to engage in a gunfight means that someone will die. I dont want to be responsibe for killing anyone, nor do I want to be killed. By using guns, you have gone past the point of no return.
Game Over.

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