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Friday, 11 Apr 2014 19:48, 1 week ago
Run firefox in safe mode (without addons) and report back if the problem still persists.

here's the link , so no one confuses Firefox safe mode with windows safe mode .
Friday, 11 Apr 2014 19:37, 1 week ago
Sure, Apple upgrade their OS regularly - but compare the price difference between OS X anmd Windows (but then Apple make their money from hardware and all MS has is that 'surface'
Plus the fact that Apple don't really 'upgrade' - they just patch in whatever the Open Software guys do with Free BSD
MS are in the business of selling operating systems and if they didn't produce a 'new' one then they don't make a profit

yes i agree that Apple is a hardware company that also has an OS .
and Microsoft is a OS company that also sells hardware .
and Google is a search provider that also has OS's and sells hardware .
so these big boys compete and overlap on many services and products .
Friday, 11 Apr 2014 17:45, 1 week ago
you can get a lot more statistics from this as well
question is.. how well does it meet up?
pretty big difference IMO

well , as i read the disclaimer on the Steam site .
their figures are arrived at by voluntary surveys .
and that would be from the gaming community and not from the computer using public as a whole .
but yes that does make for an interesting comparison ?
what OS's do the gaming community prefer .
as compared to the general public ?


ok , for comparison sake i added the Steam figures to my chart .
Steam's voluntary survey may reflect the gaming community ?

but it in no way reflects real world OS usage .

as an example Steam shows XP coming in at 5.93% .
that's only about 20% of the actual XP users .

and Steam shows all Mac users as 3.48% .
while actually all Mac users would have been around 7.63% .
so that would be less than half of Mac users .

as you can see .
Steam's voluntary survey gives us a glimpse at the gaming community .
but it's not even close to representing what actual usage figures are .

but i was surprise that the Steam survey showed that 22.91% were using windows 8/8.1 .

that would be more than double that of the general public .
but generally it would be safe to say .
that most gamer's won't use a slow OS , if they can help it !

Friday, 11 Apr 2014 06:30, 1 week ago

good night !
Friday, 11 Apr 2014 06:15, 1 week ago

No problem man, I just don't like it when some one tries to dictate what I can/can't post.
As long as I am abiding the rules of the site, and not offending any person, then I can post what I want.
Moderators are also there to delete any post that violates the rules of the community.
You have the right to be cautious and disagree with me on any discussion that we might have, as long as it's done in a respectful/good manners. Tell me if I am wrong?
The guys at Softpedia and similar download sites write reviews after they try out the program to the maximum of it's claimed potential, then they write the review to help us people of the WWW understand how the software works, it's advantages, and disadvantages.
If you go back to the review and read the last 2 lines of it, you will find out that you have to try the program, and preform an before and after tests to really see the difference.
Let me shock you with this:
Please read my review of Firemin 2 years ago on this site (I am user Bebo10)
Yes, I was as suspicious of it as you are now 2 years ago, then I was annoyed by Firefox eating up so much memory, so I decided to give it a try, and IT DOES WORK as described.

yes , thanks for sharing !
Friday, 11 Apr 2014 05:58, 1 week ago
There's also this to consider - W8/8.1 is so successful that MS has upped the roll out date for W9 to between Christmas this year and next April.
In short - even they admit that very few like it (and it isn't selling)
Oh - and it's Homer Simpson you have to ask which is the any key image

well for better or for worse ?
insiders at Microsoft let it be known back in 2011 .
that they were changing their business model .
as far as the roll-out of new OS's was concerned .
they had been studying Apple's business model .
a new version of Mac comes out on average , every 15 months .
they viewed Apple as their chief competitor .
so they were going to aim at 12-13 month OS upgrades .
so there will never be another XP , 2001-2014 .
it almost reached 75% of market share .
it looks like there will never be another windows 7 2009-2020 .
it may still reach 50% of market share .
Microsoft just didn't have any real competition back then .
they could afford to sit on their laurels .
that has all changed now .
in 2012 , mobile devices pasted desktops for computer users .
and this year 2014 , all Apple based devices are expected to pass the sales of all windows based devices .
so sticking with XP and windows 7 for a few extra years .
that didn't help at all .
computing is more than a fixed desktop now .
so for the first time Microsoft is playing catch-up !
some charts here , OS statistics 2009-2014 >>>
thank you .
Friday, 11 Apr 2014 05:06, 1 week ago

Market Share Statistics for Operating Systems - by version name/number ??

ok , we have all read articles stating that this OS is gaining in popularity .
or that , this other OS is falling in popularity .

so think about it , at least for Apple and Microsoft their OS's are a cash crop .
they expect to make profit from them .

