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HII guys,,
i think tht when v post on our friends wall, v hv 2 go on their walls sepratly n then post ..
there might b things, thoughts, pics which v wanna 2 post on many of our friends. so i suggest tht there should b a link while posting on sum one's wall by which v can add several other of our friend so tht at the same time v can post on many of our friends....

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leon801010 • 11 November 2011, 22:42 Show comment
yep good thinkin...
sin3s4901 • 20 October 2011, 10:48 Show comment
It's a great idea.
Faraz2065 • 16 October 2011, 18:59 Show comment
Good idea liked itbiggrin.
Xenomorph88.77K • 18 September 2011, 16:30 Show comment
Comment is deleted
skroct141665 • 15 October 2011, 04:19 Show comment
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