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I agree... missing SoA.....
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little wee cars trying to sound like muscle cars.... that annoys me.....
I was born with gills.... no choice
got it.. and thank you.... left positive for you as well
Not sure if someone has asked for this yet or not, but E.L. James - 50 shades of gray.......
Yes excellent work... congratz......
yah, thought the pirate outfit would suit him
Day after i brought my puppy home
I rescued my dog (Thor), pure black lab. He was going to be put down when he was 6 weeks old, cause he has extra toes on his right front paw. He has been with me since 6 weeks plus one day ......
Mine is that i hold a Dive Master certification (scuba)so i switched it around to handle my lifestyle......wink
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My kids and I just before xmas
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