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This feature is planned

Email alert for i.e. TV series

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

Its annoying to have to think of looking up regularily/weekly for the next episode available.
Or you even forget about it.
This is the idea of a comfortable way to watch the next episode.
I think its kinda the subscribing thing you already offer, but its not like following one guy, but a series.
Every week/time a new episode is available you should get an email with the weekly new torrents for that series or all series you "follow"/favorite/whatever.

163 comments    7404 views    Suggested by spyPHyps3477 4 years and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

A "like" button beside your status and a tab saying User Likes which shows how many people like a user!

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

This would be AMAZING!

148 comments    5891 views    Suggested by iKMN8324 3 years and 11 months ago    
This feature is started

Download To Mind feature

 in Other

A button where you click and it downloads wirelessly to your brain where you can watch in your head later on. May require future technology.

292 comments    3337 views    Suggested by xbt7084 2 years and 5 months ago    
This feature is planned

Recommend to Friends

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Speaks for itself and should have already been available. But, I can let it seeing as there is alot of progress being done anyways and thank you for that.
I would love to have Recommend to a Friend option for any files uploaded. This way I don't need to contact friends about this in other ways. It would also make the Profile itself more interactive.
Not to mention more achievement goals.
Applying an option to exclude from it might be a great addition. If someone doesn't want to have recommendations from friends, have a click this box to be excluded from it - I like that!!
THIS IDEA via succubus incubus

51 comments    3242 views    Suggested by oSTARLORDo3152 4 years and 7 months ago    
This feature is under review

Deletion of Dead Torrents

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

This feature would work the same as changing categories for torrents. The user finds a torrent that has no seeds and has no recent feedback...then posts it for Moderators to delete.
By doing increases the reliability of the torrents and dramatically improves the reputation of KAT.

123 comments    982 views    Suggested by RiverCoyote40.52K 1 year and 10 months ago    
This feature is under review

Audio (or other) rating in Music section

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

Although I thoroughly enjoy sifting through everybody's informative and highly intellectual comments on quality and not to mention, opinions on the band (ahem), I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of rating system for music. For example some people who upload do not state the bitrate. What do you, the wonderful public, think?

28 comments    3178 views    Suggested by nemesis01408 4 years and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned


 in Other

I have been thinking about that there should be something that can help the beginners aka newbies here.I myself had to stroll through various things and luckily enough i got some good friends to guide me out of troubles.But what if another fellow like me can't get that kind of help or just say gets lost on site as big as this which has so much to offer.So here's a little link i intend that should me in place to welcome and help the new comers.
Title/Link - Welcome / Beginner's Guide.
Main contents -
*Welcome message with a brief introduction of what Kickass Torrents is all about
*Site's main page with pointers explaining what is what?
*Site Rules(the sooner told the better)
*Do's and dont's(in a quick numeric form)
*Member levels and their Roles(it took me 2 months to find that out)
*How to download a torrent file(since this is the primary reason for anyone to join this site)
*What in case of any trouble??(refer to community>general discussions)
*Extra features(reference can be made to kat radio; subscriptions; bookmarks; idea box;
language change; torrent requests; contact information etc.)
Last but not the least - A simple Thank you for joining the kat community and wishing a memorable and fun-filled stay here.
With this kind of link provided on the main page,in my view it'll surely help the beginners to understand the site better and since we all are working our way to the quest of making a global brand;a little welcome(insight) note to the site can surely serve our cause in a better manner

75 comments    682 views    Suggested by ravi22.39K 2 years and 9 months ago    
This feature is under review

Game Ratings.

 in Torrent Enhancements

A special box for torrents in the Games category in which users can rate games. Also a sorting function based on scores.

43 comments    1218 views    Suggested by RyPeR2801 3 years and 10 months ago    
This feature is under review

Quick Friend Request Accepting Button

 in General Enhancements

Their Is A Quick Friend Request Accepting Button Just Left To Messages..
Sometime Someone send Us Friend Request And We Doesn't Came To Know It..
It Would Be Easy To Accept Friend Request.....
Like This (Made In P.S.)

35 comments    450 views    Suggested by K1nGkAt1109 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is under review

KAT Calender

 in General Enhancements

It would be good to have a 'Calender' tab on each users status wall where members can post reminders, important dates, film release dates, TV series start dates, game release dates & birthdays.
Basically, a built-in calender that is specifically designed for KAT members.
It could also be utilised by Moderators for 'mute' date purposes & could record a whole host of information, such as uploaded/downloaded torrents, when friends were added, when things were bookmarked/followed, it could possibly be used to set reminders/alarms.

106 comments    866 views    Suggested by TimeBandits69.47K 1 year ago    
This feature is under review

Bad rates on torrents only accepted when the user explains the WHY.

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

I'm tired of some users rate bad and don´t say why, most of my bad rated torrents are because some users have no patience when the downloading turns slow, I know it because I asked them but I don´t want to be asking everybody trying to guess if the torrent has something wrong or is it just the slow speed.
It would be great if we uploaders could know the "why" without guessing or asking about it don´t you think?

138 comments    1783 views    Suggested by LuisCMcK3108 2 years and 7 months ago    
This feature is under review

Ignore a thread!

 in Community

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by an unwanted threads that keep appearing on the sidebar. By unwanted I mean the threads that I'm not interested in and which keep pushing the threads I'm interested in off the sidebar.
After all, what's the point of me seeing a thread appearing in there all the time if I'm not reading it's content or posting in it.

