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Send bookmark to a friend

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A link against each boomark which when clicked would open a popup allowing to add add emails to which to send the bookmark
An enhancement:
Maybe even allowing to pull friends addresses from some email account of mine

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AHmad_Raza1548 • 17 July 2014, 15:14 Show comment
I thinks idea is best but there are an always option available for sending link to friends in every browser.

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hitmewithit259 • 06 November 2013, 16:21 Show comment
Every browser already has a 'Send Link in Email' option anyway?
GNOMON3228 • 15 September 2012, 08:10 Show comment
This should be Jst like sending links lovelinessloveliness
atizaz_elahi1034 • 14 September 2012, 17:23 Show comment
this should be present
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