Sexy Beach 3 +Sexy Beach 3 Plus (easy install)

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Added on Apr 8, 2008 in Games
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Sexy Beach 3 +Sexy Beach 3 Plus (easy install) (Size: 1.41 GB)
  SB3_CEE-EN.part01.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part02.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part03.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part04.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part05.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part06.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part07.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part08.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part09.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part10.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part11.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part12.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part13.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part14.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part15.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part16.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part17.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part18.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part19.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part20.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part21.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part22.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part23.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part24.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part25.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part26.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part27.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part28.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part29.rar 47.68 MB
  SB3_CEE-EN.part30.rar 47.68 MB
  And 1 file more


I created this torrent after having very little success finding torrents that had both sexy beach 3 and the expansion. Most others also have various glitches and are difficult to install (read the comments of other sexy beach 3 torrents). This one only requires that you extract the exe file then run it. Simple as that. This one won't glitch or experience the permanent nudity issue that many of the others have.
Enjoy and make sure to seed : )

-Easy Install! Just Extract and Run .exe file
-No Glitches, errors, or other issues

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1.41 GB
Sexy Beach 3 +Sexy Beach 3 Plus (easy install)


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narik1215 • 16 July 2014, 16:03 Show comment
I already have Sexy Beach 3, do i need to download complete file if i want Sexy Beach 3 plus. dizzyI looked in google for separate patch i couldn't find it.crycrycry

Please Help! sad
ayu_2614 • 09 January 2014, 08:22 Show comment
can't open the game after playing it a few times then i tried to allow this game through the firewall but it said it's in the "exception list" tried to install again but nothing happens. any advice!? tnx
Landi7263 • 05 November 2013, 16:16
torrent downloaded
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Nice game
Rusty-Nail1870 • 08 October 2013, 00:43
torrent downloaded
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yep yep yep game work like charm on win 7 64 100%, and very easy 2 install ...
anonymous • 19 October 2013, 20:18 Show comment
how come? why does it goes error? i use win 7 64bit too is it error just for the 1st time? how to fix this madness?
Guku7 • 26 September 2013, 16:10
torrent downloaded
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lol Thank you
rav9446 • 17 July 2013, 07:58
torrent downloaded
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works great!! nice torrent
iamlight35 • 10 June 2013, 07:05
torrent downloaded
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i can't confirm generally if it works, cuz when i tried it with windows 8 and windows 7 64 bit OS, it doesn't, even with compatibility options set to XP SP3.
Rash...193 • 11 May 2013, 06:05
torrent downloaded
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good games
ThousndMaster379 • 24 April 2013, 22:33
torrent downloaded
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Works great. what more is there to say :P
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