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Microsoft Toolkit - Official KMS Solution for Windows and Office 2010

This is a test for the next planned step for Office 2010 Toolkit. It is my plan to eventually phase out Office 2010 Toolkit for a new application, that is currently under development. App is stable as it is still well tested code in almost all cases, but I'm looking for new ideas, suggestions, and testing of new functions.

-Almost all EZ-Activator settings apply only to office.
-Readme is currently inconsistent but generally applies to windows the same as office.
-I plan to add more Windows stuff but would like some ideas and want to get this out early in the development stage. A BETA of mine is usually just bug testing and last minute feature additions.
-Currently using OTK changelog/Readme.
-This topic still says references being BETA. This will change with MTK 3.0, which will have a new UI.

Click The Readme Button in Office 2010 Toolkit program, and Copy Button to copy the tabbed section contents.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Not 4.0)
Office 2010 for Office Toolkit Support
Windows NT 6 era operating system (Vista or later) for Windows Tookit Support

Credits - Developers:

Credits - Other:
letsgoawayhell for how to install and obtain Office 2010 license files needed for License Add/Convert.
ZWT for the Original KMS Keygen, and Phazor and letsgoawayhell for KMS research/improvements.

Microsoft Toolkit Changelog:
-Fixed Auto Update button returning 404
-Updates are downloaded to a separate folder, and kept, then copied to the selected Office 2010 Setup.

-Enabled Windows Tab for Windows 8. WARNING: Windows 8 is NOT officially supported and many functions have issues, especially Restore.
-Fixes numerous registry issues created during migration back to .NET 3.5. This was a cause for bugs in quite a few functions.
-Removed "Check for Program Updates" (Users of earlier builds need update soon as I will remove this info which may cause annoying errors)
-Repairing Office 2010 should no longer involve extra setup boxes on non x86-64 Office Architecture.
-Replaced Windows 8 DP Key with Windows 8 CP Key.

-Fixed Update check bugs (BETA 9 and earlier will fail to know about this update and will get an error).
-Now no longer requires .NET 4.
-Readme is still out of date, and since I'm working on 3.0 for W8/Office 15, I likely won't do much with 2.X.
-When downloading updates for Office 2010, all updates not on the list that aren't OCT get deleted as they are superseded.

2.3 BETA 9
-Added function to download and integrate all updates in Customize Setup
-Fixed Product detection issues in Customize Setup

2.3 BETA 8
-Added Permissions Fix during a Restore and Improved Office Rearm Check Success Rate
-Added Program Update Check on Startup
-Added support for UDF Office ISO's
-Added Functions to directly Check and Show Keys in the DigitalProductID.
-Channel Changing does patching via code instead of using xdelta3.exe and no longer needs to write patches to disk
-Customize Setup disables channel change button if setup.exe is not from Office 2010, so you can use it to integrate Office 2007 Updates/Languages.
-Enhanced error checking/messages on KMSEmulator failure.
-Fix MAK Activation Count always failing
-Fix Restoration of Phone Activation ending up in grace
-Fixed Scheduled Tasks not running as SYSTEM
-KMS PID is set before start instead of editing process memory when using manual Activation
-Preliminary Windows 8 Key Decoding
-Removed options and unnecessary fixes from EZ-Activator
-Scheduled tasks now keep the last run time and result
-Timing of Activation Restore
-Updating Settings or PID via EZ-Activator will update AutoKMS/AutoRearm.
This is because changing settings but not the EXE could cause a INI mismatch so AutoKMS/AutoRearm would revert to default settings.
-Using ReSharper for automatic code refactoring

2.3 Alpha 1 R7
-Fixed checks that disable functions

2.3 Alpha 1 R6
-Fixed Scheduled task install failure.

2.3 Alpha 1 R5
-Added IR5 detection
-Added MultiKMS
-Added Office/Windows Product detection in Main tab
-AutoKMS and AutoRearm show their version in the log
-Backups are sorted by OS/Office and show up as a list. Move old backups to new folders to use them.
-Can install AutoRearm alongside AutoKMS, allowing AutoRearm to be a failsafe.
-CMID change and Office Repair disabled by default in EZ-Activator. If the PID fix doesn't work you probably have an issue that these won't help.
-Disable and check Save/Restore keys in Windows since Windows backup needs this.
-Fix tokens permissions on restore in case of bad permissions.
-Key Checker doesn't require Office or Windows Vista+ to use.
-Key Checker gets remaining MAK count if a MAK is checked. Requires Internet connection or will not work.
-Key Checker is a bit faster.
-KMS PID's coded in the app can be selected in Settings as a list.
-More products supported/consolidated in Key Checker.
-Improved AutoRearm detection of activated Office.
-Improved Windows backup failsafe.
-Removed Selector UI
-Scheduled Tasks will be Vista on Vista+ OS instead of XP. XP will still use XP tasks.
-Silent switches added for MultiKMS, Backup and Restore of Office and Windows, and Windows EZ-Activator. NOTE: /SaveKeys switch on Backup may require user interaction to get the key.
-UI changed on CID/Key Prompt boxes.
-Various improvements, bugfixes, and techniques to optimize the apps and minimize AV false positives.

2.3 Alpha 1 R4
-Vista Support Detection

2.3 Alpha 1 R3
-Windows Backup enhancements
-Reinstall Keys

2.3 Alpha 1 R2
-Windows Volume detection bugfixes
-Not using .NET Reactor
-Windows Backup tweaks
-Reinstall Keys Selected by default

2.3 Alpha 1
-Windows UI/Functions

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Thank you so much!! Finally can use Word without that annoying activation request popping up every time!
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great work with my Microsoft office
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