61 comments    675 views    Suggested by 46x21682 2 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Add a VIP Uploader status in addition to Verified Uploader

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Kat should have an additional status that would set elite uploaders apart from the verified uploaders. The status could be displayed with a different colored crown next to the uploader's name. This would let new users find the best torrents and also reward the select group of uploaders who have gone above and beyond to contribute excellent torrents.

67 comments    1102 views    Suggested by somethingvague9717 3 years and 3 months ago    
This feature is under review

Add Wikipedia to the movie Info

 in Torrent Enhancements

Well, There is IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes already, why not Wikipedia which gives more Details about that particular media..
Also,A link to the movie's official Website(If possible)..

64 comments    613 views    Suggested by bfab75.91K 2 years ago    
This feature is under review

Report icon on torrents

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

When a torrent have been reported, you can see on ex. latest that oh, this torrent is fake. A red round-corner icon that is easy to spot.

55 comments    958 views    Suggested by Mr.Blonde192.47K 3 years and 4 months ago    
This feature is under review

A profile view count on everyones profile

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

There should be a way to see how many views you have had on your profile!

30 comments    1423 views    Suggested by iKMN8324 3 years and 11 months ago    
This feature is under review

Uploader FAQ page

 in Torrent Enhancements

Please provide Frequently Asked Questions page per uploader (to be configured by the uploader), which could either be linked to from the torrent description, or from uploader profile.
This would be a useful forum for adding general details about all torrents for a particular uploader, such as media players / codec packs required, how to play & burn dvds etc., etc.
I would certainly find this useful

16 comments    1941 views    Suggested by Ch4cal951 4 years and 5 months ago    
This feature is under review

Trash Box

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

As we users delete the messages in our mailbox, we cannot display them again, could there be like a trashbox where mails are gathered into before they are completely deleted in order to make sure they arent gone for the good? Because sometimes we unconsciously delete important mails.

46 comments    257 views    Suggested by HopenDarkness74.5K 1 year ago    
This feature is under review

Personal Refresh Tracker Button For All Users' Uploaded Torrents

 in Torrent Enhancements

Whenever I view my torrents thru the Upload tab I find it time consuming to refresh each torrent's trackers individually. I suggest a Refresh button that users can click on to refresh all their torrents' trackers listed in the Uploads page at once.

76 comments    1091 views    Suggested by CancerKilla37.68K 2 years and 4 months ago    
This feature is under review

A notification message for deletion of a torrent due to Copyright Infringement

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

Today when I going through my old uploads, I found that one of my uploaded torrent has been deleted 3 months ago due to Copyright Infringement, but I was not aware about that matter till today.
At that moment, I felt the importance of a Notification Message very badly because such file was uploaded by me.
So, I requesting to the Site Admins to make a review about this matter and to add an auto generated messaging option.
Thank You..!!

63 comments    554 views    Suggested by Simple_Logic15.26K 3 years ago    
This feature is under review

Radio only for kat users

 in General Enhancements

As HTorr3ntz moved the kat radio from Kat .
we need , I mean a radio only for Kat users .
A small radio community with only site staffers or trusted users as controllers .

It would be fun I think :)

74 comments    710 views    Suggested by HanSOul70.97K 1 year and 11 months ago    
This feature is under review

Living in a Fantasy

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Hi there. I have a idea of something that might be fun for people to be able to chose.
There is as you well know a selection of country flags you can chose to let people know were you live, from that selection i have seen all kinds of places witch is interesting to me, like "virgin islands" what a place huh.
Anyway i thought it could be fun to have Fantacy places aswel to chose form, like Heaven or Hell. Maby Valhalla or whatever heaven you might have, i think it would be cool to chose between planets aswel and something from mythilogies, all to make it more fun and interesting. This is just a thought and i want to know what you think, is it bad or good?

81 comments    639 views    Suggested by PiratMas20.58K 2 years and 4 months ago    
This feature is under review

Custom Settings - Exclude some Categories

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

Add custom settings (check boxes) to exclude categories from my search. For example, I don't watch anime, but the number of anime uploads is staggering. I have to wade through pages of them some days to find content I'm interested in. Yes, I realize I could Browse, but I'd prefer to use the Search and exclude what I'm uninterested in instead of browsing for specific categories.

16 comments    1919 views    Suggested by Pring1517 4 years and 6 months ago    
This feature is planned

TotallyBlock a User

 in Community

today when we block a user, he is blocked from sending PM's and posting on your wall.
Well, i want to totally block a user from interacting with me.
he could not even comment a thread i open, comment a torrent i release, upvoting or downvoting one post i made, downvoting or upvoating a torrent i conclusion...he could not interact with anything i made.
it was like a personal ban

85 comments    899 views    Suggested by DarkAngie23.25K 1 year and 11 months ago    
This feature is under review

Send bookmark to a friend

 in Security

A link against each boomark which when clicked would open a popup allowing to add add emails to which to send the bookmark
An enhancement:
Maybe even allowing to pull friends addresses from some email account of mine

7 comments    1801 views    Suggested by gamerdude693101 4 years and 4 months ago    
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