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The Wall

big_tuna4038 • 04 May 2015, 00:37 Show comment
Hey Seeds how have you been? How about a little selection? clapclap
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 04 May 2015, 06:38 Show comment
is that sandwich at the borrom sticking his tongue out?? lol all of it looks really great

-Joel-25K • 03 May 2015, 04:28 Show comment
Happy Weekend
Have a wonderful day.smilewave
LadyMads19.35K • 03 May 2015, 01:56 Show comment

SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 03 May 2015, 04:08 Show comment
lol the moray eel tells blonde jokes?? then bite off your arm ha!

yvana_274355 • 02 May 2015, 10:32 Show comment
Thanks for the accept loveliness
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 02 May 2015, 16:14 Show comment
crazy anime stuff lol
yvana_274355 • 02 May 2015, 16:18 Show comment
You mean fabulous anime stuff. I'm sure you've misspelled it there. tongue
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 03 May 2015, 00:10 Show comment

Bubanee162.5K • 01 May 2015, 23:43 Show comment
What the Fk !
Of all things swiped and uploaded...
and my first cassette was J. geils band - Freeze Frame
and first Vinyl 45 was Hall & Oats - Maneater.
First song downloaded (limevirus lol) was Chilliwack - My Girl (Gone, gone, gone)
First upload ever was... A comedy mix under another name... biggrinbiggrin
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 02 May 2015, 00:44 Show comment
damnn she's looking good..nice subtle mix's gonna get taken down lol

CaeSarcasm21.08K • 01 May 2015, 21:00 Show comment
The first album I ever bought was on tape, Guns N Roses - Appetite for destruction. lol
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 01 May 2015, 21:40 Show comment
nice..i think mine was Rush Moving Pictures, Dirty Deeds, Pat Bentar

BamSec11372 • 30 April 2015, 20:00 Show comment
Hello again dear SirSeedsAlot103.62K

You confirmed I may post the Country charts on your wall, so here is:


Cheers, wink
Arolena2328 • 30 April 2015, 01:16 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 30 April 2015, 01:45 Show comment
lol i see that.,still got your christmas avvy going too!!
Arolena2328 • 02 May 2015, 05:44 Show comment
Yep ready for xmas to be back already lol
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 02 May 2015, 16:14 Show comment
yes, thanks for your quarterly visit!

SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 28 April 2015, 00:22 Show comment
It’s also worth remembering that the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti—and killed about 316,000 people—had a magnitude of 7.0. Most areas of the world, especially developing nations, aren’t equipped to withstand even small tremors in the earth. It’s those places that are also likely to have fewer seismometers, making the satellite information even more helpful.

As the situation in Nepal moves forward, the aftermath might hopefully speed up plans to make geodetic data available just hours after an earthquake occurs. Satellite systems could be integral in allowing first responders to move swiftly in the face of unpredictable, unpreventable events.
SirSeedsAlot103.62K • 27 April 2015, 05:20 Show comment
Here's feedback for a seller at Discogs

Shipping took a while & there was a dead bed bug on it but besides that, the record was great

Fucker is shipping bed bugstittertitter
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