SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bit - 64 Bit] [MULTi]

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SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bit - 64 Bit] [MULTi] (Size: 11.3 GB)
  SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bits & 64 Bits][MULTi][WwW.LoKoTorrents.CoM].part01.rar 700 MB
  SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bits & 64 Bits][MULTi][WwW.LoKoTorrents.CoM].part02.rar 700 MB
  SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bits & 64 Bits][MULTi][WwW.LoKoTorrents.CoM].part03.rar 700 MB
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  SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bits & 64 Bits][MULTi][WwW.LoKoTorrents.CoM].part17.rar 374.1 MB


SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bit & 64 Bit] [MULTi]

Technical Data:
Year: 2013
Version: SP3.0 Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows (Windows 7 & 8)
Platform: 32 & 64 bits
Size: 14.2 GB
Language: Multilingual including Spanish
Activation: Yes, with instructions inside the rar

SolidWorks gives you choices of 3D CAD software, simulation, design and product data management, plus Product Documentation software. No matter the size of your company, you can always have the right tools you need to design better products.
3D CAD Software
The 3D design software SolidWorks helps you design better products faster. When you have an idea for a great product, have the tools to design it in less time and at lower cost. These are some of the features included:
Simulation design
With powerful simulation tools SolidWorks ® design, you can easily submit their designs to the same conditions in which you will see in the real world. Improve product quality while reducing costs and testing interactive prototypes.
Product Data Management
With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (Product Data Management), distributed design teams can manage product data, share design information, automate workflow and improve collaboration between engineering and manufacturing departments.

Software 3DVIA Product Documentation
3DVIA Composer uses information from your 3D models to incorporate design changes directly seamlessly product documentation, to create updated materials, interactive and printed accurately.

The ease of use allows you to be productive faster
The intuitive interface provides access to the powerful functionality
Views and presentations accurate 3D details
Reduced design time and product development
Elimination of map reading errors
Designs communicate easily during the design process.
Intuitive tools for constructing 3D models from your data from AutoCAD
Free Productivity Tools for users who come from using 2D.
With SolidWorks eDrawings, design concepts can be easily exchanged with external vendors, suppliers, customers and other users of CAD
It simplifies testing and design analysis.
The constant analysis is part of the design process of SolidWorks CAD software.
Performance with large assemblies

Recent Changes:
Service Pack 5.0 - October 25, 2012
Interoperability with previous versions
You can open files in SolidWorks 2013 SolidWorks 2012 Service Pack 5. Future versions files (SolidWorks 2013) is open in read-only mode. You can also:
Create drawings of SolidWorks 2013 files in SolidWorks 2012 Service Pack 5.
Use SolidWorks 2013 files as components in assemblies SolidWorks 2012 Service Pack 5.
There are some limitations. See SolidWorks Help: Interoperability with older versions.
Mates with references absent
SolidWorks software identifies the mates to those missing references and shows an error symbol. The errors are correct and should have appeared in previous versions. To correct the error, edit the mate and select the references away.

System Requirements:
Windows: Vista/7/8
RAM: 2 GB or more (recommended 6 GB for 64-bit)
Disk Space: 5 GB or higher
Video Card: Certified cards and drivers
Processor: Intel or AMD with SSE2 support and 64-bit operating system

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11.3 GB
SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 [32 Bit - 64 Bit] [MULTi]


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Top Comments

wexxy13 • 21 Oct 2013, 00:54
I thought id do up a more concise set of instructions.....
2. You will need a virtual disc drive to mount the ISO images.(magicdisc 2.7.106 is what I currently have installed) Install this and it will enable you to mount virtual images. A new icon
will appear in the system tray as a hand holding a cd.
3. You will need 7zip to extract the contents of the archived file. Using winrar can cause issues sometimes with the length of filename and hence why you may get errors trying
to extract all. I suggest sticking to 7zip for this extraction.
Installing the Program
1. Right click any of the 700Mb files >> Extract to "SW2013_SP3.0_WinXX_Multilang_Integrated".
This will take about 6-10mins to unrar dependant on your processor as its a large file so have a cuppa whilst you're waiting. Once extracted you'll be left with the new folder as labelled above and the old archived files. Delete these as
they will just take up unnecessary space on your drive.
2. Go to system tray in the bottom right >> Right click the Magicdisc icon >> Virtual CD/DVD-ROM >> Navigate to where you have your extracted iso image.
Im installing the 64bit version so it will say something like
The drive letters arent important. Just make sure you are installing the correct version for your computers architecture. ie x86(32bit) or 64bit

3. Once mounted open the folder and run 'setup.exe'. Install as an "Indivual(on this computer)
4. Install the licences in this order using the ctrl + c then ctrl + v for quick licence key entry
SolidWorks Standard, Professional, Premium or SolidNetWork License
0000 0000 0000 3486 Q5HF FG98

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM
0001 0001 0736 0361 JK3Q HDJ3
SolidWorks Simulation
9000 0000 0001 8043 TB9T SGD9
SolidWorks Motion
9000 0000 0002 7942 9KW4 9FBC
Flow Simulation
9000 0000 0003 3107 V8F3 PG44
Once all licences are entered click 'Next' and when the install asks about internet connection simple press Cancel and you will skip to the Summary tab.
Click Install Now and uncheck "Show me What's New in SolidWorks 2013"
Say "No Thank YOu" to the "Join the SolidWorks Customer Experience Improvement Program"
Restart the computer.
Ensure internet remains off when you allow the program to initiate on reboot. You can enable the internet again when youve initiated solidworks and can open up a project file.
5). Once restarted navigate to the Crack folder and run 'SW2010-2013.Activator.GUI.SSQ.exe' with Admin rights by right clicking and running as Admin.
Tick all the 2013 versions and after about 1 minute a box will pop up and say "All Done- Enjoy".
This box has a key symbol on it.
Thats it. You're done. Enjoy :)

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JustinSan754 • 25 October 2014, 09:42 Show comment
Good torrent, follow the instructions and all will be fine !!!
anonymous • 26 September 2014, 08:24 Show comment
how do I add tool box?
anonymous • 14 September 2014, 13:31 Show comment
how to install 32 bit version???
anonymous • 04 September 2014, 05:43 Show comment
plx guide how to install
anonymous • 02 September 2014, 20:04 Show comment
Works Perfect... You are awesome... thank you for the upload!!!!
BigBossSNAKE4727 • 26 August 2014, 07:50
torrent downloaded
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thanks uploader
Crazy_Mental1259 • 22 August 2014, 19:44
torrent downloaded
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just great.
Thanx Bro
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