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Flywheel 2003 YIFY

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Please YIFY upload the Flywheel 2003 movie.

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Zig and Sharko Season 1&2 720p

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Zig and Sharko is a French animated series of 156 episodes of 7 minutes directed by animation studios Xilam Animation, known for their animated series A Kind of Magic, Ratz, Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches. The series was broadcast from December 21, 2010 on Canal+, and is available in the United States of America on Netflix.

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Up Skirts

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Cast: Alektra Blue, Anthony Rosano, Deena Daniels, Eden Adams, James Deen, Kenzi Marie, Lee Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Nika Noire, Pat Myne, Ryder Skye, Tori Black

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Emoticon ;) (2014)

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79 min - Drama - 30 May 2014 (USA)

Trying to navigate love and intimacy in the digital age, a woman and her boyfriend's teenage children become unlikely guides in each others relationships.

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Starting from Scratch (2013)

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A young couple are on the brink of divorce when they are audited by the IRS.

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The Hobbyist's Guide to RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio

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Any Software Defined Radio appreciated.!!!!

Book Description
Publication Date: May 14, 2014
A comprehensive guide to the RTL2832U RTL-SDR software defined radio by the authors of The RTL-SDR is a super cheap software defined radio based on DVB-T TV dongles that can be found for under $20.

This book is about tips and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of your dongle.

* Learn how to set up your RTL-SDR with various free software defined radio programs such as SDR#, HDSDR, SDR-CONSOLE and more.
* Learn all the little tricks and oddities that the dongle has.
* A whole chapter dedicated to improving the RTL-SDR's performance
* Dozens of tutorials for fun RTL-SDR based projects like ADS-B aircraft radar, AIS boat radar, ACARS decoding, receiving NOAA satellite images, listening to trunked radios, decoding digital voice P25 signals, decoding weather balloons, receiving DAB radio, decoding pagers, receiving various HF signals such a ham radio modes and DRM radio, decoding digital D-STAR voice, an introduction to GNU Radio, decoding RDS, decoding APRS and many many more projects!
* Guide to antennas, cables and adapters.


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Mastering Krav Maga Self Defense Volume II (5 DVD Set) Impact & Edged Weapon Defenses (Beginner to Expert) by David Kahn (2013)

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hi guys !!

i am looking for Krav Maga tutorial DVDs by David Kahn.

here is link for the dvd on amazon and ymaa:

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance!!!

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The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel

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Praise for Diana Gabaldon:
"History comes deliciously alive on the page."
— New York Daily News

"Diana Gabaldon is a born storyteller . . . the pages practically turn themselves."
— Arizona Republic
About the Author
DIANA GABALDON is the New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels — Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes — as well as the bestselling series featuring Lord John Grey, a character she introduced in Voyager, and one work of non-fiction, The Outlandish Companion. She won a 2006 Quill Award for her sixth Outlander book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Gabaldon lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

HOANG NGUYEN has worked for Marvel, Dark Horse, and other comics publishers. His original project, Metal Militia, was optioned by Dino De Laurentiis for feature film development. More recently he has worked in the video game industry, having contributed to such well-known titles as the Elder Scrolls series for Bethesda Softworks. He was the lead artist and character designer on Dead to Rights for Namco and is currently a consultant for Namco Bandai Games.
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

My mother taught me to read at the age of three—in part by reading me Walt Disney Comics. I never stopped (and was consequently appalled when I ran into Dick and Jane in kindergarten. Flipped through See Spot Run and put it back, wondering—aloud—why anybody would want to read that? I was not a diplomatic child).

Twenty-odd years later, I read a rather sub-par Disney story, though, and spurred by the reckless notion that surely I could write better than that, I sent a medium-rude letter to the editor of said comic line, essentially saying, “Dear Sir—I’ve been reading your Walt Disney Comics for twenty-five years now, and they’ve been getting worse and worse. I don’t know that I could do better myself, but I’d like to try.”

Evidently age had taught me nothing about diplomacy, but I did have the luck to have written to Del Connell, a true gent with a sense of humor, who wrote back to me and said, “OK. Try.”

So I did. Del didn’t buy my first story, but he did something much more valuable: He told me what was wrong with it. He did buy my second story (my first fiction sale ever; I literally bounced off the walls when I got his letter with the contract), and I wrote scripts for Disney for several years: Uncle Scrooge, the Beagle Boys, Daisy and Donald, Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs, even the occasional Mickey Mouse story (I always preferred the ducks; Mickey was too much the straight arrow to be a really interesting character).

