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Nobody should down rate your comment Nemesis43 You are the top uploader in your field and if that part of the update is causing you even more work than you already have to deal with, then that is a problem. Feedback is always good when it's constructive and if it's causing you problems then you should be able to say so. Maybe the solution would be to give us the choice about if we have that particular tab shown on our profile page. Perhaps send an pm to one of the admin, maybe Mr.Blonde (Formerly Chew) and explain to him what the problem is.
Mid-Fall Update October, 14 16 hours
Happy to add you.
AhrimanThorn27.34K 2 days
Great idea, I've supported it.:biggrin:
AhrimanThorn27.34K 2 days
Idea: Add Box Colors and Add More Color 2 days
So should you!:lol:
AhrimanThorn27.34K 2 days
Great updates Mr.White Sadly still no Klingon translation yet though. It's like you guys don't even care about the nerds Klingons.:lol: not yap wa' Hol
Mid-Fall Update October, 14 2 days
Only four years Ron, you know you’re going to be here for another forty don’t you.:biggrin: As other’s have said, you will always be a Super Mod in the eyes of a great many of us here. You might not wear the green anymore, but the thing you have that is of real value is not the colour, it's the experience.
Well, well, well..........four years! 4 days
In the three years that I have been here I have never been muted. I think that says quite a lot about the tolerance levels of the Mod’s and Admin here, because there certainly must have been plenty of times when they were itching to reach for the mute button. I tend to speak my mind and if I have a problem with something I’ll just come out and say it. Even though that has sometimes involved me challenging the ideas of those much higher up than myself, my opinions have been listened too and my comments have not been removed. (Of course an opposing point of view must be made politely and if you get told that you have to stop and the matter is closed, then that needs to be respected) Other than being forthright and occasionally disagreeing with a few Mod’s and Admin here, I have never come close to breaking any rules. The rules here are all very reasonable indeed and not hard to adhere too.
Rule Violations - Have You Done any? 4 days
I have to agree with you about grey areas. There are a few rules that we have that have not yet been written into the official rules (No threads about religion being one of them) and that can sometimes make it hard for Mod’s to deal with people who break those rules who then point to the rule page and say, “But it’s not in the rules!” We have as you know, a get out clause in the rules that states “if we missed something in the rules, it doesn't mean that it's okay to do so. If you don't see a 'no smoking' sign it doesn't mean that you can smoke here!” I prefer things to be more straight forward really and if a rule is written carefully enough, it leaves no room for ambiguity. (Although there will always be some who just refuse to accept what they are told no matter how clear it is)
Rule Violations - Have You Done any? 4 days
We only have a single page of rules here ekstasee If you know any governments at all that have fewer rules than that, then I imagine we would be able to smell the smoke and hear the explosions and screams as the nation destroyed itself. As for moderating the Mod’s, that’s what the Staff and Admin do. (And believe me they do take action when warranted because standards for those with a moderator status are very high here indeed)
Rule Violations - Have You Done any? 4 days
I’m pretty sure that the annoying friend is nearly always me.:lol:
That special annoying friend you love and hate 4 days
torrent downloaded
Yeah this is where it's at. This weasel is about to go boom! Not pop a cap in your mother cake sucking ass, but pop quite literally. Download this tune guys, it's what all the cool kids are listening to these days.:lol:
4 days
This just happens to be the music I like to have playing when I'm making sweet sweet love.:lol:
AhrimanThorn27.34K 4 days
Yeah I really should put it back up on eBay because I tried Craigslist and just ended up spending all of my time in the Casual Encounters section. (I don't want to be there, I just inexplicably feel drawn to that section):lol:
AhrimanThorn27.34K 4 days
No more Chepo! Maybe it could be Eppond instead.:biggrin: Love the way to deal with angry people who's grannies you have just run over. I'm hoping it's also going to work with people who's pets and children you have run over because I do that quite a lot, and I find their sad faces are really depressing.:lol:
Eppo is kill 4 days
Fantastic poem Heidi-Anne I think it's a little sad as well that we are given the names of his brothers, but not his sisters. I suspect it is actually the countless nameless ones who mould and shape the world far more than those that the spotlight briefly illuminates.
Ode To the Nameless Daughters of Mary (a poem) 1 week
Sometimes I get so frustrated when talking to some people, all I want to do is shout at the top of my voice Fuuuck !
AhrimanThorn27.34K 1 week
That would be pretty sad, if it was true. Plenty of people mentioned their actual biological purpose though, and in the blog itself I said,
Let's talk about boobs.... 1 week
Your definition and mine seem to be slightly different. In The Beginners Guide to the Site I defined Seeders and Leechers this way. So people who are leeching are also contributing and the reason I ended my definition the way I did, is because not everyone in the world is in a position to seed back as much as they download. We have people here who live in countries where access to a computer, or time spent on a computer is limited. People who have very low monthly download limits. (And uploading is of course counted as a part of a monthly cap) There are single parents on this site who can only afford the cheapest broadband packages and use most of their monthly download limit on downloading the films their children see advertised, but who can't afford to take their children to the cinema to see them. (Try being five years old and going to school where all the other children are talking about the latest How to Train Your Dragon movie, and being the only kid too poor to have seen it) Neither can everyone afford a VPN and the security if affords and some people who download are just poor people trying hard to live day to day and they download text books to help themselves get a proper education. Now I do of course realise that there are also a lot of people for whom none of these things are true, and they simply don't care to give back anything at all. I always live in hope that those people learn over time what it is to be a pirate and they change how they do things. People new to torrenting often Leech at first because they have no idea how the system actually even works. I had no idea when I first started (Many years ago now) and I thought when something was downloaded that was the end of it and I used to just close everything down. So while it's popular to treat all Leecher's as though they are pond scum, it's not always fair and it's not really the best way to change their behaviour. People who don't give a fuck, also don't give a fuck about criticism, and those that have limited choices just end up feeling attacked and abused.
A Letter to all the LEECHERS [18+] 1 week
It takes a hell of a lot of staying power and determination to do what you did man2014now I'm glad you have such a nice supportive wife. You deserve to feel proud that you kept going for so long when I am sure there will have been plenty of times when you thought about giving up. You have proved that once you set your mind on a goal you can keep going until you get there and hopefully you can do the same in life as well. I know you don't think your English is good enough to join in with us but it really is. We are all used to talking with people here all the time who speak only a little English but we all find a way to communicate. So don't be afraid to join in on threads and other blogs.
Question number (365) 1 week
Good morning to you as well remyfrog (It's actually late at night here now) Hope you have a great day as well.
AhrimanThorn27.34K 1 week
Those are breathtakingly beautiful Potions. They are both exactly the type of thing I most like to take photos of. Either one of them could quite easily be in the countryside near where I live. The one at the top would make a nice desktop background as well. (Copied it):loveliness:
AhrimanThorn27.34K 1 week
That's so not true AtomicTheory.....Yeah O.k it is a bit true...and by a bit, I mean completely.:lol:
Ninth Blog / The UK and some other random stuff 1 week
Those look like the bottoms of two little wriggling piglets. I also can't stop looking.:yes:
Let's talk about boobs.... 1 week
Uncharacteristically for me I am only going to make a very short comment. (Seriously it is me, I promise my account hasn't been hacked...yeah O.K that is exactly what an account hacker would say but I can prove it with our safe word, "Pomegranate's") I really have only three words to say. "Men, nipples, why?"
Let's talk about boobs.... 1 week
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