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Although I thoroughly enjoy sifting through everybody's informative and highly intellectual comments on quality and not to mention, opinions on the band (ahem), I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of rating system for music. For example some people who upload do not state the bitrate. What do you, the wonderful public, think?

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jamezua1194 • 01 Feb 2014, 11:47
Well, I think that people that really loves and enjoys music always try to find the best sound quality and probably have got a good HIFI equipment at home, I don't care about downloading a massive vinyl FLAC if that brings me (with a DAC) to listen to a great audio performance, external discs are now much cheaper and ISP connections much faster, so size is not a hassle, I always choose the highest quality and bitrate in the music I upload, if people don't care about this they can download MP3, once I've heard how those FLAC 24 bits vinyl rips sounds ( big thanks to all the uploaders ) I won't ever download a MP3 again, the digital sound doesn't sound to me as good as the analogic one, the vinyls are coming back and they should never would have gone, maybe people should comment more what they download, not only thanking the uploader but the quality of the music, the recording and the rip, that's the easiest way to do it, when I give a thumbs up I don't know if it is because the download is complete and with no errors ( should I thumbs up a verified uploader? ) or what, giving more feedback is the proper way to solve this issue IMHO, and the uploaders deserve at least some appreciation for their job ...

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Gingerfitz648 • 29 September 2014, 22:18 Show comment
I would suggest the very same thing. I agree with you wave
RuzzZe766 • 29 September 2014, 11:39 Show comment
liked it...
Hawzerstar6511 • 15 August 2014, 15:05 Show comment
Good idea.Liked.
Madegus418 • 04 August 2014, 13:39 Show comment
love it
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