Ultimate Soldier Challenge

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  • Original run: 19 February 2013 — Present
  • Summary:
    Ultimate Soldier Challenge matches US Special Op units against the most elite forces from around the world in a head-to-head competition that's a showdown of strength, smarts, and strategy.
    Written by mighty_mouse22.38K
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Season 01

Episode 06 Army vs. Navy
Tuesday, Mar 26 2013
Episode 05 U.S. Marine Force Recon vs. Canadian Light Infantry
Tuesday, Mar 19 2013
Episode 04 Navy Seals vs. Spetsnatz
Tuesday, Mar 12 2013
Episode 03 U.S. Green Berets vs. Norwegian FSK
Tuesday, Mar 5 2013
Episode 02 U.S. Rangers vs. British Special Forces
Tuesday, Feb 26 2013
Episode 01 Army 82nd Airborne vs. Israelis
Tuesday, Feb 19 2013

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