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Monday, 28 Jul 2014 06:30, 12 hours ago

good night !
Monday, 28 Jul 2014 00:14, 18 hours ago
I downloaded and installed torch and downloaded some shows that didn't work and they work now thank you SO MUCH man!!!!

well that's very good news !
i'm still not sure what your problem is ?
but i would look at your torrent client first .
thank you and good luck .
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:03, 21 hours ago
its a modded version run by the community

ok , thank you !
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 20:55, 21 hours ago
you can always use popcorn time!!
Torrent: PopCorn Time 3.2 [danhuk]

i don't understand ?
i found 2 postings that say popcorn time is dead ? .
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 20:27, 22 hours ago
firefox uses a shitload of ram , even compared to IE 11

Yeah, but I have a shitload of RAM. RAM's cheap. This isn't the noughties.

ofcourse its cheap , but i dont see why it has to use 250mb

Mine's using 445MB right now. I don't care.

ok i see many comments about my browser uses to much Ram ?
sometimes it's a Firefox user , sometimes it's a Chrome user .
even occasionally it an IE user .
the first thing that i would ask , well is this causing you any problems ?
does your browser suffer from slow-downs or does it freeze and hang-up .
so the actual 00% used or the total mb used doesn't really mean anything .
that is unless your hitting 100% ?
then you probably got more problems than just which browser your using .
as far as i know , no one has come up with a simple solution to this .
how to tell if your browser is the problem, or if it's something else ?
over a year ago Firefox was constantly crashing on me .
and now it's not ?
the only conclusion that i came up with .
is that certain systems react differently to these updates ?
in my case , 3 or 4 updates later .
the problem simply went away ?
a year ago i tried to create a browser crash by slowly increasing the number of opened tabs .
to a ridiculously high number .
and Firefox wouldn't crash ?
incidentally , i ran the same test on Chrome .
and Chrome wouldn't crash either .
details here >>>
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 19:24, 23 hours ago
Every program has its idiosyncracies.
I like Firefox very much. It is, in my opinion, easily the most flexible and -- importantly -- open browser out there.
Personally, I think I was confused for about 30 seconds when Mozilla updated the download manager interface. After that, I've had a few occasions when I've been lost -- again for about 30 seconds -- due to an interface update, and then it's there. Stored, and no problem until something else minor changes. Rinse. Repeat.
The removal of a download child window is, again in my opinion, an improvement. I know I clicked the download link. I don't need a great big window adding extra clutter to confirm that when I can just cast my eye to the top right and see the progress.

well i will agree that in the long-view of things .
the changes that Firefox has made to the download window is probably an improvement .
but for users who use multiple browsers , well it's a little confusing ?
for example , certain things have become a common standard for all browser brands .
like Tab-browsing , which i believe Firefox developed .
so on my 24" desktop monitor , it's easier to notice that Firefox's download icon is processing a download .
and yes i can click it to see the larger progress window .
but as i was yesterday on my cousin's laptop .
it was a whole lot harder to see that a download had actually started .
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 19:03, 23 hours ago

well yes that's what i'm talking about .
but that basically is just an icon or a link .
you still have to click it if you want to actually see the download progress window .

I am using FF 31.0 for linux so I don't know if this is available for microsoft

The window closes automatically when download completes.

in the description in your link it says this >>>
About this Add-on Downloads Window replacing the "Downloads" menu items and key accelerators to instead create a pre-Firefox 26 separate downloads window.
so it's saying that add-on will replace the download icon in the browser .
with a pre Firefox 26.0 download window .
so that's what i was saying .
at one time Firefox did have that download window .
that opened up when you started your download .
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 10:26, yesterday

well nothing to talk about here ?
Firefox is still up-to-date .

Just finished getting my computer back to normal after a fresh install. Installed FF first to do testing and see how it handles a fresh install. Not impressed by any means. Resource management is still off and even more noticeable on a clean system.
Something interesting happened with chrome on another computer. Went to check for updates and there was a yellow box with an "!" and a message saying "updates are disabled by the administrator". After some digging found the solution.
Go to Registry Editor
Double-click at the UpdateDefault or DefaultUpdate
And change 0 to 1
Exit Registry Editor and Go to your browser!

yes thanks for that information !
i will have to do a search on that , updates are disabled by the administrator .
i've never seen that one before ?
Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 10:17, yesterday

both Chrome and IE , automatically showed that a download was in progress .
some versions back , didn't Firefox also do that ?

Is this what you mean?


well yes that's what i'm talking about .
but that basically is just an icon or a link .
you still have to click it if you want to actually see the download progress window .

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 09:57, yesterday
I started having this problem recently, every tv show i download i'm not able to watch, it starts playing and then some random colors appear and im not able to see anything and its laggy and there is no sound. Everything i was downloading like a week ago im able to watch normally. Btw. it's the same on every video player. HELP!!!

well that's very odd indeed ?
if i understand you correctly , shows that you downloaded last week .
they are playing ok right now .
but any thing that you downloaded recently will not play at all .
how many shows are we talking about ?
is it only one or 2 , or say a dozen that won't play .
have you tried re-downloading one that you downloaded say last week ?
if the same file won't play this week , but it did last week .
if that happens then your torrent client may be corrupt .
to see if your client may be the problem .
i suggest that you download the Torch browser .
details here >>>
the reason that i suggest Torch .
is that it has a torrent client built-in the browser .
so you won't have to install another client to do this test .
and the other reason is that Torch has built-in Torrent Streaming .
i can download usually around 02%-03% of a torrent .
and Torch will let me watch the video as it's downloading .
and this is in Torch's own player .
so if something is messed up with your torrent client .
or with your player , it won't effect Torch .
like i said , this would be a good way to test what's going on .
and your only installing a browser .
and not another player or codecs or a new client .
good luck .
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