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The Wall

12345SEED17.48K • 28 August 2014, 23:18 Show comment
Thanks for the accept lovelinessloveliness
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 29 August 2014, 02:34 Show comment
you are welcome and thank you!! I see you all over the site you are a busy beaver!!
Itzy31.49K • 28 August 2014, 19:15 Show comment
I saw this on my library's website, thought of you, and had to upload it titter
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 29 August 2014, 02:33 Show comment
ohh some author is being a whore by exploiting grump cay craze!! I shall downlaod to inspect this work hee hee thank@
Innocent.Baby4578 • 28 August 2014, 13:19 Show comment
Hi...! Have a nice day SirSeedsAlot85.22K image

Last edited by Innocent.Baby, 18 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 28 August 2014, 15:45 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 28 August 2014, 00:52 Show comment
anyone know what these are??

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, yesterday

Penguinpirate21.44K • 28 August 2014, 01:10 Show comment
Inside of a modem or router? I think I see a phone connection and 2 USB sockets.
I'm not sure, don't look at me in that tone of voicefingerfinger Gotta love these new smiliesnofingerdrunk

Last edited by Penguinpirate, yesterday

SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 28 August 2014, 01:13 Show comment
you see RJ45..which can be used for phone or network....the cable appears for phone but it may lack the shileding and twists bc the length is too shot for signal breakdown...or bc it is for phone
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 28 August 2014, 01:21 Show comment
added two more pics so rj45 connctor is clear...and PCB stencil is clearer to read as well...also note, these boards appaar to be daughter boards that stay inside whatever case they get mounted inside
Penguinpirate21.44K • 28 August 2014, 01:22 Show comment
You really don't know? I thought it was a quiz, ask Rena she could give Sherlock a run for his money.
I've no idea what that last comment means, you lost me at daughter boards, letters and numbers. But I can see "eth" might be ethernet? I'm sticking with router

Last edited by Penguinpirate, yesterday

SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 28 August 2014, 01:28 Show comment
Stared into Mirror: Rena Rena Rena Rena Rena

If you say Rena 5 times she will come.....then help you...or kill you with a hammer..i forget which one
Penguinpirate21.44K • 28 August 2014, 01:33 Show comment
LOL!! Just don't say Renal then she definitely kill you but its 2:30 in the UK so you have till morning
anissaka0 • 26 August 2014, 13:39 Show comment
Hello SirSeedsAlot biggrin

Sorry to disturb you. I want to deactivate my account but I don't know how to do that. I didn't find anything about cancellation in the FAQ. Can you help me, please ?...


PS I don't even know where to post my request !!! I sent a mail to "contact" and the reply was that the answer is in the FAQ... but I couldn't find it. Please, help ! smile
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 25 August 2014, 05:23 Show comment
One of the best soundtracks ever devised and executed but for some reason real rock is just not that popular I guess....this release is historical and ready to die in the swarm..what a shame...

Penguinpirate21.44K • 25 August 2014, 12:27 Show comment
I see the problem, you uploaded VBR V0 but theres a 320 up along with 3-4 others, you know the 320 will be jumped on first. I find that some uploads can have 1 seed on monday and back to 15-20 by friday, its the reason I keep all mine seeded. But I don't have 1000's!!
Penguinpirate21.44K • 25 August 2014, 04:29 Show comment
FFS, You lost the avy already? Didn't think you'd quit that quick!!

Last edited by Penguinpirate, 4 days ago

SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 25 August 2014, 05:22 Show comment
I support Ron still in my heart!! Couldn't miss a chance to poke fun at Pi ha!
Penguinpirate21.44K • 25 August 2014, 12:18 Show comment
titterDidn't take long to get it back!
SirSeedsAlot85.22K • 25 August 2014, 02:23 Show comment
F'n APE CUE BS!!!!! lol all I want is one song but gotta DL the whole F'n torrent whicvh happens to be slow blaaargh!! Guess I hit the road without it!!
Yatogami2182 • 25 August 2014, 00:41 Show comment
Thanks for accepting, sir!
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