Eventually, the comics program stopped buying new scripts (someone at headquarters, having suddenly realized that they had forty years of Carl Barks scripts in the files, thought to ask why they were paying for new stories instead of simply reprinting those?), Disney sold their comics license, and I moved on to other things. But once a lover of comic books...

And so, when (years later) I had a literary agent and novels to my name, I told said agent that IF the opportunity to write a graphic novel should ever come along, I would seize it with both hands. And thus when a production company contracted for a movie option of my novels, I insisted that we must include an exemption in the option contract, since comic books would normally be covered under the “merchandising” clause—so that IF someone happened to come along and offer me the chance to write a graphic novel...

Well, one month later, someone did. That was Betsy Mitchell, the wonderful editor of the book you’re holding. “I don’t want a straight adaptation of Outlander,” she said to me. “I want a new Jamie and Claire story, set within the parameters of Outlander.”

“Well, that’s a cool challenge,” I said, scratching my head. “What if…?” So the story you’re holding here begins slightly before Outlander, and is essentially the story as told from the point of view of Jamie’s godfather, Murtagh. If you’ve read Outlander, you’ll recognize some of the major events, but you’ll also see a completely new storyline woven through them—all the things Claire didn’t see or know about—as well as getting Murtagh’s unexpurgated opinions of the whole affair.

Through Betsy’s auspices, I found Hoang Nguyen, the magnificent artist who drew the story from my script, and the wonderful team of production people who’ve made this book a visual marvel.

So you and I have a lot of people to thank for this: Betsy and Hoang, Catherine MacGregor and Catherine-Ann MacPhee (who supplied the Gaelic), Russell Galen (my literary agent), Del Connell—and my mother. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Yours truly,

Diana Gabaldon

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Sarah and Duck

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If anyone could upload the first season of Sarah & Duck, that'd be awesome.


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America (2014)

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Looking for a copy of Dinesh D'Souza's film, 'America.'

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0 siterip

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requesting to upload all the videos from these site:


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Pluralsight -- Introduction to ASP.NET 4 WebForms

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Please upload this from [ ]

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geek-x tiffany doll

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Web Development : Effective Navigation Development ( Tutsplus )

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Well i'm here at kickass for many month or maybe years just that i signed up late.The fact is i found out everything here sand so thanks to the uploaders.But now i need this stuff seriously and badly i can't buy it and can't even find it out on any pages. So my best option is you guys i hope you guys would help me out with this stuff .The link is given below:

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Total Expert Academy / Total Product Blueprint by Brendon Burchard

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I would like to find Total Expert Academy and Total Product Blueprint by Brendon Burchard. Both are video trainings with written stuff also. Best versions are 2013 and 2014 but any of them is good for me.

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Adonis Golden Ratio Package

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Plz Anyone who can help me by uploading this torrent.
I would be very grateful to them.

Thanx In Advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn Good Advice by George Lois

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I would prefer an ePub but can of course convert a mobi
Thanks! : )

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43 texts that guarantee sex

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If any body shares the book 43 texts that guarantee sex I will have any other kind of pua he wants so please share !!!

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The Java Spring Tutorial by John Purcell (Active user request)

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i think this is the best spring framework, please upload this video course
i will be thankfulll, if there will be upload

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Gre kaplan 2014

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If this textbook can not be uploaded can someone please upload any GRE textbook with no publishing date later than 2013?

Thank you.

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vlookup excel book

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I want vlookup excel ebook by Purnachandra Rao Duggirala
Amazon link of book

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SCAR GUITAR: Per Nilsson’s Guitar Instructional DVD

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Scar Guitar is a detailed journey into the modern playing

styles of Per Nilsson, one of the world’s finest guitarists.

Best known for his work with swedish melodic death metal group Scar Symmetry, Per offers a close-up personal
look at his unique approaches to music and the guitar.

Over 2 hours of lessons and performances, in-depth interviews,
& bonus materials: behind the scenes footage, jam sessions,
& the mandatory blooper reel!
The accompanying 50-page booklet contains thorough
tablature transcriptions of all exercises and songs.

Please upload this guitar lesson from one of the best Metal Guitarist at the moment. Thanks!

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