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Just watched TiMER. Entertaining romantic comedy with the delectable Emma Caulfield doing something she's never done before....acting. Worth a watch. Quirky.
Chances are we will never know the answer to this question one way or the other. Sure there are trillions of stars/planets out there and in all probability some support life. But that's all it exercise in statistics. And any statistics student knows that sometimes the figures get bucked and the least probable option comes to pass. It's an exercise in mathematics, the distances make it impossible to prove that aliens do not exist.
Drake's equation also assumes that we ourselves exist. The universe as we perceive may indeed have been created simply to house ourselves and that many people believe is statistically more likely than evolution (Nick Bostrum theory).
If you PM about a -1 the voter just says its a mistake. Quickest way to shut you up. Seriously whats all the fuss unless someone is continuously negging your torrents its a non issue. We've got uploaders whining about the whole system due to a dozen or so negative votes out of almost 2000. Pointless.
No offense to any uploaders, without you no site after all. But who are you uploading for, the vast majority who thumbs up or the tiny minority who just dick around?

Edit... We can all stick in the forum chitchat but without upholders you wouldn't have a forum think about it

Without downloaders it would be a bit pointless you being here as well wouldnt it? Stop throwing mud at another user just because they expressed their valid opinion
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Stay about 5 minutes walk from the sea (Its the North Sea, not one of those fancy blue seas with calm waters and dolphins playing water polo) so the window open and the sound of crashing waves all night. And I'm with Ausy77 on the spooning question. Erm, when I say i'm with Ausy77 - I just mean agree with him, dont let your filthy mind run away with you tongue
Yeah and I had you pegged for dope and coke rather than meth, learning something new every day titter
Nice throg by the way, you should delete all our witty comments later to keep it pure, uncut SirSeeds
Oh FFS already somebody give this guy a BLOG.
Great post buddy.
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Dunno why I can't make it huge like everyone else but here it is.


Result will be
To make the pic huge make sure the img is in CAPITALS IMG /IMG
like so
These latest searches move to quick for me to screenshot, just now we had Miley Cyrus followed by Almost Legal lol
Well blow me down and keelhaul me crewmates if it aint talk like a pirate day again when all the land lubbers try to parley with us buccanneers. I'll be a bilge rat rooting in your bung hole if anyone not talkin like us aint a no-good pile of gull droppings wink
Extra share of the reputation booty today for Wolftatt25737 using his siggy to save the buxom beauties so they can come paddle in our lagoons. Arrrrr!
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