Tycoon, Mailbox Bustin, Gold Guide. Updated for Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3 and aswell 5.4x

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Tycoon, Mailbox Bustin, Gold Guide. Updated for Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3 and aswell 5.4x (Size: 21.35 MB)
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The lasted Tycoon addon for World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria patch 5.3
I have bin searching for days and days for this addon and finally I can say that I've found one wich is working like a charm.

What does this File contain?

Tycoon Mailbox Bustin, Gold Guide
Impulse: Optimal Keybinds & Macro's
Edge: Optimal Glyphs, Talents & Rotations
Booster for Alliance & Horde: Contains Leveling & Farming routes.
Auctionator: A lightweight addon that makes it easy and fast to buy, sell on the Auction House. Very easy to setup.

I know there are tons of other people who are searching for this amazing addon. So I'm glad to share it with you guys :)

Just extract the file to your Worldofwarcraft/interface/addons directory and your good to go! Instructions included in the zip File for how to use Tycoon.

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Tycoon, Mailbox Bustin, Gold Guide. Updated for Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3 and aswell 5.4x


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Tonza803133 • 26 Jan 2014, 23:36
torrent downloaded
Also for the next downloaders who may think this is pure for patch 5.3 since I haven't changed the title of this torrent. It also works for nowadays patch 5.4.2
anonymous • 01 Jan 2014, 00:04
Does this automatically update?
Tonza803133 • 26 Jan 2014, 23:30
torrent downloaded
Not that I'm aware of no. But since there only have bin a few patch changes there isn't really that much that has to be updated. Unless when a new expansion hits then it surely needs a update, which I also will have to search for eventually. The rest of the addons that are included can be auto updated by installing wowmatrix or curse client.
Maijtem38 • 07 Jan 2014, 15:25
torrent downloaded
Works great for me, too bad people add random items for 100000000 gold and it messes up the addon (the action house part). But otherwise it works great, thanks!
Tonza803133 • 26 Jan 2014, 23:34
torrent downloaded
Unfortunately I have to agree with that, but that's something hard to avoid in an addon. Apart from that it does work great just try to use your brain a little bit considering the overpriced items. Because you should know which item is worthy or unworthy farming for. This addon is just a huge help to see what items are being sold most, if its sold by many people or not and the farming routes :).
anonymous • 03 Mar 2014, 07:25
how do i get it to update for the MOP gathering? all it shows is the cata stuff
Tonza803133 • 08 Mar 2014, 07:37
torrent downloaded
Choose Gathering, then ne xt to the button GO in the right corner it says show all. Expand that window and choose you're professions. *NOTE* Don't forget to scan the auction house aswell with auctionator!

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evarnae2 • 28 September 2014, 13:59
torrent downloaded
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Works great man, thanks for the upload! Anybody who is having issues with getting it to work in the first place, you MUST move the ManaCore folder to your addon directory as well, Tycoon won't work without it.
anonymous • 23 June 2014, 20:50 Show comment
the auction & crafting tabs are just terrible,auction tab misses so much items you could profit on & the crafting tab costs and profits display are all wrong.. it misses certain items in crafting and tells you ur gona make this huge X amount gold but is nowhere near that
anonymous • 13 June 2014, 02:00 Show comment
Any change we can get another update? Works GREAT by the way!
anonymous • 04 April 2014, 09:00 Show comment
is anyone else having an issue where the addon is loading but the icon on manacore isnt clickable even after i scan the auction house also my auctioneer doesnt work correctly when I have tycoon turned on
anonymous • 18 March 2014, 23:51 Show comment
So, I'm still getting 0% even after i enable all out of date addons
anonymous • 13 March 2014, 09:03 Show comment
Still working? I tried it, but it says 0% on everything.
anonymous • 09 March 2014, 18:44 Show comment
After I'm finished scanning with your included Auctionator, I open Tycoon but the "Profit@Avg" column shows 0 for everything. Any ideas?
anonymous • 08 March 2014, 20:14 Show comment
Nevermind. I had to force load all "out of date" addons. haha, I knew it would eventually, BRO this so epic. Cheers mate :-D . . . . . . we're all going to prison aren't we. haha
anonymous • 08 March 2014, 20:10 Show comment
Is it Curse maybe? . . . should I uninstall Curse?
anonymous • 08 March 2014, 19:53 Show comment
If I may ask, Do you just drag and drop it into the addons? For some reason it isn't installing correctly for me, I would literally love to have this working but for even my brother (IQ of like 164) and I - we can't figure out what we're doing wrong, haha - do we need to update this? If so how do you manually update?
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