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DC Universe 52 Week 34 (complete) (darkhomr) [KAT] (Size: 297.93 MB)
  T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Volume 2 06 (of 06) (2012) (Minutemen-DTs).cbz 34.72 MB
  Supergirl v6 08 (2012) (c2c) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP).cbr 24.04 MB
  Green Lantern Corps v3 08 (2012) (c2c) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP).cbr 24.01 MB
  Batman_Odyssey_vol._2_07__of_07___2012___Minutemen-DTs_Saxon_.cbr 23.55 MB
  Justice_League_008__2012___4_20covers___digital_TheGroup_.cbr 22.79 MB
  Batman_008_2012__3_covers__RiZZ3N_Empire_.cbr 19.25 MB
  Captain Atom 008 (2012) (Digital) (Roxrite-Empire).cbr 17.12 MB
  Legion of Super-Heroes 08 (2012) (Digital) (G85-Empire).cbr 16.8 MB
  Catwoman_008__2012___RiZZ3N_Empire_.cbr 16.63 MB
  DC_Universe_Presents_008__2012___Poseidon_Empire_.cbr 16.11 MB
  Nightwing 008 (2012) (Digital) (ZOOM-Empire).cbz 14.95 MB
  Wonder Woman 08 (2012) (Two Covers) (Avalon-SCC-DCP).cbr 14.78 MB
  Blue Beetle 008 (2012) (Digital) (Roxrite-Empire).cbr 14.51 MB
  Birds of Prey 08 (2012) (Digital) (G85-Empire).cbr 14.46 MB
  Batman - Night of the Owls Booklet 001 (2012) (Digital) (ZOOM-Empire).cbz 13.67 MB
  Red Hood and the Outlaws 08 (2012).cbr 10.58 MB
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Today's pack includes all the DCU titles for April 18th, 2012. Since it is an FAQ, Week 1 included Justice League 1 and Flashpoint 5 and was considered the beginning of the reboot. Week 14 was a short week and included 3 DCU comics,including THUNDER Agents, Secret Files, and Batman: Odyssey #2. And now Week 27 is a short week with 5 titles and only one offical 52 title.

Before uploading these, I am opening them with ComicRack, and made sure they all opened there. If there are problems please let me know. As usual, these are not my scans. Thanks to the original scanners and uppers. If you like what you got here, please purchase them in some form.

If this torrent has no seeds please msg me privately. I will be glad to reup anything that has no seeds.

There are no final issues to be had this week but look for Blackhawks to end on Week 35, and the new issues to start the following week.

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Batman #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Broken and beaten, Bruce Wayne has retreated from Gotham City --the city of Owls--to Wayne Manor. But no place is safe, because the Court is about to strike at the heart of city, and nothing will ever be the same. Be there for the start of the battle for Gotham City's soul . . . and the prelude to "The Night of the Owls." And in the first chapter of a new backup story, learn the secret history of The Court of Owls--as well as the secrets of Gotham City and the Wayne family!

Batman: Night of the Owls Booklet (CBZ 04/18/12)

No description given.

Batman Odyssey Vol. 2 #7 (of 7) (CBR 04/18/12)

You're about to see the event you never expected to see! Has Batman learned the lesson he was destined to learn? The Sensei, a warrior of the highest caliber, can be defeated only by an act Batman swore he would never commit. Can Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight detective, put aside his morality for the sake of his city, his world, and the people closest to him? Or is this the last moment for Batman?

Birds Of Prey #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Rumor has it that Dinah Lance--a.k.a. Black Canary--killed a man with her sonic scream, and she's been running from the law ever since. But it wasn't a mere punch that shattered the victim's skull. Now, something far more dangerous than the law is hell-bent on taking down Black Canary: a cunning enemy who knows her every weakness, both physical and psychological. The only things standing between Dinah and certain death are her friends and teammates: Batgirl, Katana and Starling. But will they still want to protect her after they learn the truth about what she was up to for the past three years?

