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good night !
Nice ... no one is prefect ... image like me i am trying to learn 3D Max like u want to learn PS ..imageimageimage

ok i played with this for a few minutes .
but i couldn't make
blue smoke ?

Some Dinosaur just learned me to use Hola in Torch

is the T-Rex still pushing that hola imageimageimageimage

in the past i have used Tor/proxies/Opera-turbo all to get around blocking .
i now only use Hola for Torch >>>
thank you .

well today's news , it will be Windows 10 !

well today's news , it will be Windows 10 !
Malwarebytes (MBAM) blocks Firefox when accessing (login & download/upload).
Do you have a list of IP's that should be added to the MBAM (Web Exclusions) ?

well this was the IP 7 months ago .
i'm not running MBAM now .

and one odd thing about malwarebytes ?
when i go to one of the many Random Image threads on this site .
malwarebytes starts blocking some of the images .
i think this has already been mentioned in other threads .
image image
I'm 49... I'm probably the oldest bittorrentor on this site,
who knows..

don't count on it , RonthePirate667.55K and i both remember President Truman .
i was over 50 when i got my first PC !

good night !

China censors images of Hong Kong protests in TV broadcasts to mainland

well those inside and outside China are preying that there isn't a repeat of Tiananmen Square .

please move to Torrent Requests >>>
thank you .

Done. Thanks.
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