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Happy 2015 Torrent Day!!! New Cheevo - Here's How!!!!!

445 views    posted 29 Mar 2015, 17:26    
Lots of you folks love the cheevo's.

You gotta go inside Bubanee's blog to figure out how to get it.

Oh shit a two line blog!! Thank God for line breaks!!

Now for some randomness. Anime/Manga scenes...doesn;t get any freakier than that

Ever feel like this guy when asking a girl out on a date?? That is certainly me. Not when asking the hot girls out, but if I think she is warm and friendly I fall apart. Makes it tough.

Finding out a perfectly good torrent was downvoted. Perhaps an overreaction but it feels super good.

Kids are doing drugs younger and younger these days.

As mentioned, freaky anime stuff. Some things just can;t be known.

When you do drugs it's only harming yourself. Typically other self-destructive behavior is present. this drugged out potato. Carrots don't do drugs. This is why they are healthy.

Carrots won't even co-sign your bullshit. Tough love to get you back on track

Back to anime....can you find an image more silly than this??

Ever notice 5finger is first on the blog scene no matter what time of day or night? lol

Your government would never do anything to harm you. Just want you to know that.

Now off to read some half truths about government abuse. Well, have not read the article but it's not a mainstream site so probably not much accountability/integrity present. Let's find out.

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The Wall

CindyKAT15.17K • 29 March 2015, 21:04 Show comment
BamSec11980 • 29 March 2015, 18:57 Show comment
TEAC ... sweet memories.

Heya my friend, how you doin'?

♬ ♪ ♫ » VA - UK Top 40 Singles Chart 29-03-2015 « ♫ ♪ ♬

Cheers, wink
Some people strive to be as natural as possible when performing magic,
I, on the other hand, want to be super-natural...
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 29 March 2015, 19:01 Show comment
oh shit you even customized the spam little lollol

CindyKAT15.17K • 28 March 2015, 23:09 Show comment
meow!! Ninja Kitties!! YAR, PIRATES!

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 29 March 2015, 00:11 Show comment
pow pow pow!!
CindyKAT15.17K • 29 March 2015, 20:50 Show comment
MEOW :) Pirate Ninja KATS??

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 26 March 2015, 18:16 Show comment
Asked whether Mr. Lubitz had committed an act of suicide, the prosecutor responded: “I don’t call it a suicide when you have 150 people behind you.”
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 27 March 2015, 15:13 Show comment
i wonder why they conclude it's murder. Maybe he an an aneurysm or heart attack.
LadyMads18.57K • 27 March 2015, 21:30 Show comment
Maybe boobs were the cause or a huge big sexy butt???tittertittertitter
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 28 March 2015, 18:39 Show comment
jazzy4kat104.63K • 28 March 2015, 18:44 Show comment
At least 12 plane crashes in the past four decades are suspected to have been deliberately caused by pilots or others at the controls, according to the Aviation Safety Network, a group that tracks air incidents. 

What a Terrible Tragedy sad
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 28 March 2015, 21:06 Show comment
almost as bad as cabbies!~~!
jazzy4kat104.63K • 28 March 2015, 23:25 Show comment
cabbies ????think
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 29 March 2015, 00:25 Show comment

big_tuna3369 • 26 March 2015, 03:13 Show comment
I got you covered seeds biggrin

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 26 March 2015, 16:42 Show comment
that looks good!! I put maple syrup and briown sugae in mine hehhhh

Tigress4443 • 25 March 2015, 12:38 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 25 March 2015, 22:59 Show comment
a bowl of kitten soup yummy!!

CindyKAT15.17K • 25 March 2015, 04:17 Show comment
CindyKAT is back -- says HI there!!

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 25 March 2015, 04:54 Show comment
i see you;re giving them hell in the robot movies comments!!! making friends fast!! lollol

LadyMads18.57K • 23 March 2015, 13:14 Show comment

UGH... Had food poisoning the weekend.


SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 23 March 2015, 18:46 Show comment
oooooh nooooooo not from your food i hope tittertitter
LadyMads18.57K • 23 March 2015, 20:08 Show comment
Seafood platter down the road on the beach front. Ugh. They wont see me again.huffymadsadcry

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 23 March 2015, 02:59 Show comment
Penguinpirate25.83K • 23 March 2015, 04:48 Show comment
I hope the subs are spelt better than your comment!!lol

I'm guessing you're on a phone.

Last edited by Penguinpirate, 6 days ago

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 23 March 2015, 06:27 Show comment
just lazy6 lol

big_tuna3369 • 22 March 2015, 06:02 Show comment
Hey Seeds this looks good!! Hungry?

SirSeedsAlot101.11K • 23 March 2015, 02:40 Show comment
I jsut ate and that still looks good!!

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