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Mass language correction

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Hey there!
I always get tired out after confirming languages and i thought it would be much easier if ther was a tick box and we just tick every movie of one language and then select th language at the end
EG- I tick mark all the greek movies and then select "Greek' on a drop=down on top. This way it would be much easier and it would (Maybe) shed some load on the servers
Please see into this =D

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lalupanjo8005 • 22 Mar 2013, 05:34
totally agree

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MucahidBurak641 • 16 April 2014, 20:59 Show comment
s4sharing3432 • 10 March 2014, 06:07 Show comment
I liked this!
lalupanjo8005 • 22 March 2013, 05:34 Show comment
totally agree
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