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Erotic Hypnosis Ultimate Pack

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Added on Jan 14, 2013 by bhanche26 in XXX > Video
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Erotic Hypnosis Ultimate Pack (Size: 43.72 GB)
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Here is a re-seed of a 43GB erotic femdomme gigapack originally from the old empornium website.

Here is the info from the .txt document inside the torrent:

I have tried to make sure there are no duplications across the three
torrents, but given that the various files get renamed all the time
(especially with mongo-descriptive names on Emule..), and the fact
that there are now so many files to check, I cannot guarantee that
there are no duplicates. However I feel safe in saying there is
no massive duplication. Furthermore, trying to avoid duplication
leads at times to some inconvienience and odd situations. For
instance, many hypnodommes have recordings which form a series and
are meant to be listened to in order. If when I created the
"Hypnodomme Superpack", I had only found files 1, 5 & 7 of a series,
that's what went in. If I later found files 2, 3 & 6, then those
went into the Minipack, and if I finally found file 4, then it would
go in this torrent. If you want to assemble series from across all
my torrents and post them as complete entities -- go for it!

I am especially happy this time to be able to offer files from three
new dommes: Mistress Joanne, Mistress Candice and Mistress Marisa.
Plese check out these ladies. I think Mistress Joanne is especially
good, though it is often the power of her voice and scenarios rather
than the perfections of her recording techniques that carry the day.
In addition, I have a significant number of additional files from Isabella
Valentine and Mz Dominica, both giants in the field and for the first
time, files from the pioneering (though now sadly departed) hypnodomme

Are these files safe? Well, as always when dealing with the
human mind, there is no guarantee. Certainly if you have a
history of mental illness, you should probably approach anything
that might alter your mental state with great caution. Remember
however that no hypnotist can make you do anything you do not
want to do. You are always free to reject any suggestion a
hypnotist may make. I will say that there are some things
that you may want to do at some level which normally you
do NOT do because they are not in your best interest. I
think it is possible a hypnotist could tip your judgement
in the case of an ill-advised thing you may have some
hidden desire to try. In any case, since having to
reject a suggestion kind of spoils a trance, I suggest
you audit any files you are suspicious of by skipping
the induction (the introductory part which takes you into
trance) and playing parts of the middle and the end (where
any post-hypnotic suggestions will be) to make sure there
is nothing you will have to reject. (I would be especially
suspicous of any files from Mz Dominica!)

Also, recall that hypnosis is not magic. A stage hypnotist gets
"instant" results since he is trained to pick the half-dozen
most gung-ho subjects from an audience of hundreds. In most cases,
since you are probably not one of those half-dozen, you will have
to play a session many times to get the full effect. The dommes
will often make scary and extravagent claims for their files. Some
of this is pure showmanship, but some of it is the fact that it
really will work better if you believe it will work.

This torrent contains the the indicated number of files from
the following dommes (or hypnotists):

27 mistress_joanne

27 isabella_valentine

20 wendi_friesen

16 soforia

16 mzdominica

15 goddess_deseree

13 mistress_marisa

11 mistress_cat

8 mistress_candice

8 lady_jenifahr

6 miss_drew

4 queen_passionate

4 mistress_seductra

4 goddess_kiss_of_darkness

3 mistress_of_hypnosis

2 lady_izzabelle

2 goddess_marquesa

2 doctor_olivia

1 princess_porsche

1 princess_katana

1 mona_blu

1 mistress_shona

1 mistress_lycia

1 madam_desire

1 leigha

1 lady_novastarr

1 lady_julia

1 krystal_mesmer

1 joslin

1 inamorata

1 hypnotic_arianna

1 hypnogoddess_dreamsender

1 enchantress_sapphire

1 enchantress_allannah_rivers

1 cara

Almost all of the files in this torrent are for men, but there are
a few for women or that can be enjoyed by either gender. I recommend
men or women check out Isabella Valentine's "Jackpot No Hands" file
for a hands free orgasm, or her "Zero Gravity" file for a long spacy
trip. Women can check out the hypnotic orgasm files from Wendi
Friesen (who is not a domme, but a theraputic hypnotist)

My personal suggestion for this torrent is that you start
with Mistress Joanne's "Basic Seduction" file and then check
out some of her other sessions.


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43.72 GB
Erotic Hypnosis Ultimate Pack


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Stormcrown10 • 18 January 2015, 13:03 Show comment
Yeah. This pack isn't downloading. Might be because of the lack of non-udp trackers.

If anyone could re-seed this it'd be great.
anonymous • 06 February 2015, 18:22 Show comment
if anyone could try to get some files from "" Mistress Amethyst seems to be a big deal!

anonymous • 09 August 2014, 21:38 Show comment
we want more seeders here!! :o
anonymous • 09 August 2014, 21:37 Show comment
seed guys :)
anonymous • 09 August 2014, 21:34 Show comment
seed plz :)
anonymous • 30 March 2014, 21:04 Show comment
Why can I not download this? Really want this pack!
anonymous • 10 December 2013, 22:49 Show comment
seed please

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