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Grim Fandango Number 15 all time best pc game (Size: 1.23 GB)
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Grim Fandango Number 15 all time best pc game rnrn rnSynopsis: It may be hard for the younger crowd to believe but there was a time when LucasArts was known as the industry\\\'s best adventure game developer. With a roster of superlative titles, the company had already cemented it\\\'s reputation in the annals of gaming. Then they went one step further with a game that many consider the greatest adventure game of all time. Grim Fandango succeeds on a number of levels. On the surface, there\\\'s a tremendous concept for the world that involves a Dia de los Muertos aesthetic and a bureaucratic take on the afterlife. These are merely backdrops however for a compelling story full of memorable characters and a series of challenging puzzles that are so well integrated into the plot that you almost forget that you\\\'re playing a game. Great music and genuinely funny humor round out the package nicely. Even if you don\\\'t normally like adventure games, you\\\'ll love this one.

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Grim Fandango Number 15 all time best pc game


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Top Comments

anonymous • 13 Aug 2010, 11:52
Aha! Found this: Alternate installer for 64-bit Windows. Bingo.
AVM1986-NL9254 • 13 Sep 2012, 05:38
For perfect playing this game, follow steps below: (i just combined all comments together, but i knew residualvm already)
- Download pre-release 0.1.0 - windows installer & Original Patch v1.1 from ResidualVM website and only install residualVM.
- Now Mount disc 1 with a virtual drive (extracting does not work) or burn discs on cd's.
- Download (and place in downloaded torrent map) and dubble-click on modified setup file.
- Now install game (swap to disc2 when asked) to ResidualVM installation map and finally install Original Patch v1.1.
Through options you can apply fullscreen.
No more mounting required for playing the game.

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PiUcH83 • 29 August 2013, 18:09
torrent downloaded
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Installed and tested on Windows 8 64 bit.
PiUcH83 • 29 August 2013, 18:08
torrent downloaded
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Old but gold...Thank You!
SkyClap345 • 06 August 2013, 09:50
torrent downloaded
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Man what a game! Pretty bad most people arent into it... imagine more adventure games like this...
sinned01901061 • 12 June 2013, 10:11
torrent downloaded
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great game! ty!
anonymous • 20 April 2013, 21:49 Show comment
please help....i need an elaborate step by step
anonymous • 07 March 2013, 14:01 Show comment
every time i try and open the installer from mixnmojo (or whatever) nothing happens. what is going on? same thing happened when i tried to install manhunt 2
anonymous • 18 February 2013, 20:36 Show comment
how do i 'mount' disc
anonymous • 09 February 2013, 10:46 Show comment
By far my favourite game ever! A HUGE thank you to the upper and the seeders for sharing this timeless masterpiece! Here's what I did to get it to work on my Win7 64 bit laptop: -Mounted Disc 1, but didn't run the setup (used the installer downloaded from MixNMojo instead, switching to Disc 2 when asked) -Installed Patch v1.1 -Set both Grim Fandango Launcher.exe and GrimFandango.exe in Win95 compatibility mode. I am half the way through the second year right now and the game has worked almost flawlessly so far. Hope you are just as lucky :)
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