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Friday, 22 Aug 2014 09:17, 33 min. ago
I believe the minimum requirement for running Windows XP is at least 1GB RAM. Not too sure but if it isn't, it's best to have around 4GB RAM anyway to leave some leeway. Once you get that upgraded, you can make the switch to a lighter (and more effective) security solution such as ESET or avast! - both are great. image

i bought a brand new XP desktop with 512mb Ram .
my brother had an older XP desktop that he also bought new with 256mb Ram .
it's all the things that you add to XP that are requiring that additional Ram .
especially a modern AV program .
as it has already been discussed .
a Ram upgrade should be done first .
more than likely it's not any brand of AV that's the problem .
it's simply to little usable memory .
thank you .
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 08:53, 58 min. ago
I have been on KAT for maybe two years, but I never made an account. Today (tonight) I finally got around to it.

yes welcome aboard !
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 08:44, 1 hour ago

please move to something sports related ? >>>
the world championship is over .
time to get this out of Tech Talk & Help .
thank you .

moved it to where it belongs...trash titter
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 08:24, 1 hour ago
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I HATE Windows 8  go to this post
I haven't installed Windows 8.1 on many computers. The GUI is TERRIBLE and the updates are simply HORRID.
Windows 7 Ultimate is the best bet for your PC or laptop. To force people to simply have no choice but to USE Windows 8 or Win 8.1 or whatever the crap is being called is just ridiculous.

how soon everyone forgets ?
i was one of the first to get windows 7 .
from Demonoid , months before the official release date .
remember back then everyone was using XP .
and face it , they sold a lot of cheap XP PC's .
mine had 512mb Ram .
my brother's had 256mb Ram .
mine could be upgraded to 2gb Ram .
but to get full use of all windows 7 features .
i also had to add a graphics card .
which my XP PC that i bought new , had none .
so it took $100 to get an XP PC up to windows 7 specs .
remember that a whole lot of those cheap XP PC'S where in the $500 range new .
and that even included the monitor .
so once i got the hardware issues sorted out .
then the update glitches and update-loop would start .
yes it was while using windows 7 , that i learned what an update-loop was .
windows 7 would download/install updates , and then a restart was required .
after the restart , the install failed and windows 7 would download/install updates , and then restart again ?
and this became a continuous loop until you stopped it .
needless to say , i exchanged PM's with Microsoft support for several weeks .
basically we were all told that a patch was in the works .
and yes it was all finally sorted out .
and don't forget that pirate killer update KB971033 .
yes it was aimed at illegal activations .
but quickly the Microsoft forums were full of hot legitimate users .
for many of them had woke up to that black desktop with the Pirate notification .
but yes that was eventually sorted out also .
but that first year of windows 7 release .
was a little rockier than some are admitting .
thank you .
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 07:14, 2 hours ago
I assume if UAC is turned on everything would be fine, but I turned mine back on with a .bat file I found in a activator at MDL.

UAC was not an issue it still functioned .
local group policy editor finally had to be used to enable smartscreen .
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 06:48, 3 hours ago

good night !
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 06:37, 3 hours ago
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do you Yahoo ??  go to this post
There was a time where I loved using Windows Gadgets & Widgets.
Yahoo had a beautiful set of system monitoring tools called:
Yahoo has stopped supporting their Widgets long time ago. A while ago I discovered XWidgets, they have a huge range of widgets for every taste. Check it out!

well i really never thought of Gadgets & Widgets as part of Yahoo's services ?
but in that case , i once used Google Desktop .
which they have also discontinued >>>
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 06:02, 3 hours ago

thank you !
whoever cleaned up those 2 off-topic comments ?
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 05:25, 4 hours ago
Just a quick question, I duel boot with a legal copy of Windows 7 and a pirated Windows 8.1
which I have activated twice over the last 7 months
with KMSAuto 1.0.6 portable

well i had activated a copy of windows 8 sometime back .
i'm thinking it was last year .
so i feel confident that the 180 day activation period has ran out .
so i found that HDD and booted to windows 8 .
this is what it showed for the current activation period .
that was using KMSnano and yes it automatically renews .
and there is a newer version of KMSnano .
also by that same uploader .
and back at the first of this year .
i activated windows 8.1 using KMSpico .
so it's 180 day activation period should have expired .
but as i checked today , this is what it shows for the current activation period .
so KMSpico also automatically renews .
Friday, 22 Aug 2014 01:43, 8 hours ago
some KMS activators also automatically renew themselves, i hadn't been on this win8 in 8 months time and i just checked and it's still activated till januari 2015..which makes it basically a permanent activation..think the reason some people choose those hacktivators is mainly ignorance, not everybody is aware of these things so useful educational thread :)

thank you very much !
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