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Nice thread, I don't know anything about hacking but good luck with this and hope it helps others with old devices smile
Spring season alot of telemarketers and people call with their crap calls and I just ignore it or hang up or stop them on the first sentence and keep saying not interested. The ones I hate the most is the machine that when you answer it says, "please hold" while im thinking you are calling me and im on hold tell a crap rep is available, then I just hang up. block calls. Its not just calls but those stupid scam artists from spark energy and other electric door to door scam artists trying to get you to sign up is current every year. Dont know why that is not being stopped, had around 6 visits from them this year alone. Scams are everywhere, just be cautious and ignore them, hang up or slam the door. smile
Their all great and the most popular is Udemy. The biggest thanks goes to all the instructors who made the courses and for their hard work, it wasn't easy. And also thanks goes to the people sharing the courses with others who can get the learning tutorials they need to further their education. Hopefully more tutorial uploaders will pop up and help with these as they are high in demand even though they usually are big sizes and takes time but worth it.
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Happy Birthday Dundy  go to this post
Happy Birthday and have a good one Dundy132.56K clapclapbiggrinrock
Great news biggrinclap

cant find those last 3 requests of yours anywhere. kinda difficult. hopefully someone has those :)
looking for Elliott Hulse - Lean Hybrid Muscle Building

Also looked and yours is nowhere to be found. You can try to request from a health and fitness uploader here, we have a few good ppl who do this type and someone might help with that request.
Hi Boss, could you get me the Barnstone studios' figure drawing and Golden section videos? Thanks in advance my awesome brother.

Not enough info, got a source link maybe? I got some stuff by Barnstone but dont know if its a match.
Any one having offensive security PWK ?? please please upload it

Got a source link? And this is a tutorial I assume, more info is better.
Could someone upload this UDEMY course, please?
Learn Affinity Designer: #1 Design App in the MAC Store
Maybe tis one:
Learn Affinity Designer by Example for Beginners

1 is up and 2nd soon. pm sent
Happy Red Nose Day to everyone clap
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