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For verified uploaders posting directly to KickAss that want to help maintain the health of the torrents they've uploaded (like me), have a tab users can click on each torrents main page to send a "RESEED REQUEST", either by PM, Wall Post, or e-mail (option of which can be set by user in USER CP). To prevent abuse, have it allow only one reseed request to be sent per torrent every 72 hours and maybe notify when the last request was sent or gray-out the tab until 72 hours have passed. Take a look at the button I've added to MY torrents for a demonstration (sends e-mail with hash).

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Karolomen97 • 22 February 2014, 23:38 Show comment
I'd suggest something wider. I consider this a very good idea, but it would be better to ask every person who downloaded certain torrent to seed. Example: I'm trying to download somethign for over a week now, yet there's only 30,2% of this circulating on the web. I asked the uploader to seed - no response. So I came up with an idea about asking EVERY person who ever downloaded this to seed. Simply open torrent site and click a button "ask for seed". Then every person would receive a notification on KAT, that there are no seeds on that torrent and they are asked to upload it. I would like to receive such notofications, because I am keeping all my torrents on HDD and sometimes I just stop them, because sending every one of them 10kB/s each isn't much help. Of course, you could turn off these notifications or even enable an option of receiving such requests through e-mail. It would be better than just sendind request to uploader. I bet verified uploaders have much more torrents to upload and won't be really willing to seed that one because of one request. We should engage community!

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iBetters6 • 06 May 2012, 15:23 Show comment
Torrent: Top Gear - 17x04 [720p] need reseed
DannyT410118 • 31 March 2012, 01:12 Show comment
It Would be useful to Reequest a seed. «Kinds of idea like this is extremly important for torrents»
gazza-9116947 • 15 June 2011, 10:55 Show comment
If it's completed, where is it?
SocialismSUX225 • 31 May 2011, 10:23 Show comment
reseed request should only be available to kat users who have a 3:1 or better ratio.
jivan282734 • 02 June 2011, 14:06 Show comment
umm..., how do I know what is my ratio?
ĪbṞaĦiḾ6290 • 17 April 2011, 11:22 Show comment
great idea. thi sshould be good coz i upload some torrents and my computer crushed b4 i can seed all the torrents that i uploaded this should help with that.
light_man116 • 15 April 2011, 15:47 Show comment
Great idea. And the torrents which remain dead for more than 72 hours should be removed also.
hairy.legs.petunia1029 • 09 April 2011, 16:50 Show comment
I really like where you're going with this. Nice.
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