Blue Beetle #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Blue Beetle: Runaway! Following the tragic events of Blue Beetle #6 and 7, Beetle has abandoned his friends, family and home, setting out on a path that brings him to New York City. As Beetle struggles with the curse of the scarab that is the source of his powers, a loathsome threat emerges--a predator who stalks runaway children. Just when he thought his life couldn't get any worse . . . well, welcome to New York, Blue Beetle!

Captain Atom #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Ever since a tragic accident turned him into the überpowerful Captain Atom, Nathaniel Adam has wanted nothing more than to connect and relate to the people around him again. But coming face-to-face with a future version of himself is not what he had in mind! What is the meaning for this strange encounter? What impending doom is the future Captain Atom trying to avoid? And what exactly is the timestream?!

Catwoman #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Catwoman has a new running buddy named Spark, and together, they're taking Gotham City--literally! And when these two thieves team up, it's twice the haul and twice the trouble. Electricity is in the air . . .

DC Universe Presents #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

As more and more of the Challengers of the Unknown are killed in action, the remaining few must press ahead on their quest! They have to uncover the secret behind the talismans they've been collecting before Ace and the spirits from the Well of Souls can finish the job that started with the plane crash!

Green Lantern Corps #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

The Guardians' plan to replace the Corps continues to move forward as John Stewart is arrested by the Alpha Lanterns! The terrible truth of John Stewart's crime has been uncovered by the Corps--and unfortunately for them, John refuses to go quietly.

Justice League #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

In the five years that the Justice League has been a team, Green Arrow has never once been a member. And he intends to rectify that right here, right now! One member against his candidacy: Aquaman! Plus, in "The Curse of Shazam" part 2, Billy Batson meets his new "siblings" and a wizard named Shazam! The encounters end in completely unexpected ways!

Legion Of Super Heroes #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Classic Legion artist Steve Lightle returns, along with recent Legion artist Yildiray Cinar! In a tale illustrated by Lightle, Invisible Kid must chase down a set of thieves who've gotten their hands on some of the most dangerous technology in the universe . . . tech that could result in a new dawn for an old adversary! And in "Founder's Night," Yildiray Cinar returns for a story of Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad, the three founding Legionnaires, reunited for a rare night off in 31st-century Istanbul!

Nightwing #8 (CBZ 04/18/12)

A lead-in to next month's thrilling "Night of the Owls" Batman event! With the Owls descending upon Gotham City, the fate of the city's leader rests on the shoulders of Nightwing! But as our hero embarks on a mission to rescue Mayor Hady, just how do Cameron Kane and turn-of-the-century Gotham City factor in? Plus: the untold story of William Cobb--the Talon who's hunting Bruce Wayne!

Red Hood And The Outlaws #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

Suzie Su is back, and she's betting a hospital full of hostages will get Red Hood's attention! If that isn't enough to keep him and the Outlaws busy, there's someone waiting in the wings! It's Tim Drake knocking on Red Hood's door with a very special package for his estranged "brother." Don't miss Red Robin's cameo this issue, as it ties directly into next month's "Night of the Owls" Batman event!

Supergirl #8 (CBR 04/18/12)

As the NYPD hunt her down, Supergirl takes refuge with a new friend named Siobhan. While Supergirl may have temporarily escaped her troubles, Siobhan's are just about to catch up with her: the curse of the Silver Banshee has risen, and this time it's brought its family with it.

Thunder Agents Vol. 2 #6 (of 6) (CBZ 04/18/12)

When they were first recruited, the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent were asked if they would rather "burn out or fade away." Well, now it's "burn out" time. Original T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS artist CAFU returns to help Nick Spencer and Wes Craig bring this twisted tale of murder, espionage and doomed heroics to its thunderous conclusion. Everything from the first panel of the first issue of the first volume has been building to this issue--do not miss it! Plus: In this issue's backup story, the Undersea Agent finds himself in the bone-dry deserts of Texas fighting Nazis and imminent dehydration!

Wonder Woman #8 (of 6) (CBR 04/18/12)

To march on Hell itself, you're going to need some sensational weapons--and Wonder Woman intends to call in a few family favors to get them! Armor of Hephaestus? Check. The pistols of Eros? Check! But will any of it be enough to wrest an innocent soul from the grasp of Hades? And what does Hermes know that Diana doesn't . . . yet?

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