on the other hand most Linux based OS's are totally free !!

as we all know , this is the information age .
data is the same as currency now , it is being bought and sold .
so you name it , and there will be some company that collects data on it .

so internet usage data , like browser type and OS type .
here is one company that i found that collects that .

and what i like about that site , is that you can access their data .
to make your own charts .

so today that is what i have done .
from 2009 - 2014 , i have made a chart for each year .
each chart shows Desktop Operating System Market Share .

and these statistics are divided by version name/number .
so you won't see all versions of Mac lumped together .
just like you won't see all versions of windows lumped together .

but they do lump all versions of Linux together ?
the best that i can tell , there are 2 reasons for this .
first there is just to many versions of Linux to track each one individually .
and second , when you do lump all versions of Linux into the same pool .
they barely account for more than 01% of all OS's .

and as you look over these charts .
and you may see your favorite OS , in perhaps 4th or 5th place .
check the % that it has of the total market share .

very few OS's sell 100's of millions of units .
for example windows 7 was closing in on 700-million by the end of 2012 .

and i think that back in March , Microsoft announced that windows 8 had passed the 200-million mark .

incidentally , that also puts windows 8 in third place for 2014 .
and windows 8.1 is right behind it in 4th place .

i read an article yesterday that said that Apple's launch of the new Mac OS X 10.9 .
was the most successful in Mac's history .
2014 marks the highest percentage market share of any single version of Mac .
Mac OS X 10.9 has reached 3.50% , which puts it in 5th place .
just behind windows 8.1 .

so look over the charts and statistic , and see how your favorite OS is doing .
thank you .

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Thursday, 10 Apr 2014 19:52, 1 week ago
There's adapting to change and there's being forced to upgrade a perfectly good system. Consider that if MS were a car maker and suddenly announced "From now on we will only make diesel engine, manual transmission models and we won't asupply any parts for other models nor will we service them" - think of the screaming that would ensue.
Forcing a totally unwanted interface is in the same vein. The majority of people have said they do NOT want it so it's a case of MS dictating how people should use the computers they own. What sort of business tells their customers what they should have and not what they keep saying they actually want?
btw - my first machine (with all of 1K RAM) loaded from cassette tape, my next used 5 1/4" 360K floppies along with a staggering 20 MB hard drive (that could double as a boat anchor)
Oh and if you like OS X - google 'hackintosh'

well just as your Xenon PC can't upgrade past windows 8.1 .
my Pentium 4 PC can't upgrade past windows 8 .
i don't particularly like it , but i knew it would come eventually .
and your example of the car makers forcing change on us ?
perhaps not to the extent that you described .
but yes they do it all the time .
this is for us old farts .
the Chevrolet "stove-bolt" straight 6 had a production run that lasted from 1937-1963 .
so millions were produced .
the old 235" was replace by the new 230" .
doesn't sound like much of a change does it ?
wrong , ... no parts carried over from the old model to the new model .
even the bolt pattern for the transmission bell-housing was changed .
so if you bought one of the last 1963 235" .
you could never upgrade to newer parts .
but if you bought one of the first 1964 230" .
you could continue upgrading to newer parts until 2000 .
until that engine design was phased out .
so yes even the car companies have cut-offs , on who can be upgraded and who can not .
thank you .
Thursday, 10 Apr 2014 19:00, 1 week ago
Unfortunately for the owners of older Xeons (like the X3370) MS used a new code that demands an instruction set that isn't present in them. You can't hack something that isn't there.
PrefetchW which is actually an AMD feature - later Xeons had a NOOP at that address which fooled the OS into thinking it was there). Now why MS decided that non-existent (as far as Intel CPUs are concerned) instruction was essential is something that's hard to understand.
My main poiont isn't anything to do with whether or not people think 8.1 is 'better' - it's the total lack of foresight and customer demand that needs a drastic re-think by MS

yes i'm aware of PrefetchW , it has already struck me !
and do i wish that Microsoft had handled the roll-out of windows 8 differently ?
yes , most certainly .
but i have noticed one odd thing though .
most of us old farts which i am one .
i've been retired for several years .
we seem to be the ones having the most trouble adjusting .
i have friends/relatives in their 20's/30's who seemed to pick it right up ?
Thursday, 10 Apr 2014 09:46, 1 week ago
Didn't understand! image

I get all my drivers via "Windows Update", that only contains drivers that has been tested and certified. I do understand this is not popular with gamers who wants drivers that is "pushing it" and dont mind a bluescreen/freeze once in a while, but I prefer stability and long lifespan on my hardware :)

i am not a gamer , so i'm perfectly happy letting windows updates handle my drivers also !
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