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Poor little turtle, destined to never reach the ocean. Apparently their cousins the giant tortoise are so delicious that when they were first discovered and they tried to bring about fifty of them back to Britain on a ship, the crew could not stop themselves from eating every single one on the voyage home.:lol: (The voyage home did take quite a long time back in those days)
AhrimanThorn26.69K 13 hours
Doesn't matter how many times I read all the incredibly supportive and brilliantly written comments in this blog, none of what any of us write here can really get across how sad we all are to see you no longer in the Mod team. Moderators all over the internet have a bad reputation for being abusive power mad bullies, and sadly it's often true. Here in KAT though we have set higher standards for how all of us behave and interact with each other. From the Users all the way up to Admin everyone here behaves in a way that makes us all incredibly proud of this site. Nobody here more exemplifies the creed of KAT than Ron. "Speak softly and carry a big stick" could well be Ron's motto. Always approachable and patient but fully able to deal with things quickly and efficiently when decisive action was required. Very sad indeed to see a Ron shaped hole in the Mod team but if this is retirement, then you can rest assured your mark has well and truly been left.
My ode to an old pirate...... 2 days
Happy birthday Astropotamus and how nice to hear that you found someone to share your life with. Loved the poem as well.
A small something for me to say... 2 days
Great to see you as a Mod and it doesn't surprise me at all because you always deal with people in a calm and polite way.
5fingerdis16.98K 2 days
Congratulations on the gold. I'm going to call it gold and pretend it's not really urine yellow.:lol:
The.Phoenix35.75K 2 days
Love those photos Potions. I have seen several images of the bridge before in all different kinds of weathers and lights and they are all amazing. I do really like the stark white photo and I have taken a few that are similar to that myself. (Not as good as that one obviously)
AhrimanThorn26.69K 2 days
I literally have no idea what you are talking about.:titter:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 2 days
Oh I don't know, it's hard to beat warm squishy hugs. I think they pretty much top everything else, even a mouth full of flubbly marshmallows.
floofiness413 1 week
That is one big assed profile page you have there maxi, I thought I was going to wear out my mouse wheel getting down here to the comments.:lol: (You do have a lot of very good uploads)
maximersk159.23K 1 week
Happy to add you.
AhrimanThorn26.69K 1 week
No pics! Miss J Fairy how could you! For shame for shame. Where are the sparkles and the fluffy things? Are there to be no unicorns pooping out rainbows? If you leave the choice of pictures to be displayed on this page up to me, it will probably be something dead that I found and photographed.:lol: (Which of course is exactly what the crow picture up there is):biggrin:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 1 week
I really want one of these. https://yuq.me/users/15/504/OBtAj7Mwlp.gif I would probably try to train it to bring me snacks while I was watching films.:lol:
PiratMas19.51K 1 week
AhrimanThorn26.69K 1 week
What a fantastically relaxing image. The water looks very real indeed even though it's been computer generated. Hope you have a good week as well kito.
AhrimanThorn26.69K 1 week
Woohoo I’m getting kisses:boo:.......wait a minute, what are you after?:titter:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 1 week
How many times have I told you Kristen I have to be naked because I have a rare condition that makes wearing clothes painful when I am using a webcam. If you wanted to show some sympathy for my condition you’d be naked as well.:lol:
Things women do when they are alone 1 week
I took a look at some of the other girls in the poll (Just for research of course, I wanted to be fair):lol: and none of the girls I saw could hold a candle to your friend. She is very beautiful indeed (Maybe even Demilicious:biggrin: ) so she has got my vote.
Voting for your top model 2 weeks
If true friendship is seen through the heart, then mine must be really easy to see with my huge great big five chambered heart.:lol:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 2 weeks
Zombie killer, not zombie! My god Kristen people will get the wrong idea about me and start thinking I'm one of those disgusting brain munchers, instead of thinking of me as the awesome zombie slaying love machine that I really am.:lol: No nothing on the blog roll from me for a while now because I am just too busy. I don't even have enough free time to come and sign in here every day. It sucks but I have a week off work now so might find a bit of time to quickly write something for the blog roll. (Although this week is also going to be busy)
AhrimanThorn26.69K 2 weeks
Hello Luna, it's been a long time since I have seen you. I love pictures like that where things have been hidden within. I see five faces in the picture.
AhrimanThorn26.69K 2 weeks
Oh my god that bird split the sun in two! Someone kill that bird, kill that damn bird quick before it screws up even more stuff!:lol:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 3 weeks
I often used to wonder when listening to that song what it was that Meatloaf would not do for love when he was prepared to do everything else. Then I got myself a girlfriend and on a sweltering hot July night I realised what it was that he was probably referring to....spooning.:lol:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 3 weeks
"It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning There was fog crawling over the sand Oh, when I listened to your heart I hear the whole world turning I see the shooting stars falling through your trembling hands While you were licking your lips and your lipstick shining I was dying just to ask for a taste Well we were lying together in a silver lining by the light of the moon You know there's not another moment Not another moment, not another moment to waste." By this point in the song I am usually on my knees with my head back singing loudly into the hairbrush while I am tearing open my shirt. For some reason when I do that people tend to make polite excuses and then leave.:lol:
AhrimanThorn26.69K 3 weeks
It's urine coloured Ron and there really is just no way to deny that. Sure we can squint at it and tell ourselves it's gold but when I'm peeing in the toilet what I am thinking to myself is this, "Damn I really should get my kidneys sorted out, that looks just like Forum Mod yellow":lol:
LazyBrads60.01K 3 weeks
Just popped in here to say that your username made me smile when I saw it. I'm pretty sure it's the word that describes what you feel when you have put too many marshmallows in the mouth and you want to swallow but can't, spitting them out would be unthinkable so you just have to wait for them to dissolve.:biggrin:
floofiness413 3 weeks
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