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I'm right here, my little blood-lusting love muffin! :biggrin:
Darius19543743 6 days
Hi, Innocent.Baby....long time no see...:biggrin:
Darius19543743 6 days
You are most welcome!
Darius19543743 6 days
How pretty they are!! Thank you!
Darius19543743 1 month
Thank you! And you do the very same!!
Darius19543743 2 months
Simply one of the finest blogs it has ever been my good fortune to read. I have been saying for YEARS that so-called "political correctness" is the greatest enemy of free speech that has ever existed. That being said, I must argue that there ARE exceptions to every rule...for instance, I often write and sing songs about my penis...I think most will agree that this type of behavior is inappropriate and totally unacceptable...
Lemur's Hate Words 2 months
torrent downloaded
The guy has over 36K in rep points....difficult for me to believe he would upload crap...I'm going to give it a look...
2 months
ooooooo...can I have his rep points???
Goodbye ;))))) 2 months
I'm old...sometimes when people leave unexpectedly, I poop a little...
Goodbye ;))))) 2 months
As an American, I can only repeat what we have been telling ourselves (and all of you) for my entire life..America is the Greatest Country in the World. I have no empirical evidence upon which to base this claim, but I am told that if you repeat anything long enough and often enough, it becomes a fact. So let's all merely accept this as indisputable fact and move on. Thank you.
Warning: Oh Nooooooo! Not Another Blog About the U.S. 2 months
Please...leave trolling to the professionals....do NOT attempt this at home...
Where is your outrage Al Sharpton 2 months
I'm old...if I think too hard I poop a little...
3 months
torrent downloaded
Perhaps there was a mix-up in your upload...this appears to be a documentary about individuals who make quilts in remembrance of individuals who have died of AIDS....
3 months
If you want to REALLY blow a gasket, google "The Wichita Massacre" and "The Knoxville Horror"....then ask yourself, why didn't these crimes receive any attention from the "mainstream media"?
Where is your outrage Al Sharpton 3 months
Apparently. someone's sense of humor was shot off during the last Great Albanian Conflict....
Happy 102nd Anniversary of the Independence of Albania :D 3 months
Yes, I posted one of my slightly humorous troll comments...more making fun of my OWN country, and it has been deleted...
Happy 102nd Anniversary of the Independence of Albania :D 3 months
Everyone knows that Canada is a frozen arctic wasteland over-run with penguins and killer kodiak bears...you can't fool us...some of READ these facts on the interweb, you know...
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
Now, I think we ALL know that this stuff was made up so that Native Americans could take all of our hard-stolen...oh, I meant hard-EARNED money in their many casinos...
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
Actually, they're gay midget rodeo clowns...shhhhhh.....
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
She lies, too....
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
If I had a pair of those of my own, I'd never leave the house....
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
He lies....
Happy Thanksgiving All! 3 months
But, please, remember...donate only cans of tuna-safe dolphin...
Only 35 days till Christmas........ 3 months
GREAT idea, Innocent.Baby!!! :clap:
Idea: Total number of downloads on Uploader Status 4 months
Darius19543743 5 months
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