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I'll have to go with David Tennant, he was my favorite.
I haven't heard of Last Resort so that's why it's not on the list.

Watch the last resort trailer here, something tells it's gonna be even better than revolution. Anyway, it's first episode is already out, so you can get it here.

Btw, another show that in my view also as a great potencial is zero hour.
New shows, or less anticipated but still good shows:
19) Homeland [NEW] - Sept 30

Wtf?! First, homeland is not a new show, and second, it is one of the most anticipated. It certainly is better than most of the shows above, not to mention that it was even nominated for best drama series.

And the list is missing last resort.
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Hands down the most bad ass anime I have ever watched is Gantz. Hardcore violence, sprinkled with sex and some foul language. A psychopathic 8th grader, and the whole show has a video game game feel to it. You will love it.

Well, if u liked gantz than just try berserk, it's even more violent, has also lots of blood and sex and, each 2 episodes or so, some girl is raped...
It's set in the middle age and main character is kinda psycho too...






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First of all, dubs suck, don't watch dubbed anime, watch it subbed, cuz it's waaay better!! :)

would recommend Hellsing above all other anime's. To me its just the best anime ever. There is 2 different versions of the anime. Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. Same story just set up in a different way.

Hellsing Ultimate is more comedy and its got the best graphics

while Hellsing is more like the drama and action version.

go hellsing

Lol, how can u prefer Hellsing to hellsing ultimate, Hellsing Ultimate actually follows the manga while Hellsing doesn't... So, obviously, Hellsing sucks, while Hellsing ultimate rules!! ;)

Now, to which animes I would recommend, here's a list:

Tokko -> Recommended

Sekirei -> Recommended

Basilisk -> Recommended

Kenichi -> Recommended

Claymore -> Recommended

One Outs -> Recommended

Elfen Lied -> Recommended

Samurai 7 -> Recommended

Air Master -> Recommended

Blassreiter -> Recommended

Gundam 00 S1 -> Recommended

Gundam 00 S2 -> Recommended

Helsing Ultimate -> Recommended

Fate Stay Night -> Recommended

Linebarrels of Iron -> Recommended

Vampire Knight S1 -> Recommended

Vampire Knight S2 -> Recommended

Samurai Champloo -> Recommemded

Tales of the Abyss -> Recommended

Black Blood Brothers -> Recommended

Gantz -> Highly Recommended

Berserk -> Highly Recommended

Gungrave -> Highly Recommended

Blood Plus -> Highly Recommended

Samurai X -> Highly Recommended

Death Note -> Highly Recommended

Code Geass -> Highly Recommmended

Code Geass R2 -> Highly Recommended
1 - Death Note & Code Geass (Can't really choose between these two... Both main characters are coll and evil geniuses :P)

2 -
Berserk (Very violent anime, both phisically and psicologically)

3 - Gantz (This one's also very violent, and has some sex scenes along the way too)

4 - Gungrave (It's about the mafia world and... It's also really violent :P)

All the main characters of these 4 anime series are kickass!! :cool:
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